Deploying a perfect content strategy is the essential part of content marketing. SEO keywords are the lifeblood of any content that you place on the internet. In this post, I will share the techniques to find best keywords for SEO in 3 simple steps.

If you are new to web content writing and learning SEO – Search engine optimization then this post will help you to get targeted SEO keywords for your blog post/website.

How to Find Best Keywords for SEO?

SEO keywords will help to rank your content faster on the search engine. So better to use most targeted and searchable/demanding content keywords on your website. To find the best keywords for SEO, you need to look around below step to formulate your SEO content strategy.

STEP 1: Target Your Keywords From Search Engine

SEO keywords are mainly the phrases or words that people mostly search on the internet. For instance, you are looking “best perfume for women” and you write this phrase on Google, Yahoo or Bing search bar then the search will give you several results like below screenshot:

keyword research

Now you can see in above shot the Google organic search list targeted the keyword that you used to search the perfume. Here, you can analyze that Google has given you result with the same keywords so this is the point by using that we can find best keywords for SEO to rank the content.

On the other hand, you can also observe, there are about 6,230,000 results of related keyword that Google find out in 0.53 seconds. So how will you rank your post on the top if there are hundred thousand results of a similar keyword?

Let’s dig into it to make the search more organized:

Here, you need to drive a keyword strategy that Google showing you:

Like you have a blog or business website of branded perfume. When you write branded perfume on Google it will show you related search results based on your location that near to you like the below search:

long tail keywords

So in above list, you can easily find out what Google is showing you in form of Long Tail Keyword.

Like; if you simply write branded perfume on Google search bar so you can see the competition is too high as there are so many results. And the keyword is generic so to make the search more targeted you can use the long tail keyword that comprises on 3 to 4 words which could be more related to your product.

Best Perfume for Women” if you are targeting the perfumes for women. In this way, your search keywords will be more mature or targeted. In the same way, if you have any specific location then you add the location with the keyword. Like “Best Perfume for Women in New York”.

So in above searches, you can find your own content related to your business which is simple and easy. You have to concentrate on Google suggestion keywords. These suggested keywords are the related keywords that people mostly search on the internet.

So, in Step #1 you have found out the way to find related keywords for your content.

In next step, we will find the value of keywords.

STEP 2: How to Find Value for SEO Keywords

Now we have to determine the quality of SEO keywords. Like how demanding is the keyword and how can we use it in our content to make it searchable.

Let’s delve into the process:

For this, you have to access Google Keyword Planner tool that you show you the statistics like how many people are searching is the specific keyword.

In reference to above search, “best perfume for women”; we need to find out how many people are searching the same keyword.

find seo keywords

So, you can see around 10 to 100 thousand people are searching for the same keyword and competition is sufficiently high. To optimize the keyword, you have to search into Google keyword ideas to make the search more optimize to rank your keyword.

So Google also suggests more than 500 keywords with the similar category that you can also consider:

best seller perfume for her                         100 – 1K
most popular women’s perfume               100 – 1K
popular women’s fragrances                      100 – 1K
top female perfumes                                    100 – 1K

Above are the alternative keywords that you can use to optimize your search on the basis of search value and competition.

STEP # 3: Where to Use the Evaluated SEO Keywords

Now, you know the way to find best keywords for SEO by using Google Search suggestion and finding the keyword value through Google Keyword Planner tool. Now in step number 3, we will discuss where you need to place these SEO keywords to improve your search ranking.

  1. Add targeted keywords in Title with <Heading 1> tag.
  2. Use keywords with Heading 2 tag within the article.
  3. Add keywords in the body of the content in multiple places.
  4. Try to use the same keyword in content images with an ALT tag.
  5. Don’t forget to use the keyword in post description.
  6. Use the keyword in post URL.
  7. Don’t overflow the keyword as it hurt the SEO process.

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Final Words:

Best strategy to find best SEO keywords for your content is to use the Google search engine and keyword planner tool. You also have other option to use UberSuggest, SEMRush to find the related search keywords. If you have any question or query related to SEO keywords or similar you can ask me in a comment section. Thanks for reading!!