Are you looking to start your own online business? If yes, then this post is recommended for you as you can easily start your own self-hosted business just by learning WordPress.

Many people will have a question in mind that why I recommend to “learn WordPress” for this as there are several other platforms in the market that you can choose for your startup.

My answer is simple; it’s easy, simple even if you are not tech savvy still you can manage just by getting few hours of WordPress training.

Who is Using WordPress Website?

WordPress is most widely used platform by worldwide developers. Techcrunch, BBC America, MTV News, Boingo, Time Inc, Marks & Spencer for business and many others have developed their website by using WordPress.

Here is the list maintained by Wpbegginer about “40 most notable big name brands that are using WordPress“.

Let’s have a look at this list before moving forward the blog post as it will help you how the big names are using WordPress to grow their business.

What Should  You Learn in an Effective WordPress Training Course?

If you are a beginner and interested to kick-off your self-hosted online business then WordPress is most recommended platform for you learn due to some essential reasons. By getting training from WordPress professional, you can easily deploy knowledge to build your online presence.

Here is the Live one to one Skype WordPress training course that you can attend.

A professional WordPress trainer can help you out to grow your vision by facilitating on all the steps to move forward. I always recommend one to one training model as it more beneficial for beginners to solve queries in real-time.

Here are the 7 key benefits to get WordPress training to start your successful online business:

1) Effectively Learn WordPress to Start Self-hosted Online Platform from Scratch

If you are beginner then it’s important to learn each and every thing from the start and a professional trainer understand all these key points to deal with their students.

WordPress is the open source platform that provides thousand of ways to customize the concept as per your requirements.

You can easily get it if you get the right information at right time to move on like to start from

  • Getting a domain
  • Setup the host
  • Install WordPress
  • Manage Theme
  • Manage Dashboard

As I believe, learning opens the door for next step. If you are able to manage above learning then you are 40% done in your WordPress training to start the business. As these steps have primary significance to manage your presence in online world.

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2) How to use the WordPress Knowledge to Build your Online Presence

Now in next step, we have to make an online strategy related to content that will finally present your business model. In a simple word, here you will learn;

  • Ways to manage content of website
  • How to create lead generating landing pages
  • Assign categories/tags to content
  • Managing menus, footers, sidebars and other related areas of website

Above points are important as it will create an impact to your audience how do you present the content in a more comprehensive manner to your website so it’s essential to learn about all the related steps to move forward.

3) How to Effectively Deploy Tools and Techniques to Grow

A good WordPress trainer will tell you about latest tools and technologies that you can easily embed in your website to grow. Plugins and widgets are the life blood of any WordPress website as by using this you can embed technology as per your requirement. By using related plugins, you can:

  • Improve the website performance
  • You can optimize your content in user-friendly environment
  • Easily add new features
  • Able to introduce new trends
  • Embed new functions in WordPress theme

It’s a wide topic so it’s better to get trained about most recommended plugins and widgets to have in your website to grow faster. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins free and paid available in the market that you can easily deploy to enhance your website performance and productivity. In WordPress training you will learn about basic tools, plugins and widgets to make your system more user-friendly and effective for your end user.

4) How to Optimize the Content to Improve Search Ranking

Yes, It’s important and in WordPress training, you will learn about optimizing the WordPress content to make it more user-friendly for the search engine. Because it’s a real time requirement of any content that available in an online world to make it ‘optimized’ for a search engine.

WordPress trainer will teach you about all the related ways to make the content optimized and user-friendly. Be remember, well-optimized content indexed easily on search engine rather non-optimized content. So learn about the techniques to grow your business in an organic way so you can easily get customers through the search engine.

I have developed so many websites and I saw people normally place tons of content and ignore optimization. This is really ineffective if people are not able to find you in a search engine. So learn WordPress and effective deploy search engine optimization techniques in your system to make it more clickable for your audience.

5) How to Market the Content through Social Channels

Next move is to market the content on the social channels, here you will learn:

  • how to syndicate the content for social sites.
  • What are the essential ways to build an online network through content posting using the website? This area will cover to learn about social integration and social sharing tools and techniques.

6) Learn WordPress to Establish a System to Sell Your Own Product

Manage online shop using wordpress

WordPress provide great space to sell your products online. In a WordPress training you will learn about the ways:

  • to create a complete system to sell the product in WordPress
  • to integrate payment method
  • how to add shipping policies
  • to manage the order

It will be a great benefit, especially for the beginners to manage their products to sell on their website. In WordPress training, you will learn about all the necessary steps to establish your online shop.

7) How to Manage Blogs for Product Marketing

learn wordpress manage blog

Well, blogs are important to have on a website. I feel website without a blog is same as eating without water. Through this, you can understand the importance of the blog.

In an effective WordPress training, the trainer will tell you about adding blog feature in your website like;

  • How to add blogs in website
  • Ways to add blog post
  • Essential requirements will add fuel to blog post to grow faster

Here you can find a blog post about how can you start your own blog. This post will help you to find steps to setup your own self-hosted blog.

Here is the complete article how to start your own blog that might help you if you are going to start your own blog.

Below is the online course that might be interesting for you to attend. Check it out!!

wordpress training wordpress course