Here is a mini Etsy SEO guide that will help to improve your Etsy SEO in 2017 of your Etsy shop/store.

Are you experience little fall in your Etsy sales? If yes, then this guide is for you!

I already applied these techniques to improve my shop seo and significanatly grew my sale.

As we all know Etsy is the great marketplace like eBay and Amazon. It’s a selling stream of many sellers so little downfall in sale make them worried. Here you find some tweaks based on my best practices to improve your Etsy SEO.

As you all will be aware that in last January Etsy announces a major change in SEO. Here is the article to review about Etsy SEO changes. Click here!

Here, I’d like to say that Etsy is committed to creating a fully optimized and demand-oriented search that can produce targeted results as per people requirement and demand. So as a seller, I am happy as now I can apply more filters to add my listing to target my audience. In the same way, as a buyer, you can also get right product as per your search.

Etsy new changes are mostly recommended for product listing. Your SEO tweaks will remain same for Etsy shop.

If you are starting an Etsy shop or revamping the Etsy shop SEO of your existing product then delve into these steps. So let’s refresh ETSY SEO of product listing with new changes.

1. Keep Focusing on Title Keywords:

Be careful when adding Title in your listing as it’s the main point to show your product in Etsy or Google search. Write a keyword based detailed title of your listing, however, It’s limited to 55 characters. Make sure to use all characters to describe your product.

For example, I sell custom graphics on Etsy shop so When I create custom graphic design listing on Etsy.

I will write the title like below:

Graphic Design Services, Graphic Design Print, Graphic Design Logo, Graphic Design Poster, Vector Graphics, Graphic Design Print, Graphics

Etsy shop seo

What did I do?

I research keywords from Etsy search and add it in my listing title by separating with a comma. All of my keywords are in the 1st category of Etsy search with “Graphic design” keyword.

Tips to Create Listing Title on Etsy

  • Should not carry numbers
  • Normally use comma and hyphen to add more keywords
  • Take help with Google Keyword Planner Tool if you want to get listing on Google search
  • Take help with Etsy search and write the researched keywords in Etsy title similar to above picture

2. Focus on adding Keywords at the Start of Product Description

Make sure to add keyword based product description specifically at the start of your listing description area as it will be visible on Google search. You can also view preview option at the bottom in the edit area. It will show you the Google snippet that how your listing will be visible on Google search.

Etsy SEO help

3. Optimize images with targeted keywords

Image optimization is important, especially for thumbnails. Try to add keyword based file name in the images section. It will help to get your item listed on Google search image section. In this way, you will get traffic from the search engine as well.

4. Add listing links in your product description area

Link building is important to keep your listing connected in a loop. So make a loop of links in your listing to make a connection from one listing to another like below example:

ETSY SEO step by step

5. Add Keyword based Sections

Don’t ignore shop sections as it should be keywords based and add your relevant listing according to section keyword. Section basically group or categorizing the product according to their nature and type.

6. Add listing to Keyword based Sections

Now time to add a product in the relevant section. Never ignore this option as it will boost the SEO of your listing.

7. Add product color (Newly added)

Color option is newly added. You can describe the primary and secondary color of your product. It will help to filter the search as per the query. For example; I need a blue baby kit so the search will be more optimized with color option. By this option, a buyer will take less time to make a choice and seller will show the right item to the right audience at right time. By default: it’s an optional field but I recommend to use this option to get more optimized.

8. Add product size (Newly added)

Like color, size is also important to get more filter search.

9. Add listing Occasion (Newly added)

An occasion is also organizing the search with more optimized choice like I need printable blue wedding card in A4 size so I will get my choice here. Adding occasion to your listing will show your product to right audience. Again it’s an optional addition.

10. Add targeted product tags

Product tags are important to place in your listing as it will group your product on the search engine on the basis of tags. A tag is the short phrase of metadata, that is attached to your item. Etsy uses these tags to help shoppers to locate your item. There is room to add 13 tags so recommended to use all tags as per your product keyword.

11. Add Product Material based on Shopper Demand

Mostly recommended adding the top keyword of material. In simple words, add the material keyword of blue baby kit like cotton fabric. It will help shoppers to get more details about your product to take the decision to buy.

Here are the steps to refresh ETSY SEO of your shop:

12. ETSY SEO of Shop

Etsy shop SEO should be on priority as it will set your shop presence on Etsy search. Shop SEO basically includes shop name, tagline, location, announcement, about, shipping details, sections, avatar, owner details and shop banner. In fact, I prioritize all these elements to improve my shop presence on Etsy and Google search and it helped me a lot to discover my shop to targeted customers.

In Etsy, shop SEO is so important. Make sure to use the name that can attract your customers to your shop and name should resemble the shop business so it will be easy for your customers to take part in your Shop product. Shop name should be the short letter and memorable.

13. Add Keyword based Tagline

As we discussed ‘keywords’ are the lifeblood of anything that’s available on the internet. In the same way, Etsy tagline should be packed with targeted keywords about your shop product and service. Keyword based tagline also help to list your shop on Google search so be focused in this area. You can take help with Google keyword planner tool to find your targeted keywords about your shop.

For instance;  a graphic design shop on Etsy should have tagline like;

“Graphic design boutique and Business Branding”

In above tagline, you can see there are 2 keywords Graphic design and business branding. Focus on relying on multiple keywords in combinational format. This strategy will help to discover on a search engine.

14. Add Keywords in About Section

You section keywords basically inform your shoppers about your collection so be focused on shop section. Make it relevant and keyword based. Keyword-based keywords maximize your shop visits with targeted customers.

15. Add Location

Location is foremost important! Most people ignore location if they are selling globally. Wherever you are, make sure your location is intact as it will help buyers to know about your location to dispatch product and in the same way it helps local customers to take more interest in your product and service. I got many customers due to mentioning location as I believe it enhances customer trust.

16. Add keywords in Shop Announcement

To be very honest, when I started my Etsy shop I didn’t focus on shop announcement and today I know the importance of keyword-based announcement especially to get visible on Google search. I recommend my Etsy SEO customers to pack your announcement with relevant shop keywords. It could be related to your product or shop listings. I noticed that Google sometimes pick lines from announcement to bring your shop on a google search. Might be your experience is different as it quite variable due to changing search crawling algorithm.

17. Get reviews

Yes, reviews are important and one of the main ingredient of Etsy SEO as it helps to grow your ranking on Etsy search. Always ask about reviews with your customers. Etsy search crawling basically finds a quality listing to be on top of the search. Reviews basically define customer trust and reliability so Etsy search rank product on the basis of reviews as well. To rank high on Etsy search, ask reviews with your customers.

18. Add links to social tools

Social tools are the great way to gain traffic on your shop. Connect your shop with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. You can place social links at your shop and in the same way to place shop link in your social profile.

19. Add website/blog link

To be very honest, blogging is always important to get more exposure. You can blog about your product or listing on your website blog. It will help to connect your customers. Link your website and blog to Etsy shop and get traffic. Voila!

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