So are you looking out of the box ideas to write ‘different types of blog posts’ to get targeted traffic on your blog? There are many types of blog posts that you can write this year to get more engagements.

Today in this post, I am going to reveal 40 different types of blog posts that will surely work for you.

When I started the blog, I was curious like what to write and how to create more engagement and leads to my blog so I researched so many blogs that are targeting their traffic with these types of blog posts.

Let’s delve into it!

different types of blog posts

Different Types of Blog Posts to Write as Smart Blogger

1) Guides, Tutorials (How to)

If you are looking some bloggers getting so much traffic just by putting a few posts then don’t worry you can get as well if you target guides and tutorials.

Yes, guides and tutorials based on ‘How to’ keyword are in demand. Everybody wants to ‘learn’ so if you share any fruitful tutorial that can easily understand by people can be the worthful experience of your writing.

For this, you can take any topic based on your niche and try to make how to post by mentioning step by step process.

Let me give you an example; On our Youtube channel, we create graphic videos to share design techniques with the new graphic designer so I create videos and then embed the video to my blog post to share step by step process.

Here are some articles based on ‘How to’ concept:

People love facilitation! and to make the learning experience easy and simple – focus on guides and tutorials. Try to make them simple so it can be useful for many.

2) Problem Solving

Be a problem solver! Define Solutions of Most Common Problems. You can check out common problems and their treatment. Next, write a post a post about it.

You can find most occurring problems of your niche through Quora and other forums.

Example: How to record screen on iPhone

3) Instigating Stories

Write about real-time instigating stories that people are talking about. You can get this idea from the social channel. Twitter is the best medium to find trending stories. Write a blog post with your views and share on social media. People get a massive audience when they talk about instigating stories.

4) Write about Case Studies

One of the best types of blog posts is to write case studies. It will be based on your experience, analysis, and judgment so people would be interested to read that. You can take any topic like any tool, service or product that you are using write about it.

Hub Spot has written a wonderful article Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing. Check it out!! It would be insightful if you are looking to write blog posts based on case studies.

5) Reviews, Feedback, and Testimonials

Another type of blog posts writing could be a Review or Feedback article. Many people are running successful review blogs where they only post reviews about product and services.

People love to read reviews, feedback, and testimonials before buying any service or product. Reviews create great impact to build people trust and reliability.

6) Motivational Writeups

Motivational and encouraging write-ups are in demand. We all need motivation on regular basis. Write a motivational story about your business that can engage people and encourage them to connect with you! Goalcast is a great site with thousands of followers based on motivational topics.

This blog post could be a motivation for those bloggers who are out of blog post ideas and feels stagnant to write about new topics. Motivation comes in many forms so explore your area and write about it that can compel people to take action in a positive way.

7) Informational

Topics based on information always encouraged by people. For example; if you share a blog post based on a statistical analysis of famous blog traffic then many bloggers will love to read about it.

We are living in an informational arena where information is on figure tips so take a topic and write something different based authentic and reliable information.

8) News

This is the hottest way to define a blog post. In real time, every action can become news if it’s different, trendy or out of the box. So think about the topic that can break news.

When we talk about different types of blog post ideas then News is the first that most of the people target. It could be an announcement, alert, entertainment, fun, educational or etc.

9) Write about Events

Check out the latest and ongoing events and cover it like a pro. For example; if you are a tech professional then write about global or local events highlights in your way.

10) Product Comparision

It’s a great idea to write about a similar product comparison in a more comprehensive way. It will be great for people who are using and going to use that product.

For example; If you are a video editor then you can write about software of video editing with their pros and cons. In the same way, If you are beauty blogger then you can write about best hair extensions in the market by listing their features.

10) Make a list

People love to read about the list. Yes, it could be political, technological or historical. You can write about a list of different topics based on your niche.

For example; this blog post 🙂

Like; 15 Website will pay you money, 19 websites to download royalty free stock images, 20 ways of teaching, etc.

11) Create Story about Viral Topics

Popular and viral stories can boost your blog post in no time but it might has little age but the long-term benefit of writing about to get long-term engagement with like-minded people.

12) Interviews

You can take inspirational interviews of famous people, inspiring people and people who worked hard and get back after failure. It would be motivational and encouraging for your reader. Ask about their experiences, best practices and useful information to make the content more clickable for your audience.

13) Create Infographics

In real time, infographics have great value and to be very honest its work as a secret marketing agent for your blog. A well driven full of data infographics is the asset for your blog.

Long time back, I post an SEO infographics on my blog and it works well as compare to other postings at that time.

