So are you curious to know how to make money as stay at home mom & dad without going from home or you can start work from home? 

Being a stay at home mom & dad is the most time taking and the hardest job that any mom can relate without any difference. Time management is the best way to keep life organized at home plus at work. Today, I am sharing some basic ideas that you can use to make money from your house just by doing your home-based work.

Isn’t it beneficial if you get paid for doing your regular work at home?

For me, it’s super cool! As a matter of fact, it’s a power of technology that connected world to collaborate and share.

Every mom or dad who has kids can understand the fear or insecurity to go out leaving them alone in a house for work. If you are one of them then it’s a high time to choose a business model matched with your skills or expertise to start a business from home.

By writing this article, I want to facilitate stay at home mom or dad to make money online or be at home with a physical business. I want to share some easy ways that you can adapt to start your own business according to your convenience.

8 Easy Ways to Make Money for Stay At Home Mom & Dad

Below are the few ideas that you can easily start without investing so much time and money as you do it regularly. Many success stories are in front of you who are doing the same things and earning hundreds of dollars just sitting at home. To apply these ideas to action, you have to be focused, determined and passionate as it takes time to generate money. Professionalism is also important to mark your work among your competitors.

1) Make a Video of Your Daily Cooking

Yes, it’s really cool if you just shoot the video of your daily cooking and make a video library for people to search online. Youtube is the best place to keep your videos so you can make a Youtube cooking channel and start your video programs based on your niche. Like; make videos on demanding dishes, weightloss dishes, quick dishes or yummy dishes for kids or toddlers. Initially, might be the idea seems difficult to you but it’s not. After shooting one video, I bet you will not get chance to sit 🙂

To start your Youtube cooking channel, you just need to have a good camera to shoot video, Tripod, Video and sound editing software.

If you are unfamiliar with latest technology or camera for video shooting then here are the links to find some good camera and Tripod that most people using to shoot their videos on Youtube.

Here are few examples that you can follow for inspiration:

2) Clean Your Home

Another business idea is to do “Home cleaning” and make a video of it. As you already use to do the home cleaning on regular basis so how cool is this if you shoot your video of 5 to 10 mins and make it visible for the world to look around in your work. Select different topics that most people demand and start your work…

Here are the few examples on Youtube of Home Cleaning and Organization:

3) Start Writing About Daily Routine as Stay At Home Mom 

At the end of the day, you can manage your 1 hour to write about your daily routine and upload on your website to share with following visitors. If you are thinking that why people will read about my daily routine then you are wrong as there are many success stories that selling their words and capturing the audience.

To start this, you need to focus on engaging copywriting skills. You also need to know about blog topic ideas and selection on the basis of the search. Like; you have to write about those topics that people most search on the internet. To know more about this you can look at my articles on SEO.

To start writing, you just need to have:

  • High-quality domain Name
  • Economical and Secured web hosting
  • WordPress Platform as CMS
  • SEO Skills

4) Give a Click To Your MakeUp

Beauty is the most demanding business. So many products are there so if you have skills to do a professional makeup then you can start your beauty blog or work as beauty vlogger on Youtube to share your skills and expertise.

For this, you just need to shoot the makeup tutorial and keep it online on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or link it to your website to get quality traffic.

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5) Start a Review Blog

Reviews are most important to build a business reputation. You can also start review website or blog to write reviews about the business of different category. Like; you can write your experience, feedback about restaurants, beauty products, grocery stores, offers, deals and so on..

For this, you just need your own website/blog.

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6) Shoot Funny Videos or Pranks

Yes, you can shoot funny moments 🙂 it’s an amazing idea for full of life, adventurous and bubbly people. Think creatively and apply the concept to make a video. Please loves to watch funny videos or pranks.

7) Start a Life Style Show at Home

If you maintaining an organized and well-balanced lifestyle then you can motivate others. Managing lifestyle is not about money or elite living, it’s about how to manage your living by smartly managing your resources. It’s a great concept and many people are working on it so you have to research to get an idea of how successful people are sharing their lifestyle managing tips in form of video or blog post.

8) Learn Graphic Design and Start Branding Business

It seems like a learning process but believes me if you are “stay at home mom” and want to earn smartly then it could be the best option for you to make money in no time.

Choose demanding graphical courses and learn about it to grow professionally. It’s a great field that you can choose to be a stay at home mom or dad to make money online. For this, you can start your online course, also start your graphics shop, write about the graphic on your blog or you can make the graphical video on different topics that people search. Learn the skill and be your own boss!

Here are the few articles that can help you to learn graphic design:

Final Words:

So, if you are stay at home mom or dad and unable to go out for work then it’s the best idea to start your online business and make money in your spare time at home just by doing the home based work. It’s a super cool way of earning and learning as well all because of new technology advents.

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