To become a successful blogger we all need to strive but here are some helpful “blogging tips for new bloggers” that can guide them to move on the right track to become a successful blogger.

Some people think blogging is just luck.

But it’s not… True.

It’s a process and a way to apply the right techniques at the right time.

… and smart bloggers does this..

So, If you have started a NEW blog or looking to start blogging or already start but not getting enough traffic then this post is for you to go through.

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I have started blogging as a Technology magazine writer to post my articles on my blog but later I learned about writing in digital media which is absolutely different from offline writing.

Try These Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

In the digital world, things are connected with keywords so we need to learn how to engage our audience using targeted keywords and compelling storytellings.

Blogging is the harmless weapon that you have in your hand and by using that you can do that you want.

But How

Is it easy to do for everybody even for new bloggers?

Yes, it’s easy for NEW bloggers too..

Recent web development made it easier for bloggers to blog like a pro. WordPress!!! is the lifeblood for bloggers as it helps you to grow due to its user-friendly structure.

Before delving more about blogging tips, I assume that:

You have started your blog…

  • by getting trusted and non-intermitted hosting, and
  • using a responsive and error-free blog theme.

Now the blogging part comes up where you have to write about your blogging niche to attract your audience and like-minded people.

20 blogging tips for new bloggers

1) Learn About Copywriting

My first blogging tip starts with ‘copywriting’ as I believe if you know the art of copywriting then no one can STOP you to swim in the blogging streams. It’s a great way to engage your audience by writing compelling content that can attract people attention. It’s all about a way of writing the great content according to people demand and interest.

As a copywriter, you don’t need to be well qualified as most of the young people without a college degree are doing this very well to earn their living in a most respectable way.

Learn about copywriting techniques more specifically the ‘SEO Copywriting’ and follow that in your blog post writing and it will a great help for you. Brian Dean is a digital marketing blogger (founder of Backlinko) and has a great style of SEO writing to engage the audience through organic traffic. He recently wrote about SEO copywriting in details so have a look and I hope it would be quite beneficial for you to market your blog as professional.

2) Be Unique & Creative

One of the most recommended and highly acquired blogging tips is to focus on your own style of writing and choosing blog content. Don’t follow the others to copy their style. Create your own style that should be unique and creative. Try to write about engaging topics that are demanding and listed in the popular search. I saw many blog post that has been writing by following other style or similar to famous blog posts. Don’t do this!! It will ruin your own creativity.

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3) Write About Trending Topics

If you are really at the start of blogging and have 0 traffic then write about instigating trending topics as people love to read about it. This technique will help you to grow instant traffic and followers.

Some people connect popular with trending topics but there is much difference so look upon it and choose your topic wisely to write.

Here is a little example, Let’s say you are working as a gaming blogger so write about the recently developed game review about which the people wants to know. To select your topic, you can also check Google Trend to review estimated traffic about your niche.

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4) Make Your Blogging Schedule

Mostly bloggers especially the part-time bloggers don’t follow the proper blogging schedule which is most required. So, It’s advisable and recommended to make a proper blogging plan by using premade blog planner or using your own custom plan to write about your post or publishing with consistency.

Mostly blogger ask, why the blogging schedule is important?

As a matter of fact, it’s important to schedule your post so the search engine knows about it like you are regular in your postings and work as a devoted blogger. Google crawlers preferred sites to rank with new content with inbound links.

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5) Target Your Audience

Another blogging tips for the new blogger to write about like-minded people to attract your target audience. What your audience demand from you to write. Think about it and write about those topics that can be clickable by them.

The best way to write a targeted topic for your audience is to review quora, comments, forums and other related places to note people interest then write a keyword based blog post to attract the audience. If you are able to do this then your blog will be flourished with loyal subscribers.

One of my friend blogger who passionately writes about cooking recipes recently hit the 100K visitors per week just in 6 months of blogging. I asked her about the secret… She said I was writing day and night about new recipes that people want to know and I found their interest by using ‘Google Keyword Planner’.

If you deliver, what people want then success in your hand. I don’t remember the name but it’s a famous saying that “Never think how to sell only think what people need”. If you do, you will hit the pot.

6) Be User-Friendly, Candid and Soft

I believe on this “sweet words can take the heart” so you can win the people mind and heart by writing soulful candid and soft posts. Don’t be aggressive, write with positivity, and make sure user-friendliness should be there.

As a blogger, you have to facilitate people so give them quality solutions to their problem. Whatever the topic you are choosing to write think about the content with the fresh mind and write in good mood it will surely create a big influence on your output. If you are tired, feeling messy and avoid that time.

As a blogger, I feel it’s our responsibility to guide people with convenience and ease. To be very honest, you can share will me whatever you feel about my post 🙂

7) Don’t Ignore the Power of SEO

SEO – Search engine optimization is the powerful tool that you use to rank your blog post so don’t miss any opportunity to learn about new techniques of SEO to apply in your post. It’s a great way to attract organic traffic without spending a penny.

Here is my SEO infographic that will guide your about initial checklist to incorporate in your post.

