Are you seeking help on “how to start a blog” as serious blogger and looking for hosting services for your start-up. Hosting is the foundation of your blog. It’s a place where your blog files will reside along with additional functions. It would be great if you take time to review hosting details before purchase. Let’s have a look in few tips and list of recommended hosting providers.  I wrote my first post in 2008 and publish on free hosting service site.  As I got traffic, I realized to start a self-hosted blog to take more control on my post and other features.


Best Practice Says..

Key of blog success based on the foundation and that's hosting

Today, I want to share few of the best practices that need to incorporate in your blog strategy before starting a blog and blog hosting is on priority. Initially, many bloggers seems scared to go for self-hosted blog but you need to understand that it’s recommended for you to grow with full control on your network. Before starting a blog, first recommendation is to choose best web hosting services that provide complete services to manage your blog/website in a very economical range.

Here are the few blog hosting tips and recommendations to start your blog as full service blog:

Go for Self Hosted Blog Hosting

People asks what is the main difference between hosted and self-hosted blog?

Actually, there are some free blog platforms available to create your blog like;,, offering easy services to post your articles or content by getting traffic. To use free blogging setup is easy and time-saving but the only drawback is that you don’t have full control on your blogging setup and configuration processes due to that you need a self-hosted platform that provides complete freedom to use your blog by utilizing all functions and features required to operate a full-fledged blogging platform.

A self-hosted blog hosting is the most recommended platform if you really want to start a blog as serious blogger. The main feature is you will have full control on your blog files on a server provided by hosting site that you purchased. You can access your file using FTP or File Manager via control panel of hosting site. By using your own blog hosting you can rank your content easily on a search engine to get targeted traffic with the help of effective SEO techniques.

If you are already writing on free blogging sites then you easily export your content to the self-hosted blog site.

Blog Hosting Tips when Choosing Hosting Services

There are hundreds hosting companies in the market that provide hosting services but how will you choose and what to look into before purchasing:

First, you need to choose hosting platform, like; if you are starting a blog then WordPress Shared Hosting is recommended for you to choose. As it will provide full freedom to work on your blog.

Whatever the hosting company you are choosing make sure they are fully packed with following to get better performance with quality:

  • Your hosting services should provide 24/7 technical support.
  • Sufficient website space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Backup services
  • Free SSL
  • Check reviews on maximum up time
  • Migration and upgrade processes should be easily
  • For beginners, 1-click WordPress install
  • Investigate on host reliability and up time guarantees.
  • Availability of maximum number of Email addresses with email storage

Above are the recommendations before choosing your blog hosting. My inclination is to read hosting reviews if you finally select someone to host your blog.


Few Best Web Hosting Services Recommendations

Recommendation Web Host Price Buy Now
Blue Hosting Service Reliable and Affordable Web hosting Service $2.95/month – Shared WordPress Hosting  BlueHost
Dream Hosting Service All-purpose web hosting suitable for various types $7.95/month – Shared WordPress Hosting  DreamHost
Just Hosting Service Best Hosting Service in Lowest Price $3.95/month – Basic WordPress Hosting  JustHost
iPage Hosting Service Economical hosting for New Startup $3.75/month – WordPress Hosting  iPageHost
InMotion Hosting Service All-purpose web hosting suitable for various types $5.99/month – WordPress Hosting (Launch)  InMotion
WPEngine WordPress Premium Hosting. Fast, Secure and Scalable $29/month – Personal  WPEngine
Best Web hosting Services

A few days back, I wrote an article about Best of the web hosting services to create an idea which one is economical and providing best hosting experience to their clients.

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Best idea is to choose shared hosting with WordPress. Later, when you grow up with traffic you can easily switch to VPS and dedicated hosting services.