The best place to post infographics is Pinterest and the best tool is Canva and Picmonkey.

14) Create Videos

Another way is to create a video post based on personal experience (vlogging) or it could be informational. It creates interactive participation of people in your blog post.

For this simply shoot a short video, edit it and post on Youtube and embed on your blog post with the detailed article. It will target your audience to get connect with you.

15) Highlight Emerging Facts

Try to post a Statistical Facts and figures on the blog post and see the people responding on that. In the same way, post some reality-based content. Actually, people like to see the numbers and real facts about any specific topic.

16) Do a Poll or Survey

Another way is to conduct poll and survey about product and service. It will be great if you have a large number of subscribers or social following then write a detailed blog post based on that poll or survey.

17) Expert Opinions

One of the best way to write about expert opinions about specific product or service. Expert opinion always matters for people. You can write in your way to elaborate the opinion in a more engaging way.

18) Engagements

Copywriting is the technique that can take your content at the next level. A good copywriter creates engagement through content. It could be in form of link list, internal link, external links or might be the link with social connects. If you want to create a versatile post then create an engaging blog post that can provide you quality backlinks and establish a connection with the target audience.

19) Networking Posts

Not only social media is required for networking. You can also write a blog post that supports networking with the fellow blogger or related people. Blogger creates the network through their blog post so you can also apply this technique in your post.

20) Best Practices

Adding best practices is important to make your content ‘practical’ to your audience. If you are a professional blogger or expert in a specific field then write about your experiences. It will add great value to your blog reader.

21) Offer Freebies

One of the easy and most common types of blog posts is to offer freebies. Many designers, content writer use this technique and offer freebies as the digital product to collect subscribers.

22) Portfolio Post

Yes, portfolio style is also one of the best blog types that you can write to introduce someone on your blog or you can also create some famous blog portfolios.

23) Secret Stories

Another idea is to create some secret stories about the event or the inside write-up about software, tool or related. People take great interest in revealing post. You can some great about secret stories

24) Write Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Few days before I wrote a blog post about ‘digital marketing quotes‘ and share some of my thoughts about internet marketing in form quotes and the post has given me a good response. Most of the traffic I received from Pinterest as many people pin it. So writing some quotation based on niche create motivation and improve awareness in your target audience.

25) About FAQ’s

You can write about some frequently asked question about your brand, service or product. It might catch a interest from your readers who are interested to know more about it.

26) Make a Checklist

Also, you can make a checklist of workflows and it would be great if you make the checklist in infographics. People pay great interest to checklist before starting anything. So it’s a great idea to create a checklist of any specific topic.

At dillenium, we have published so many articles based on the checklist. Check out a few ideas:

27) Meetups and Webinars

Write about related meetups or webinars so your reader can easily collaborate with you. It would be great to physically or virtually meet with you audience.

28) Mentoring

Mentoring sessions, blog post, webinars and videos create a great impact on beginners and people seeking inspiration, learning and knowledge from experienced people. You can write a mentoring post to get people interest.

29) Trend Setting

It’s a great idea to write about ongoing and hot trends and connect with your post. It can give you instant traffic if your content is insightful. Best way to find the latest trend is to visit Twitter or Google Trends.

30) Podcast

According to the current trend, Podcast creates a market and most of the famous bloggers use to do it and post weekly episodes for their audience. Here are some examples:

Pursuit with Purpose Podcast

Amy Porterfield Podcast

31) Success Stories

People love to read about success stories that show how the person struggles to start and then make a successful ground. Write about successful people within the same niche and it will surely give you high traffic as people want to hear positive notes.

32) Pinching Subjects

Research topics that people want to read. You can use Pinterest to find the required topic and then write something that can pinch people to indulge with your post.

33) Innovation

Write something innovative that can bring a new concept or extend the concept of the existing subject in a more collaborative way. In this way, you will create your own identity. Great writers use this technique and share their views that can engage their audience.

34) Promotional Topics

Next is promotional topics. You can write about the product, service or person. When writing about promotional subjects then take care of reputation. Make sure to not compromise the quality.

35) Make a Link Building Post

You can write link building post or list of related links in a blog post. It will keep your audience intact for a very long time. Example: 25 Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginners

36) Think Out of the Box Idea to Write

Thinking is a great way to find out of the box idea that can be more effective and engaging for your audience. Think about it, draft it and publish. It will surely make a difference to grow your audience.

Final Words

Writing a blog post with a different concept can create a great interest in your audience. So if you are running out of ideas then check out this post and write something amazing that can attract your audience to connect with your business.

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