So, you are serious to know “how to start a profitable blog” in this year. This blogging guide will help you to become a successful and smart blogger to make money with your blog content in 2018 and onwards.

Yes, blogging is all about sharing your thoughts, opinions, knowledge in form of profitable content.

If you have started your blog and still not making money then this guide is for you. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to starting your blog then this guide will help you to start a profitable blog just by following the steps of money blogging.

Turn Your Blogging Into Profit

Blogging can be a great experience to start a side income that might be your full time if you are serious and invest your time to be a smart blogger. You may have a look at long list of successful bloggers who are making money with blogging and now become an inspiration for other bloggers.

My guide is basically a research of those successful blogs who managed to blog with huge traffic and making smart money.

This guide can also be beneficial for stay at home moms who wants to start blogging as a career to earn money in their part-time.

How Blog Makes Money

If you are new and before starting a blog curious to know how the blog makes money then I give you little highlight.

For example, you have a blog and you wrote some posts/articles related to your blog topic.

Now, your post has been viewed by 1000 people then you will get $1.

In the same way,  you can MULTIPLY the numbers. Like; if your post viewed by 50,000 people then you will get $500.

You can also multiply the profit just be monetizing your post or you can also place some affiliate link to increase the income.

So, it’s a brief idea about making blog money.

So let’s start now to delve more into this…

7 Step Guide: How to Start a Profitable Blog

I tried to list out all of the main steps that require to start a blog in an economical way that can easily drive you to manage a profitable and successful blog. In these steps, you will find the way to start but if you want to find a way to step by step setup your blog from domain name registration to complete blog post then you can look at below post.


STEP 1: Choose Your Blog Name Related to Blog Topic

The blog name is so important to select wisely. It’s a first impression related to your blog. Before starting you need to make a research on your related blog topic like how the people are working in that category.

Here you can make a checklist like:

  • Top blogs in that category
  • Get inspiration with their names
  • What are the main keywords in related category

Once you make the list then note down the names and keyword and on the basis of that information. You can make a list of your suggested blog name.

Here, you can get some creative and unique blog name ideas related to some of the top blog categories.

List of Blog Name Ideas with Available Domain Name

If you are interested to create custom blog name ideas based on your concept then here is the brief guide to finding catchy business name ideas on the basis of contemporary standards.

When you get your blog name then make sure it should be available as a domain name (

You have 2 options to register your domain:

  1. Register domain name without getting hosting with the same registrar. (preferred due to security reason)
  2. Register free domain name with hosting.

STEP 2: Select Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically a foundation of your blog or website. So you have to keep a focus on it to provide a reliable, strong, and secure platform for your web files. I recommend you to select economical and highly trusted companies to get your hosting. Look at this best web hosting services post to get an idea.

If you review the market then you can find some free blogging platforms and cheap hosting packages but the most recommended way is to go with self-hosting packages that will pay you later for your work.

Here are some blog hosting tips that you can review before buying the hosting package.

A good hosting service can make a big difference in your blog traffic as they are using a high-performance server, 0.01% outage time along with the services of technical help in case of an issue.

I am a loyal customer of Bluehost as they provide quality services in economical range. You can review their hosting packages by yourself and compare it to other hosting services to draw a difference.

If you are starting your blog as a new blogger then it’s recommended to go for Basic Plan, later you can upgrade the service to Plus or Prime when you started getting traffic.

I did the same when I started my first blog.

STEP 3: Choose Web Platform

The web platform is also an important task to select wisely. It’s the main CMS (Content management system) where your content will live. If you review the market then you can find many like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and other but the most recommended for the blogger is to use WordPress

Basically, WordPress is the open source program that gives you all the freedom to customize the program as per your preference. Due to strong and user-friendly structure, it also helps you to rank your content on the search engine to get more traffic.

A good web hosting services like Bluehost also facilitate their customers to provide 1-Click install link to set up hosting service

STEP 4: Choose Blog Theme

An engaging, organized, attractive and SEO friendly blog theme can do a miracle.

Yes! Believe me, it will!

If you search on the internet, you can find some free themes over the internet but here you can make a little investment that will help you to grow like PRO in your field.

As I mentioned earlier, in this post, I am sharing the way that will help you to start a profitable blog with little investment.

A Profitable blog or money making blog within a budget can only be possible if it comprises on the strong layout, SEO friendly content, present you as a highly connecting brand.

Why Get Professional WordPress Theme:

  • because it responsive and designed by web professionals
  • It’s been updated with time.
  • It’s error free
  • You can get technical support

How to Get Good Blog Themes?

To get a professional WordPress blog theme, you can look into following sites:

Do You Need Ready Blog Website to Start Your Own Blog

with Your Preferred Theme …

Look at Here!

 In the next step, you can download the theme and install in your WordPress portal. Here is step by step guide to start a blog along with the WordPress theme installation.


After this step, you will be able to move on next step after setting up your blog and ready to write content on your website.

STEP 5: Write SEO friendly Content / Posts / Articles

Writing a great content is another job that every blogger needs to take seriously to make your blog profitable. Content is the KING! remember this sentence as it will remind to work on quality content that will take your blog at next level.

To write a quality blog post, follow the points:

  • Write Keyword based topic related to your blog niche.
  • Add keywords in the content body in multiple places but don’t overflow it.
  • Recommended to add keywords in blog heading especially in with <H1> and <H2> tag
  • Try to add ALT tags to blog images with same main or focus keyword.

Here is the SEO Checklist Infographics that will help you to understand quickly.

STEP 6: Collect Email Addresses to Get Subscribers

Collecting email addresses is the most natural and conventional way to get connected with your audience. For this, you can place email collection form (optin form) on your blog to collect email addresses.

Many people have asked me that “How the Email Subscribers can make a difference in blog profit?”

My reply to them is: you are connecting thousands of subscribers through the email address and when you publish your post it will pop up in their inbox so it might possible for them to click on that email to look at your post so it will be a quick view of your post by thousands of subscribers.

It’s simple, easy and quick way to get quality traffic on your blog.

How to Get the Email Marketing Service at Minimal Cost?

To be very honest, I personally prefer and use two services:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Aweber

You can get these services to start your email marketing just by appending an opt-in form on your blog or website at a suitable place.

STEP 7: Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing is the smart way that blogger use to improve their income by adding Advertisement and Affiliate links. it’s a most profitable way to make money online and most of the bloggers and small businesses use this system to improve their part-time income.

Neil Patel is the Newyork time best selling author and renowned digital marketing expert, in his blog post about blog monetization shared techniques to improve blog income in most possible ways. It could be a worth reading for you!

If your blog started good traffic then you can choose the different method to monetize your blog to maximize the blog income.

SnapShot to Start a Profitable Blog within Economical Range

Here is the brief Snapshot of this post that can help you to get an idea to start your blog without losing the focus. Each and every point during blog setup is important to manage a successful blog.

Economically, you can easily start a high-performance blog within $200.

Here, you can find the steps by step guide to start a blog. 

Thanks for reading!

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