SEO Infographic to Follow Quick Checklist

More about SEO to get help:

8) Social Media is the Back Bone

Yes, it’s true!! It’s a great help to attract instant traffic. Also recommended for new bloggers to create social media traffic to divert traffic on their blog. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin could be a great help to you.

On a personal note, I like Facebook and Google Plus, as I noticed it rank your links in a search engine.

By using social platforms, you can engage your audience to multiple blog traffic and it’s also easy to make a community based on your network. Using Reddit and Stumbleupon can also make a big difference to boost your content.

9) Don’t Compromise Quality over Quantity

Yes, it’s 100% true! Every blogger knew the longer content is worthful for their blog post ranking. To follow the tradition, at a start mostly bloggers write longer content which is good but it’s also important to share quality content. I saw many bloggers who are writing popular, trending and keyword based content with 600-700 words are also ranking in search engine.

Here, I want to rephrase my words again: as I am a true believer of longer content and learning this technique from experienced bloggers who write longer content that facilitates their users from start to finish.

So quality is important in all ways!! Never compromise quality over quantity!

10) Convert Visitors to Full-Time Readers

It seems like a difficult job to convert visitors to full-time readers but it becomes easy if you have something fruitful to offer your visitors to subscribe. A well defined opt-in subscriber form can effectively do this job to register your visitors as subscribers.

Offer a book, some secrets of your niche, some tips, and tricks or something related that you think will encourage your visitors to get it. This trick is beneficial to boost your blog traffic right after publishing your post as many subscribers have an opportunity to look at your post via their inbox.

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11) Don’t Forget to Pin on Pinterest

Another most exciting part to Pin the images. It’s a contemporary technique to post pin compatible images in your blog post with Pin button. Pinning is the great way to increase instant traffic. Most bloggers are using this technique to increase blog traffic.

Here is some help to design creative pins for your post:

How to Design Beautiful Blog Pins

Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic

12) SSL is Important

Now the SSL is important to get to increase protection for your website using the security protocol layer. According to Google, the website without https will not treat as secure. To secure a website, you need SSL certificate that you can take with your hosting package in economical rates or independently purchase to activate. SSL basically ensures the sensitive data of your website’s visitors will be transferred over a secure network.

If you still don’t have SSL activated then check with your hosting service provider and ask them to include it in your package. You have to pay the SSL fees. As it gets activated your website will show the locked sign along with https with the domain name.

13) Go for Reliable Hosting

If you are a hardworking blogger and working hard to bring traffic to your website then make sure you are using trusted and reliable hosting service as it’s a foundation of your blog. Don’t compromise on cheap packages.

Here you can get more details about the best hosting services.

I personally trust Bluehost as its economical and reliable. Check it out Bluehost packages (affiliate)

14) Focus on Profitable Blogging

Blogging is profitable if you are getting something in return. Return is not always in form of money it could be your image or identity to improve your professional credentials. If you are having tons of traffic, getting people recommendations and people wants to know about you is a great success. After reaching this level, you can offer something profitable to your audience like a course, product or service.

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15) Blogging is NOT Nightmare

Really!! blogging is not a nightmare it’s a process of hard work that you do and it pays off after a certain time. There is no time limit to become a successful blogger but there are some ways to get successful as soon as possible. Many people think after posting a few posts they will start getting traffic. Sometimes it happens but most of the time it takes time. So be consistent and keep working until you rocks.

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16) Networking is Essential

Another important thing is ‘networking’! it’s a great help to get connected with other bloggers and collaborate with them on the basis of mutual benefits. Building a strong network with fellow people, you will improve your traffic, people trust will build up, people will recognize you, you will be satisfied by collaborating with others and last but not the least, you will get more exciting opportunities to grow. For this, you can join blogger meetups, seminars and other forums that provide opportunities to multiply connections.

17) Stick with Your Goals

Goals and strategy planning are always important to grow as a successful blogger. Stick with your goals like a glue as it will help you to be consistent and work to achieve milestones.

18) Be Wise and Up-to-Date

Keep a sharp eye on the things that people doing to improve traffic. Also, keep your information up-to-date according to current dates. Don’t forget to update old blog posts with new updated and contemporary information. Your blog theme, plugin,  and widgets need to be updated with time. Roll your sleeves to remove errors and broken links.

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19) Be a Generous Blogger

Whatever you give, you always get! so be like a generous blogger. You can offer some facilitating stuff to your visitors as gift or freebies. It will help to get more traffic as people love to get freebies on blogs. You can offer the free book, some cheat sheets, or other digital product that can be helpful to your audience.

20) Learn with Successful Competitors

If you are having a hard time to grow traffic then it’s easy to make a case study on successful competitors to learn how are they working, what tricks are they using and how they are growing and building traffic. It’s a simple and easy way to learn with the niche.

21) Hard work Never Goes Unrewarded

After doing everything, make sure and believe in this “hard work never goes unrewarded”. What you do today will pay tomorrow. Blogging is a commitment to your work with love and passion. It takes time to grow so wait for it without quitting or get dishearten. Keep going until you get the success that should be your target.