So you are looking to increase your website traffic. Here, in this post; I will share how to drive traffic to your website fast. It’s a 4 step blogger guide that you can follow to get quick traffic.

If you are new to blogging and struggling with unique traffic then you can easily follow the guide to get targeted traffic. It’s an ultimate guide that can be beneficial for people looking to start a new blog.

Driving traffic to your website is simple if you meet the basic website standards that include:

  • Web hosting service
  • User-friendly Website design
  • Responsive Web structure
  • Website performance
  • Quality of Content
  • SEO friendly content

Let’s dig into it if you are ready with this!!

If you need any tweak in above-mentioned points then focus on it on the priority basis as it helps you to grow as professional, sustainable and long lasting blogger.

Why am I mentioning above points for standards?

Nothing Better to Learn from Personal Experience and Best Practices…

I started blogging in 2010 just to fulfill my hobby to write about tech info so I managed a blog using Blogspot but fortunately, it grew well and made identity then I realized that I need a self-hosted blog where I can work with all freedom rather working with limited features. Self-hosted blog or website will give you the liberty to customize, adopt new features and build your identity as a brand. So after 2 more years (long time), I found Dillenium.

Build Strong Web Foundation to Manage High Traffic

For me, web hosting services are important as it helps to build a strong foundation to run the blog with increase website traffic or load. If you are looking to get a new website or interested to migrate your current host then I prefer Bluehost as it’s the best hosting services provider with an economical package. Blue host WordPress hosting package is the most demanding one and I normally prefer my clients and customers to with that but it all depends on you and your requirements.

Never Compromise on Best Website Theme and Structure

Next, I focus to get best website theme and structure as it helps to increase website traffic fast in an organic way. Google also prefer highly responsive and well-coded website to index with improved ranking. Responsive and user-friendly websites get people attraction and increase more chances of subscriptions and engagements.

Content is the King!!

Quality of content is the paramount part of this competitive world of internet. If you are not providing quality content related to your niche then you will get hard time to get quality traffic. To increase website traffic, you need to write sharp, crisp and cutting-edge content that will mark your value among your competitors.

Drive Traffic to Your Website using Organic SEO Content

SEO driven content will automatically increase website traffic from search engine. So focus to write SEO based content that can directly hit your target audience to get engage with you. I recently wrote an article on Organic SEO Tips so you may have a look in that to increase your website traffic in an organic manner.

Now Consider, you have everything in a place and still struggling to get traffic.

80% people are curious!!

When I do SEO, most of the struggling clients have questions like “how to drive more traffic to website fast” and is there any speedy way to “increase website traffic”. People want it should be a nightmare as when they open their website in next morning it should be on Google 1st page.

I always say them be focused, maintain your consistency and remain persistent to your work. It’s a gradual process of ranking so we need to work step by step to move with higher rank. And I believe it makes sense.

On the internet, everything relates to “Power of words”. So to drive traffic to your website or blog, you have to be more focused on your “Keywords” based on your target audience.

So keeping this mind, let’s move forward to find the way like how to drive traffic to website with the potential audience that interacts with content, make engagements, connect others and help to promote your blog.

To be very honest, It seems like magic! But it’s not… It’s simple and organized way of working to get others indulgence in your work.

STEP 1 – Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

In real time, social media is the real power that you can’t ignore!! As I believe SEO is the time taking process but long lasting until or unless the search algorithms remain same. But if you want to increase traffic in an instant way then social media is the game changer.

… But how?

What needs to do to get viral on social media?

I must say… It’s Social Strategy! That makes you viral on social channels.

The first recommendation is to make highly demanding clickable content.

But before that, you need to analyze the type and nature of every channel that you are using. Like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest all are different so you need to adopt a different strategy to get interact with your audience through these channels.

Social Media Presence will Help You to drive traffic to website along with:

  • To get targeted leads
  • Network you with your target audience
  • Build a community
  • Reduce your marketing budget
  • Promote brand identity
  • To increase website traffic

Best idea is to make your website social friendly like the post that you add can easily be shared by others when the visit. Add images to your website that are Pinterest friendly.

Pinterest is the Live Search

Among social channels, I love to use Pinterest as it creates instant traffic and the good point is your pins remain live in Pinterest search for long term.

I personally multiplied my sale on my shop using Pinterest. As a matter of fact Pinterest search is the strongest search among search engine and if you do Pin SEO then your pins will remain live in search results.

Brief Stats…

According to the Hootsuit post (, currently, more than 150 million people monthly visit the Pinterest. It includes worldwide visitors 80 million are non-US users. 67% pinners are under 40 years of age.

It’s the strongest platform that you can freely use to marketing your business, product or blog/website to increase traffic it will smoothly drive traffic to your website as the pins will link to it.

Pinterest TIP

Before using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, make sure your Rich pins are enabled. As it will help to grow your website fastly.

Next, you can use Facebook!

Don’t Ignore to Share Your Post on Facebook!

