If you love fashion, follow new trends and have good fashion sense then it’s a high time to start a fashion blog and make money online just by sharing your thoughts, views, concepts, and reviews about fashion.

Many of my friends who have good knowledge about trending ‘fashion’ and also working in some fashion related fields now have a great opportunity to start their own blog that will give them a platform to recognize their skills on a global level.

Blogging is all about starting a journey to enhance your skills in a creative and most productive way. You can easily ‘start a fashion blog’ but how to run that blog as a business or to ‘make money’ is the real science. Believe me, it’s not difficult, in fact, it’s simple and easy if you know about your fashion niche.

In this post, I’ll show you step by step process to start a fashion blog that might be easy and simple for you. Along with this, I will share how to make money blogging in 2018 just by using your fashion blog.

Time is changing, fashion is getting more diversified. So, the best idea is to look at famous fashion bloggers who are successful in their field. You can search them and have a look at their work like how they are extending their blogging journey and what makes them successful. Here, I want to emphasize that you only need to research famous and successful bloggers for inspiration. Don’t copy them! It will hurt your own presence and you will get obstacles to grow as professional.

Get Inspiration with Successful Fashion Bloggers

Blogging is the great platform that will help you to grow as professional. So take full benefit and avail all opportunities to make a network of worldwide fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Here, I am listing out some famous and successful fashion bloggers who made their worth with their hard work:

Above are the few and listings of fashion enthusiasts who are showing professional, creative and unique work in their field. List is bigger but I shared few to get an inspiration.

So let’s start the process to start a blog from scratch.

1) Wisely Choose Your Fashion Niche

First and foremost requirement is to choose your niche. It’s recommended as it will help you grow in your field. Choosing a niche based on your interest and aptitude like; you can think about your comfortable topics where you can write in an easy way.

2) Next step to Choose the Blog Name / Blog Domain

The blog name is so important and you can’t take it for granted as it will help to build your brand as professional. Naming should be related to your fashion niche. It could be your own name and you can also take some brandable names or keyword-based names for your blog.

For convenience, here I wrote some unique blog name ideas for fashion, makeup and beauty blogs. These names are available with the non-premium domain name that you can register if it still available. ( I posted this article a few months back so might be some domain have been taken).

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You can also find some custom based names based on your blog field and register the domain just by going on domain registrar website. blog name should be matched with the domain name.

To decide the good blog name: Make sure it should;

  • easy to call
  • memorable
  • impressive
  • easy to pronounce
  • short

Check the Domain Availability

For this, you can choose; Namecheap and find your domain to check if it’s available or not. (You can register a free domain as you will go in this article. I will share the link to choose web hosting step).

As you find your domain then you can keep it and now move on to next step.

3) Choose Web Hosting

Choosing a reliable and trusted web host is so important. Many web hosting companies are available in the market that is claiming low packages and high powered server hosting services but in reality, they are only claiming. ‘Hosting’ is basically a foundation of your website where your web files will live. If it’s not reliable and trustworthy then you work, effort and investment will all die together without giving you any benefit. So make a wise decision when you take hosting.

Here, I wrote an article about a best hosting services that you may have a look! Also, the best idea is to look at hosting company review if you want to make your decision easier.

You can also avail Bluehost offer price in $4.95/month along with other services that you can check if you want to take.

It’s a good package that most of the bloggers take up and their services are also according to standards. You can also read Bluehost review to make your decision.

Note: If you make signup with our Bluehost referral link to take the package then we will get the small commission without making extra charges in your purchase. We only recommend product or services that we tried and have the confidence to use it for betterment.

Let’s move forward Step by Step to get free domain and Hosting.

Register Free Domain + Hosting with BlueHost

Click on above link and press ‘Get Started Now’ button on Bluehost offer page.

Next is to select your ‘Plan’. If you want to start, so go with ‘Basic’ package. As you start growing then you can upgrade the website.

