Blogging become so easy if you are using high quality, demanding and popular blog name based on your niche. Today, I am writing this post “How to choose blog name” with an available domain name for new bloggers to ease your process to find the quality name that can bring success for you.

Paying attention to blog name is so important if you want to start a successful journey as a blogger. When I use the word quality blog name then it should not mean that I am going to suggest you premium names or aged domains. My intention is to give you a way or process by using that you can find some good names for your blog to get started.

A good blog name can double your success to attract target audience in short time.

Being a blogger, I learned over the time that how important is this to focus on getting a good blog name that can establish a blogger identity as a brand. Professional blogging starts with professional planning so let delve into the first step to get a quality name along with the available domain name.

Researching a good name is easy and simple but when you try to find the domain name based on the name that you picked then it becomes a tough job as most of the good names have been taken or marked as premium.

In a recent blogger meetup, I met several people who were inspired with blogging and wants to start their own blog. Blog naming is one of the subjects that many bloggers were addressing in that meetup so I willing to write my experience and the ways that will help you to find good blog names.

So let’s get started and delve into it.

1) Pick Your Blogging Niche

It’s important to pick your niche. If you are unfamiliar with Nich blogging then understand the concept as it’s important to find the related name for your blog. As a simple example; select your blog name based on your blog topic or subject like if you are a travel blogger then your blog name needs to resemble the topic. In this way, it will be easier for your target audience to know about your blogging topics or category.

Listen Your Inner Voice to Write…

Many bloggers also feel difficult to find blogging niche or the topic to start blogging. To make it easy, assess yourself based on convenience and interest like what attracts you to write. Then choose the topic that compels you to write about.

For example; an enthusiastic food blogger, Hinz started her cooking journey with Hinz cooking Channel to share recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here, you can see the blog name that represents the niche at first glance that making easy for the target audience to know about her writing.

2) Attributes of Good Blog Name

A good blog name should be engaging and attractive to get your audience. There are some basic ways that can make the name more impactful for your audience.

  • The name should be short
  • Simple
  • Comprehensive
  • Meaningful
  • Understandable
  • Memorable
  • Easy to Call
  • Avoid Numbers and Special Characters

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3) Make a List of Your Target Audience

Next step is to compile a list of your audience as who can read you or target people that could be ideal to read your blog. If you are able to find the targeted audience for your blog then it will be easy to bridge the traffic to your blog.

To make it easy, you can take help with Google and look around the most potential keywords, people, companies, and other related stuff to maintain your target audience list.

4) Research Your Competitors

Researching competitor can be a worthful experience for new bloggers especially the successful competitors. It will provide great information for your startup also make you easy to know about the target audience. Competitors name could be a great help but don’t imitate them in any way.

5) Try Brandable or Keyword Based Names

According to the current trends keyword based combinational names and brandable names, people love to have. Personally, in my brand name service suggestions mostly people come by taking inspiration with the brand name like Facebook, Acer, Instagram or other famous brands.

Thinking about the good brand name is a creative process that takes time and so much effort to carve out a good name.

Most people want to have a meaningful brandable name which is possible if you have skills to think out of the box. Combinational keywords is another popular way to get names like Soundcloud which refers to audio stock or similar in the first hearing (sound+cloud). I am giving these examples to create a list of your suggested blog names that could be inspiring for your audience.

If you want to get ideas about the name then explore brand name selling sites to get inspiration.

6) Make a List of Suggested Names

Now on the basis of the above information, you can draft a list of potential names. Think about it and make your own list. Try to write a maximum of 100 names thinking in different ways then shortlist 25 names that you think is more approachable, targeted, related and high quality

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7) Find Available Domain of Shortlisted Names

As you choose the good blog names then try to find the similar domain name. Normally it happens that you easily find the name but domain is not available to register or sometimes available as premium which is costly for new bloggers to take.

To find the domain name, you can go to Namecheap and write your domain there to find the availability. Sometimes it’s available but required TLD(top-level domain) doesn’t meet the criteria. TLD basically refers to domain extensions like .com, .net, .biz, etc.

Domain with .com has high value as compared to other TLD’s. Make sure to avoid dash and numbers in your domain. Also, avoid long domain names.

8) Register Domain Name

Now move to final step to register the domain name. It’s important to register your blog name as soon as you get it otherwise someone can get it. Thousands of domain get to register on daily basis so quickly get yours to own it.

Personally, I recommend my clients to keep the domain and hosting separate with different registrars due to security measures. To get more information, Look at here!

If you want to get free domain along with reliable hosting then go with BlueHost (affiliate). I trust this site and have developed websites using Bluehost. You can also try!!

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