Here I shared 4 most effective time management tips for bloggers to manage blog post. So now you can happily manage your time to write daily blog post

If you are a professional blogger and managing your blog then you can understand that Blogging seems like a full-time job as writing a good blog post takes most of your time.

These 4 effective time management tips will help to manage your blog post in short time.

I love to write and I first started blogging in 201o but blogging delay comes up after 2 years as I was doing business and engaged in so many other things so couldn’t manage time. My instinct always reminds me that something is missing as I was not writing. So I decided to write again in 2014 with the strategy to manage time effectively.

As a blogger, my time management tips based on my schedule, surrounding, convenience, and priorities so you can manage it in your own way but focus to manage time if you are a serious blogger.

Time Management Tips for Bloggers to Manage Blog Effectively

However, timing is important when you write a blog but you need to accumulate 3 essential ingredients within you.

  • 1 is the FOCUS,
  • 2 is the CONVENIENCE,

When you combine these 3 then you will know the secret of effective time management to manage your blog and to write your blog posts.


So let’s get started to delve more into time management tips to manage your blog:

1) Create a Work Balance and Priorities

Yes, work balance is important when it comes to managing your time. There are various techniques that lead to manage your time effectively like if you are doing business, student, busy in the job then make a schedule to do things in a right way in right time. Focus on what’s important for you and how do you manage your time to do the things. Here, work organization is important to plan effective work balance.

Focus on what’s important for you and how do you manage your time to do the things. Here, work organization is important to plan effective work balance.

I do so many things in one day personally and professionally. So I have to create a balance in my work life and personal life. And effective time management helps a lot.

Dealing with Priorities…

Now the next move after maintaining a work balance is to create priorities. Here you need to arrange a time on the basis of priority. Best practice is to create a priority list on daily basis. It will help you to do important work in a timely manner. As here I am talking about time management of blogs so make a list on weekly basis like;

On Saturday and Sunday – focus to write good blog posts. Why? because you will have holiday time and have more time to manage your writing effectively.

Monday and Tuesday – Set time for creating post managing graphics and posting as well

Wednesday-Thursday – Stay Focus on posts marketing

Friday – Take time to have a look in blog performance or to look around stats. If you have more time than you can make a strategy of next blog posts.

Above time setting is just an idea to prioritize the work. You can manage time schedule as per your convenience.

2) Effectively Define your Goals

To do things without setting goals and objective is like working without rewards.

Yes, you need to set goals while managing your time for quality blogging. You can use goal organizer apps or a simple goal organizing printable to set your blog goals.

Write about the topics that you want to cover within a day/week/month. Like; if you start your new blog then make a list of goals to introduce new things in your blog.

You can write a weekly goal list of:

  1. new blog post content,
  2. email marketing campaigns
  3. blog engagements and collaborations
  4. social media campaigns
  5. introduce new features
  6. application of digital marketing

It’s all about your blog management strategy to manage your blog effectively within a specific time. Also, essential to allocate time frame with each goal. It will help you to stay focused and organized.

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3) Allocate Time To Priorities and Goals

This is important to allocate time frame to each segment of work. I normally focus on this. Like; I can’t spend my whole time on blog marketing if I am doing it myself so I need to define a time limit for each task. For instance; if you are going to market your posts on Pinterest then allocate 20 mins for this on each day basis. In these 20 mins, you will pin your post, you can pin another post, you can add items inboards, you can comment on other posts. So 20 mins are enough if you focusing on time management. In the same way, you can apply 20 mins on Google+ also to Facebook and Twitter for post scheduling. So collectively, 1 hour is enough for social media marketing.

In the same way, if you do email marketing then spend 2 hours on this on weekly basis. Like, spend 1 hour to design the campaign and 1 hour to post and on delivery. It’s just a reference to managing time. You can manage it according to your convenience.

4) Focus on Writing that You Want

Writing quality post content is the big task for every blogger to do it by maintaining perfection and professionalism. A good blog post more than 1000 words take a time to design the overall post concept. You can manage time to start with keyword research, write a unique and information based content. Design quality pictures to get readers engagement especially if you are focusing to get traffic from Pinterest. Follow the rules of SEO and then posting.

I recommend my new clients to make a strategy of focused writing to introduce your blog to targeted traffic. In reference to time management, as I mentioned in tip #2 “creating priorities”, make a dedicated time when you will only write. In this way, you can easily manage 3-5 post/week for your blog if you are writing yourself and then publish it on each day basis. Search engine loves periodic content from a particular blog.

According to Neil Patel, research about blog post frequency, he says, Huffington post is high on a blog posting. They post 1 blog post after every 1 minute. I know this is high rate and only possible when you outsource your blog writing but it’s an example and inspiration for all of us as a professional blogger.

Here I tell you my best practice, initially when I started blog writing, I invest my time to write a post that almost took most of my daytime and then publishing and marketing. And at the end, I become frustrated how to distribute my time to other allocated task. So I started working on time management tips to make a blog writing strategy. Now I write a post on weekends and post it one by one throughout the week in different time. Now I have more time to do other things rather focusing on one specific task.

Final Words…

Blogging is really a full-time job that needs dedication and commitment but you can also perform elegantly if you focus to divide time in a substantial manner. Above time management tips for bloggers require focus, organization, and consistency. Initially, blog writing seems difficult and time-consuming but as you get used to then it becomes a bliss. Really you will feel it as you move with time. Enjoy quality blogging and have a great time!


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