So you are curious to know about online business ideas that you can start with no money from your home or any remote location then you are in right place.

Many people think to start an online business seems like a difficult job and require a lot of money but it’s simply a myth as you can start your online business without money or investment just by using your talent and expertise.

If you are staying at home mom or dad, want to start something in your part-time or want to shift your career then you can explore these ‘online business ideas’ related to your niche.

If you don’t have any idea like where to start and what to do online then you can go through this post as I am sharing different ways to start a business online to earn money without the investment that you can run from home or any location of the world.

From the last 10 years, my 90% earning are from different online businesses that I established in a different frame of time according to people demand and requirement. I started my career as an IT specialist then switch to digital marketing and creative design that significantly changed my life and living.

Now I encourage people to delve into the online market and explore opportunities related to their interest and make money.

A few days back, I met with my old colleague who left job 5 years ago after getting married and moved to New York. Now she has a 4-year kid and unable to do any job but she stared online business from home to sell WordPress themes after exploring so many online business ideas. As she was technical and had good expertise in web development so she had done it in a very well manner and making money that she can’t expect from a 9-5 job.

There are many success stories and people are making good money by exploring online business opportunities. So if you are and looking then follow the post till the end and you will surely find something that can match your concept to get started.

Research Before Start…

Before starting an online business it’s recommended to do a substantial research about your work, scope and target audience. Best idea is to find a successful competitor and make a case study of their achievement and then make your strategy to start. It will worthful experience for you that will save your time and effort and keep you away from failure. Like any other business, online business modal also needs your hard work, commitment and dedication to get success.

online business ideas

10 Online Business Ideas

You can start With No Money From Home – So let’s delve into…

1) Start Your Own Blog – Make Money Blogging

Blogging can be a great experience for you to get started. To start a blogging business to make money, you have two options:

  1. Start with the self-hosted blog (minimum cost: $250/ year – you will have full control)
  2. Use free blog sites to get a start ( No money + Less control)

I prefer to start with option 1 to get long-term benefits. Self-hosted blog/website will give you complete freedom to work according to your requirement. You can easily customize the website, you can place ads, you can apply different functions to make your website more operational and user-friendly.

To start blogging with the self-hosted blog, you need to have a domain, hosting, website platform (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc).

If you are interested to start your online blog with WordPress then follow the step by step guide: Start your own blog step by step

To make money from the blog, you can sell product or services or add monetizing option to your blog to sell others product on commission. Many bloggers are using this technique and selling Amazon and other big marketplaces product on their blog.

Here is some guidance that you can follow based on your interest:

2) Open Online Shops to Sell Products

Another option is to open an online shop and million of worldwide users and small businesses are earning money through 3rd party platform providing services to create a shop and sell your product.

You don’t need to pay any money to open your shop. Just follow the guideline and open your shop and list your product to sell. It’s a good option for small business companies who want to capture website customers to sell the product.

Etsy, Amazon, eBay are the big marketplaces that provide an opportunity to operate the shop and sell products.

If you are creative and have skills in art and craft then more options are open for you to sell the product like Creative Market, Evanto, Society6, and others.

Here are 19 websites for Art and Craft Designers to Sell their Product

Etsy is the user-friendly and easy platform for new sellers to operate the shop. Here you can find the 10 Steps Guide Before Starting an Etsy Shop with Growing Sale

Etsy takes minimal cost when your product sell and you add a new listing. You can use below link to get 40 free listing on Etsy.

You can also link product from your website to an online shop or online shop to your website. It will be a great way to sell the product in a quick way and take advantage of website traffic rather doing the effort to create your own traffic.

If you know SEO then you can easily turn your customer to your way.

Here you can check Etsy SEO for Etsy Shop

3) Start Freelancing

Start a freelance business could be a great opportunity for you. After the last recession, most of the Americans are opting for freelance businesses along with the full-time job. Many people reluctant to start a business as part-time due to lack of time but seriously you can do it if you plan your business just by targeting your customers.

Many of the e-commerce startups are successful because of the right strategy and people started it as part-time with full dedication to growing the business and now their part-time have become the full time. 

To start a freelance business, you need to drive the right business strategy based on your niche. You can hire freelancers to accomplish your task. It would be an easy and time-saving way to build the business in a short time.

SEE ALSO: How to Find Freelance Web Designer

You can start your business to sell products, services or consultancy to the target audience.

