If you are a web developer or designer or blogger then these websites are waiting for you to pay money when you test websites and share your expert review or feedback.

How cool is this to earn extra money just by sharing your thoughts about websites which is simple and easy and hardly take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the task.

If you new to the concept of User testing then here are some comprehensive places for you that you can use to add quality reviews. User testing is basically a platform for geeks that you can use to share your inputs to improve the user experience of the particular website and mobile app. You need to share your points like a professional like the website or app can be improved and it would be great if you highlight some bugs or errors.

Make money to test websites

Who can Test The Websites?

Actually, the concept is open for all who has a good understanding of a particular website, app, product or service. So, if you are UI designer or have a good understanding of UX then you are eligible to get the related assignment In the same ways, e-commerce manager, product managers, digital marketers also able to join these sites to find the related assignment.

Being a tech blogger, I love to write and talk so it’s a good opportunity for bloggers as well to find some related task just by signing these websites and share their best practices and expert judgment to improve website and app for specific customers.

Criteria to Join User Testing Websites

  • Your age should be 18 or 18+
  • You should have a good internet connection
  • Fluent in English.
  • You have to carry a microphone and headphones
  • Webcam installed in your system.
  • You can do your test using ca omputer or smart phone.
  • You should have PayPal account

Here are 15 websites that pay you money to test websites of your interest

1)  Analysia

It’s a great opportunity for geeks to test a website and earn money using Analysia web usability testing service. Many people ask a question like why companies pay for test website. Actually, the company looks for people to give reviews on their website. To start work with Analysia, you should have a strong internet connection, webcam, and microphone installed in your machine.

Analysia gives you a test that hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to reply about certain questions. As your test will be approved, you will earn $10 per test.

You will receive money through PayPal.

Become a Tester at Analysia

2) UsabilityHub

Another option to go for testing service is UsabilityHub which helps to improve the UX of websites and apps. By using this, you will get reviews from genuine people to make an improvement.

How will you earn money online using the UsabilityHub. The process is similar to any other testing website as it will give you an online test. It’s a good way for web developers to go for these test and share their knowledge about UX improve for a particular website. Your test will be recorded and pay you accordingly.

The website is user-friendly and easy going so you can move forward to give your test. It’s absolutely free to join. Minimum payout is $10 and you will receive money through PayPal.

Become a Tester

3)  Userlytics

Another user testing platform is Userlytics that offer to test website, mobile apps, and prototypes. By using this service, you can easily and quickly optimize your UI and improve customer satisfaction. Being a testing reviewer, you will share your points that will be recorded to asses your review. You will share your expert analysis about website and app improvement to make it more user-friendly and enhance customer experience.

You can signup the website to get alerts of weekly test. Each test will pay $10 to complete the successful review. To qualify the test, it’s necessary to provide detailed insight about the website or app.

Be a Tester

4) Enroll

As the user testing experience is most important so many websites are working to provide quality reviews and feedback and Enroll is one of them that allows users to make their website as quality site and improve the weak areas with quality feedback and review.

You can join the website to take website testing assignments. The best part of Enroll is that it’s doesn’t ask to record session using camera and voice. You can write your detailed input about the website so if you are not convenient with voice or cam then you can still do your tests here.

You will be paid through PayPal but the amount of payment is so low as compared to other testing sites.

5) TestIO

It’s a great testing platform for the testers that let people share input about website, mobile, wearables and IoT Testing from anywhere in the world. You can find the assignment based on different types testing approaches like regression, functional, usability, beta, Blackbox and exploratory. If you are able to find the most possible errors or bugs in any website then you will earn more money otherwise simple website rated rates will apply on your testing judgment. If you don’t have PayPal then you can also receive money through bank transfer, Skrill, and Payoneer.

Become a Tester at TestIO

6) StartUPLift

It’s a good idea to review sites for startup businesses and add extra cash in your pocket. Many startups want to grow by getting input from users to get an idea to improve in a more proper way. Startuplift gives you the opportunity to share your feedback about a specific task in written format. It pays around $5 / assignment and preferred payment method is PayPal to receive money.

Become Tester

7) Validately

It’s a good platform for website testers to make money as they are starting at $5 to $25 per test based on the test requirement and have plenty of assignments based on your profile. When you make your profile at Validately, they will record your data and send notification of test based on your experience. You have to be agile in taking the assignments as the test will be delivered on the first come first served basis. Normally Validately recruits people who can provide reviews about companies about their website and mobile. Visit the website to find more detail as a tester.

8) UserTest

UserTest is simple and most comprehensive User Testing platform that you can join to review websites and prototypes and receive money within 2 days. It pays £8 per review so you can avail this opportunity to make money as part-time.

To join the website you just need to signup and submit a review that will almost take 5 minutes to complete the process and as you qualified, you will receive the assignments to share your feedback and reviews. PayPal is the preferred method to receive money like any other testing site.

Join UserTest as Tester

9)  UserBrain

Here is one more user testing platform to become a paid web tester with UserBrain.

Join UserBrain as Tester

10) IntelliZoom

IntelliZoom belongs to UserZoom company that focuses to recruit freelancers to test websites to conduct a usability test. Like any other user testing website, the process is similar to perform the test and submit the feedback. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to perform the test and get money that ranges from $5 to $10 according to test. You will receive pay through PayPal within 21 days.

11) Ferception

Another option to explore user testing site is to make an account at Ferception to be a paid tester. Through the usability test, you can easily help companies to improve their websites, apps, and prototypes to enhance the user experience to meet customers expectations. You can read the tester faqs before starting.

Join Ferception as Tester

12) TryMyUI

Another user testing platform that you can join is TryMyUI where you can share your opinion to enhance user experience and gain money. To test websites seems like a simple process but to share the expert opinion you can make more money as a tester.

$10 will be paid for each test you take; test duration: 20 minutes.

Apply as Try My UI tester

13) ErliBird

One of the simple user testing platform that you can use to share your opinion and best practices in a given test and earn $10. You can test mobile apps (IOS, Android), desktop apps, websites.

Be a ErliBird Tester

14) TestingTime

Using TestingTime, you can participate as a paid tester to test website from home via Skype and earn € 50 per hour. The process is simple, signup and get test alerts, accept the test, go for the test and get paid.

Join as Tester

15) WhatUsersDo

You can become a big help for the companies just by doing the usability test of website, apps, and prototypes. Whatuserdo is another platform for user testing. You can become a tester to test websites and earn money.

The process is simple! you just need to signup and wait for the invitation email to take test. You can take 3-5 tests per month, earning £/$/€ 5 per test.

Be a Tester

Take A Note Before Starting to Test Websites

Before starting the test, you should be on quite and calm place just to avoid any distortion placing your comments. Turn off any other application or website that can switch your mind. Focus on the test and try to provide proper answers in details. Make a time management to reply the questions within the time frame.

How to Make More Money to Test Websites

You increase the chances of making more money to test websites then make your account at maximum websites and be active to note the alerts in your inbox related to your expertise to apply for the test. Most companies assign test on first come basis so don’t take time to apply. You can apply for the test as you get the invitation. Initially, don’t look for money only try to facilitate sharing your input. Focus to earn high score and money will eventually come up.

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