Click on ‘SELECT’ under the Basic package.

Now write your website here. If you already registered the domain name then you can simply add the domain URL.

You can follow the registration and purchase details step by step  in my article: How to Start Your Own Blog

Next; step is to choose best fashion WordPress theme. It’s important to choose the theme.

You can take some premium themes and if you are starting with the low budget then you can move forward with free themes as well.

Here you can see;

Top Fashion WordPress Themes – Premium

Now Install the theme if you want to go with premium option otherwise you can take below themes that are free and you only need to upload the theme from WordPress dashboard.

Free Fashion WordPress Themes

Here you can explore free WordPress themes

How to Install a WordPress Theme

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • In the left navigation, click on Appearance, choose theme option
  • You can easily install a free theme from here.
  • Upload the theme and Activate it to make it visible.

As you place your theme and the main thing on the place now start writing your Posts.

How to Write Post / Articles on WordPress 

  • Move to WordPress dashboard
  • In the left navigation, click on Post.
  • Add ‘New’ post.
  • Start writing your content to publish your 1st post.

Install Recommended Plugins

Plugins and widgets help you to work properly on your blog just by getting benefits of professional tools. Here are some recommended plugins and tool that you need to install to start your work.

4) Focus on Blog Branding

Blog branding is also an important job as it creates the first impression to your visitors. So, be focused on it! If you are using dull, non-engaging and unorganized content then you will lose your traffic. On the other hand, if your blog is attractive and professionally designed with standard branding and content organization is well defined then people will look into your blog/website with interest.

For branding set, you have to focus on;

  • blog design
  • blog color kit
  • logo design
  • Marketing templates
  • Content placement
  • Uniform fonts

If you are using professional blog theme then most of the branding problems can be avoided. So it’s better to place error-free, responsive and SEO-friendly blog theme.

How to Make Money With Fashion Blog

There are multiple ways to market a fashion blog and make money to it. Be remember, every blog needs traffic to make money and traffic come up with strong content strategy and blog marketing. If you are professional fashion enthusiast or belong to fashion fraternity then it’s easy to bring traffic.

One of my friend who runs a fashion blog making money just by sharing local fashion events because she has a strong following over social media so local companies shares event details that share in form of blog post also cover the events as a fashion journalist. Companies paid you if you manage a reputed blog for post their content. For new bloggers, I suggest you post reliable and trusted content on your site otherwise the blog value will be affected.

Here are some genuine ways that most of the blogger use to make money online and these are the valid programs that you can apply to your blog:

1) Start a Fashion Shop on Your Blog

Best idea is to create your own product if you are serious to make online income. For this, you can make your own shop connected with your blog to sell your items. You can sell worldwide as per your product demand and requirements. People love fashion product and always take an interest so research demanding product ideas and add to your shop. Running an online shop is the best way to boost online income.

To integrate an online shop with WordPress blog, you just need to install WooCommerce plugin and add products by adjusting settings and making proper configurations.

2) Promote Others Brands Through Affiliated Links

Another option that most of the blogger using to boost their online sales is to market affiliate product through your blog/website. In this method, bloggers get paid if someone shops product by using their affiliate link posted on their blog site. It’s a good method to earn money but you have to make sure to place links of trusted and reliable product as it’s a matter of prestige. Amazon and Clickbank are the best sites to find good affiliated links.

3) Market Advertisements

I think the great way to boost your blog money is to place authentic and reliable ads. You can do it yourself if you are able to manage good blog traffic otherwise you can get help with ad networks like Adsense to place an ad on your website. You can place ads in multiple places of your web page like on header, sidebars, content body and footer.

Final Words

Above are the simple ways to start your own fashion blog and monetize it to make money. If you are a new blogger and interested to start your own then you can start now. Blogging is the great tool that will provide recognition to your skills and expertise. So take advantage of your own fashion blog site and grow your credentials with loyal followers and subscribers.