To start a freelance business from home, you have to focus on the following areas:

  1. Business plan
  2. Goals and Strategy
  3. Business website
  4. Portfolio
  5. Price Management
  6. Marketing & Advertising
  7. Networking and Engagement with like-minded people

4) Earn with Affiliated Products

It’s a great business idea to promote other product using your website or blog and get commission money. It’s simple and easy as you don’t need to spend time on your product but try to promote the trusted product that can build the reputation. There are so many review sites promoting affiliate product and earn millions of dollars.

Most important to place affiliated product related to your niche as it will grow your traffic with like-minded people and you will get many people who can be interested in your promoted product or rather finding it to get the review.

There are many websites sharing affiliated options to get started. If you are interested then have a look in Amazon and Clickbank

You can increase the product sale by promoting a product using the social network or might be through Ads.

One of the fellow bloggers wrote an insightful post on Affiliated Income like how can you increase your blog income using an affiliated product.

5) Launch An Online Course Or Membership Site

If you have skills about something special then you can create an online course to sell using your website or platform or via third-party course websites. The best part of this informational business idea to sell one-course several time to different students. So, if you have your website then you can create multiple courses to sell.

Here are some websites that you can follow to launch your course:

To launch a successful online course, make sure you are creating according to people demand and interest and there should be informational content that your audience wants to learn.

Course Recording is another important part! sometimes courses fail due to low-quality video and audio. So focus to film your video according to standards that can capture people interest.

Along with this, make sure to set the standard Course Pricing that can be easy for your audience to take.

6) Offer Virtual Support

Many people are looking for online support for their business so you can take it as an advantage to set up your own online channel to offer virtual support. It could be a great deal for you if you get quality clients.

I noticed many of the stay at home moms and dads are looking for the virtual assignments to start their online income by sitting at home. A few days back, I wrote a post 20 Jobs for Stay at Home Mom and Dads that can be insightful if you want to start a virtual assistance using outsourcing websites.

If you are looking for some other ideas to make money then you can find some ideas from here.

To build your own virtual assistance business online, you can create a website and list down the services that you offer based on your skills and expertise.

7) Make Engaging Videos

Yes, it’s simply an innovative online business idea and an easy way to make money online without spending money just by giving a new shift to your hobby.

Youtube is the big platform that offers you to submit your video and earn money on 1000 views and ads. You can create videos on the basis of your interest. If you like cooking, baking, makeup, lifestyle then make video accordingly and spend the time to bring traffic to your channel and earn money.

Here you can Find Ways to Increase Youtube Subscriber and Views

8) Earn Money Testing Websites

Another option that can provide you good money if you do it consistently to test websites, mobile applications and prototypes and share your feedback for improvement. It’s a 15 to 20 mins job that can pay you around $10 to more per assignment just in 20 mins. To test websites, you should have an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

Here, you can find 15 Websites that provide you the opportunity to test websites:

Find your Test Websites Assignment

9) Sell Photography

If you are good at taking pictures then you can start selling photography business online. It’s simple and easy as you just need to have a professional camera, and the skills to take great photos. Many people who travel are running this business as part-time and making good money by selling photographs online.

You have two options to start this business:

  1. Start your own photography business and sell online
  2. Join Stock sites to sell pictures

Option 1 gives you the freedom to start your own business with 100% ownership. It’s simple and easy to start. Here you can find step by step guide to starting Photography business:

8 Steps to Start a Photography Business Online – Photographer Guide

Option 2 is recommended for those who don’t want to give time to manage a website. By availing this option, you can submit stock images to other stock websites and get money as it sells. There are many websites that allow selling professional pictures. Here are some stock photo links that you can follow.

10) Be a Writer and Work Online

If you have the skills to write then you are in demand as there are so many people, small businesses are waiting for you to avail your services. You only need to find those opportunities at right time.

But how can you find those opportunities to get writing assignment?

There are many freelance sites that offer technical writing, web writing, and related writing job. You can join these websites to get your assignment. Here are the few that you can explore:

You can make your profile along with portfolio on these websites and bid for a related job. Many people are earning money this way and you can start it without spending a penny.


Starting a business, full time or part-time need your time dedication and commitment so if you want to run something in your spare time then do it with focus and manage your time properly.

In the start, you have to work hard to build your reputation as there will be a competition within your niche. So to make your presence, be consistent, focused and faithful to your work and don’t follow the money to get work. It will eventually come up after getting client trust and confidence.

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