Well, Facebook shares divert traffic to your website fastly. Facebook audience is growing day by day and now people addict to this site so it’s a good opportunity to track your audience using compelling graphics and target keywords.

Facebook currently has 1.37 billion daily active users on average for June 2017 and 2.07 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2017 (Find stats)

So it’s the best time to promote your website content on Facebook to get targeted leads.

Twitter – Power of Microblogging to Drive Website Traffic

Tweeting can make a big difference in your blog traffic. In fact, I feel it’s a more powerful tool that can bring the tremendous amount of traffic on your blog or website just by using few words. More than 500 million people using Twitter for cross-promotion and other purposes. The only idea is to use this tool effectively by targeting your audience. For this, you have to become a smart thinker to drive traffic through microblogging and hash-tagging and at the same time need to explore your creativity to get interact with your target audience. One of my fellow blogger, wrote a wonderful piece of article about how to use Twitter to divert traffic to your blog

STEP 2 – Go for Guest Posting / Blogging

Guest posting is the great way to drive traffic to your website. If you are able to post on highly rank blogs then it will reward you to get quality traffic.

Many people still believe this myth that guest post has no value and why to write for others. Well, it’s just a thinking that needs to relinquish. If you are a beginner and recently start working on your blog then guest posting will help you to promote your blog in short time. Not only help in blog promotion but also provide opportunities to grow by building a strong connection with your fellow bloggers.

To move for guest blogging, you need to create a post full of all the quality ingredients to post on a prestigious and high ranking blog. Here is the list of blogs where you can ask to submit your blog post.


If your post published then you must need to interact with the audience through the comment as it will help to make a bond with your audience and eventually help to drive traffic to your website.

When I shared this with few of my blogging clients then I felt their expression like it’s a waste of time to talk people on other networks.

Well, it’s not!

Believe on this: what you give, you get!

It’s a brand-enhancing approach that will engage with more people and build your reputation for the long-term so take it seriously.

So if you go for guest blogging, you will be able to:

  • Improve your domain authority
  • Increase website traffic
  • Get recognition
  • Improve your market credibility
  • Increase your subscriber count
  • Enhance your brand position

STEP 3 – Blog Commenting / Forum Commenting

Blog commenting is important if you are not getting sufficient traffic. It helps to bring instant traffic if you are commenting on a trendy topic related to your niche.

On a best practice note, initially I didn’t go for blog commenting and once I comment on some of the blogs I found a little spike in my traffic count. So I decided to do a session on blog comment related to subjects of my blog. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Comment to Build Engagements

In blog commenting you can share your feedback about the post and also you can share your own views in an amicable way. Wise commenting bring quality traffic as people want to know about you if you write something concrete. It’s a great way to people engagement and also you can promote your post if you have written something related. It’s a great way to promotion. Commenting on high traffic blogs worth a lot as it gives sufficient traffic. To drive traffic from comments might be a long-term relationship in form of subscriber.

Comment with Real Name

Whenever you go for comment make sure to use your business name or add your website URL so people can easily recognize your identity.

Give Worth to Your Comment

Along with this, make sure to note the length of the comments. I saw people wrote long comments more than 300 words. It’s good but hard to read as full so try to convey the point in minimum words.

Drive Traffic Through Forum Commenting

Forum commenting is another way to get traffic. It’s same as blog commenting in terms of benefit but here you need to focus on solutions. Like if you are commenting on WordPress Forum then you must need to add an answer to solve people problem. If you help people with the powered reply then your own worth will improve and in this way, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website.

STEP 4 – GeT Backlinks From Other Sources

Even though all the above steps lead you in a way to get solid backlinks but there is a lot more you can explore to improve the authority of your website by getting top quality backlinks.

If you are new to backlinks term then here is the brief definition, backlinks basically are the links of your website on others website or blog. So, if you are able to get some solid links from a high ranking website or blog then it will improve your website authority and get improved ranking on search engine.

So, don’t ignore the power of backlinks. You have to take it if you are serious to improve the blog authority on search engine as it will help to increase organic traffic on your website.

Here are the methods that can help you to get backlinks on your website and believe me it will be insightful for you in long run:

  • Write on Quora to help people with your blog post link.
  • Make Youtube channel (as I did) related to your niche and exchange link on your website.
  • Make attracting and insightful infographics and post on your website with embed link option.
  • Make a chain of internal links on your blog or website.
  • Write Testimonials
  • Write Reviews
  • Search for possible ways to exchange your links on potential sites.

Above are the few methods that you can easily adapt to drive traffic on your website. You can also use following tools to track backlinks: Majestic, Monitor Backlinks, Ahrefs.

Final Thoughts:

In this post, I tried to share potential methods that you can easily adapt to drive traffic on your website. By using these methods, it will be quite easy for you to improve your blog or website authority on the search engine in short time. Blogging needs serious commitment and these methods are connected with each other and help you to mark your position. Thanks for reading and you can let me know if you also know any specific method that I missed in this post. I know there are much more but I love to hear from you. All the very best!!

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