Today’s post will guide you step by step “how to become a beauty blogger”. If you are beauty enthusiast and working offline then it’s a high time to mark your identity as professional beauty blogger by following the 7 steps.

Many girls working for the beauty industry have the potential knowledge, skills, and expertise to share their experience and best practices to their follower and like-minded people. If you are one of them then you can also start your beauty blog as a business and become a successful beauty blogger.

Get Inspired and Motivated

If we look around then there is a high number of success stories of successful beauty and makeup bloggers. Girls who started their blog as small and now become a multi-millionaire. It’s all about their hard work, commitment and understanding to run a blog as serious blogger.

become a beauty blogger

Currently, we have different platforms to start a beauty blog. like people ask;

  • How to start a beauty blog on Youtube
  • Start your own blog on Instagram
  • How to start your own blog

As a matter of understanding, if you starting your blog on Youtube or on Instagram then both platforms required a self-hosted blog presence to get successful and make your own property where all your beauty data will be listed.

So, if you are new and looking to get more knowledge then choose any platform like Youtube and Instagram along with your own blog to represent you as ‘brand’.

Beauty Blog Success Stories

Here are some beauty blog success stories to review who started small and now become more than a celebrity. People love them and follow their techniques.

A few days back, I wrote a blog post about 14 Best Youtube Makeup Artists Inspiring with Beauty Videos

You can review their details to get motivated to start your own blog.

One of the most recognized beauty bloggers who work with the hair extensions has started her Youtube channel almost 9 years back and now she has a strong online presence as a successful woman.

Yes, I am talking about Mimi Ikon who runs Luxy hair. She has a great personality, strong communication skills and working with husband to run the business successfully. I shared here referenced here because she is great inspiration for new bloggers who want to start and want to look at successful people in the same niche.

To start a successful blog, you just need to look at your skills and expertise that can make you popular. In simple words, find your niche and work in that area to create your own blog.

How to Start and Become a Beauty Blogger

Here, I am giving you step by step ways to start quickly.

1) Find Your Niche

As we discussed, first you need to explore your potential area like if you are good in makeup then start with that. If you are experienced in fashion related stuff like clothing and others then you can start with that. Also, you can become a lifestyle beauty blogger.

2) Name Your Blog

Now the next step comes up to select beauty blog name. Your beauty blog name should be inspiring and attractive to grab your audience so you have to research some good names.

Here are some ‘beauty blog name ideas’ with a domain name that you can look to get an idea for your blog. If you like some name then you register as soon as possible as the list is public.

Here are some more blog name ideas that you can review as reference:

3) Register Your Domain and Hosting

It’s the main step and builds a foundation for your blog. So go for reputed and trusted hosting service provider who can give you quality services with 100% uptime.

Here I wrote ‘Step by Step’ guide ‘How to purchase a domain and hosting’ for your blog to configure it online. It’s a simple and easy step that you just need to follow.

In hosting services I trust Bluehost as they are reliable and offer an economical package to start a blog and provide quality service. I personally don’t recommend any product or service until I test or have good experience to use that.

Sign Up with BlueHost With Basic Hosting Package

So, I assume you have your blog ready now to move on next step. If you have any question then you can ask in the comment section.

4) Create Your Beauty Content

Another step is to create your content which is more important to run your blog with high traffic. You have to use a topic that is in public demand and people wants to look into that topic. It will give you honest traffic and tons of subscribers. Focus to write ‘SEO-friendly’ content so the people can easily find you using organic search. Google and Yahoo search engines are the most required engines to which you can index your website/blog.

Blog layout is also important to consider because it will first impression to your audience about your blog. It needs to have a nice design and perfectly coded. Responsive and SEO friendly blog layout can multiply your business as a blogger.

Here are some important links to follow to improve your blog as professional:

5) Take Professional Photos or Make Beauty Video

To make your content more engaging and interactive you can take professional photos to place on a website based on the content and nature of blog post that you are posting. In the same way, you can also capture video based on content and upload to Youtube or Vimeo to embed on your website. It will give more rapid audience.

If you don’t have skills to shoot professional photos then take a look ‘professional photography tips’ by professional photographers and follow that if you are under budget.

For this, you should have a high-quality camera like DSLR to shoot amazing photos.

6) Join Affiliated Program to Make Money Blogging

Now I am assuming your blog has been set up with quality content. Now time to join some affiliate programs to add links to your blog to get a commission. Don’t place any link that can hurt your reputation. You can make a shop based on affiliate product related to your niche.

To join an affiliate program, the best option is to use Amazon or Clickbank.

You can easily join these program and place affiliate links on your blog.

7) Promote ‘You’ on Social Media

Now the time of ‘promotion’ and ‘marketing’! To market a blog you have to syndicate the post to your social accounts and also place social sharing and social following plugins on your blog post to improve your audience.

Here is the best plugin for social sharing that you can add to your WordPress blog:

Final Words

In this post, I tried to share step by step ways that can surely help you to start a beauty blog. You can also share this post with your friends who are looking ‘how to become a beauty blogger’. If you have any question or interested to cover any topic related to this then you can easily ask me in a comment section. Blogging is the way that will make your own boss and it will give enough money to live your standard living even with the traveling. Start your jouney today and stay focus and commited as everything needs time and effort.

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