Blogging can be a bliss for you! if you have started your own blog and posting amazing content. Here you can find the way to choose money making blog topic ideas that can easily take your blog at next level in little time.

Unique Blog topic ideas not only give your blog a unique exposure but also help you to connect with your target audience in a unique way. There are some outstanding ways to choose the blog topics that can help to grow as money making blog.

For me, blogging persuades to write about passion and if you passionately write about those topics that can attract more people then it’s a worth writing for you.

Recently, in a local blogger meetup, I come to know that the many bloggers who didn’t start the blog and still is in a process to start the blog are still not sure about specific blog topic like; how to start blogging and if started then what to write.

These are some genuine concepts that every blogger goes through before start but when you focused and determined to write then you can easily find your niche and also able to find unique and creative blog topic ideas. Money making blog topic ideas are those that people love to read.

So step by step, let’s look at the ways to choose money making blog topic ideas:

1) How to Select Blog Name

Blogging can be an awesome experience for you if you are able to choose a clickable blog name. Unique Blog name ideas can be insightful for every blogger who wants to start. To find a blog name, you just need to focus on your passion for blog topics like what you want to write.

Let’s understand with an example;

If you want to become stay at home mom blogger then you can start blogging about ‘parenting’, ‘arts and crafts’, ‘kids management’, ‘house management’ and so on..

In the same way, if you want to start blogging as fashion or beauty blogger then you can also find your blog name or topic that would relate you with fashion and beauty.

Here are some Unique blog name ideas that might help you to start by getting the name with available domain name

See: Blog Name Ideas

2) How to Choose Blog Post Ideas

Writing an engaging blog post about your passion and blog niche can do a miracle for you.

So are you thinking, I am kidding…

No, I am not! I am telling you this on a serious note.

If you are a serious blogger and passionately writing about your blog topics that it could be insightful for you in long run but there are some rules of writing that every blogger needs to understand before start writing.

Rules of blog post writing:

  • You should have copywriting skills to engage audience
  • Write SEO friendly content
  • Focus to write about that topic within your niche that people demands

Above are the 3 simple rules that every blogger need to remember to start a successful blogging journey.

How to Get Amazing Blog Topic Ideas

When we talk about blog topic ideas then you should passionately focus on What people want to know. 


To know what people want to read from your blog post…

You can get help from Internet and here Google is your friend that can help you to find about demanding blog topic

But how?

Yes, you can explore Google Keyword Tool to find the most related topic about your blog niche.

If you didn’t explore Google keyword tool as a blogger then you must need to look at it. And here is the demo that can help you to know more about this tool.

By using a keyword tool, you can easily find out what people are searching the internet and if you write about those topics it could be a worthful experience for you to get targeted traffic on your blog.

On a personal note, When I started blogging and still today, I am getting help with this amazing tool to write my blog post.

3) Search For Popular Blog Topic Ideas on Famous Blog

As we all know research is the hobby of successful people so let’s take time to look at some popular blog topics and famous blogs to get more insight.

I have just searched “beauty blogs” on “Keyword Planner” and it given me initial glance of below screen shot. Have a look!

beauty blog topic ideas


In the same, I found following that are demanding and hot blogs that people searching:

So above are some hot blog topic ideas that you can choose as per your interest but there are hundreds of other blog ideas that can match with your interest. Best idea is to search on Keyword tool that how many people are interested in that topic.

In the same way, you can do substantial research about blog post topic ideas related to your topic.

For example, you choose beauty blog then you can write some most required blog post about:

  • Free beauty product
  • Beauty product reviews
  • Natural beauty tips
  • Glowing makeup ideas

So above is just an idea to create a post related to your blog niche.

If you follow the technique…

Then you will see…  Your blog will grow in no time!

And it would be easy for you to make money making blog just by sharing unique and demanding blog posts with your readers.

4) Facilitate People With your Blog Topic

Another important and most recommended idea is to post a topic that can facilitate people. Like; write about most required people queries. In this way, your blog will get people engagement through comment and sharing.

I firmly believe in this and bind this sentence with my life that “What you give – You get”.

When you facilitate people trying to help them you will get what you want so these emotions give you beyond your expectation.

5) Make a Connection With Your Blog Topics

Yes, the next step is to make a hybrid connection with your blog topic through links. Like; if somebody come to your blog they can stay longer if they find a similar topic related to their interest.

Topic selection and connection is the wise job that you can do in your posts to intact your readers on your platform. Also, try to connect with some reputed blogs within your niche to improve the authenticity of your blog as a trusted blogger.

Final Words

To be a successful blogger, you need to wise and well researched to choose your blog topic ideas. If you are able to engage your readers with your topics then you have big chance to become a succesfull blogger. Money making blog is only possible if you are able to get high traffic on your blog/website and all this will happen if you choose high quality, demanding and SEO friendly content on your blog.

Thanks for reading!

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