In this blog post, I am going to share with you the 10 easy tips that help you to increase organic traffic to your blog or website.

Running a website or blogging is all about attracting unique traffic to your site. If you are working hard and writing quality content full of knowledge and information but still not growing with quality traffic then you must need to revamp your content writing strategy.

As you all know content is the king on the internet that can make a website or blog successful.

As a blogger, I normally focus on organic traffic from search engine rather doing an effort on other marketing stuff that’s the reason why most of the traffic on my website comes from organic search.

Getting traffic from search engine gives you long time benefit as you wrote a post that will be visible to your target audience for years.

Smart Bloggers Focus on Organic Traffic…

If you are a new blogger and unfamiliar with the term “organic traffic” then understand the concept as it’s important if you are working in the online world.

Organic traffic is the real traffic that comes from search engine without any advertisement. When you write anything for the internet then search bots like Googlebot search your page and index on the search on the basis of different ranking factors.

My intention to write this post is to facilitate new bloggers to follow below tips to successfully rank their site on a search engine so you can get quality traffic to your website to grow as a business or as a blogger.

Let’s delve more into it:

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog with Easy Tips

When I started blogging it was tough for me to get traffic on a blog as I was thinking I am perfectly writing my posts and adding everything that requires for good article.

Then, I found… I was WRONG!

Because writing on the internet is absolutely different than writing in magazines or other offline stuff.

So I started learning techniques to get visible in the online world just by doing few things.

1) Learn SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is an art that binds your reader toward your website/blog through compelling content. In an online world, the term ‘SEO copywriting’ is used to write user-friendly and search engine optimized content to get traffic directly from the search engine.

For effective copywriting, you must need to learn about basic techniques that can boost your organic content to attract like-minded traffic from all type of search.

Let’s take a quick note on this:

  1. Research your target audience related to your blog niche.
  2. Find the best ‘Keywords’ for your blog topic. (How to find keyword for SEO?)
  3. Always focus to place Long-tail Keywords in Post Title
  4. Use Main Keywords in blog body, description, and Headings
  5. Link your content with internal blog posts.
  6. Also, link your post to external blog links but make sure to add quality links.
  7. Write a quality post content more than 1000 words.

Here you find SEO Checklist (infographic) to quickly follow the steps.

Copywriting is technical due to high competition as so many bloggers writing the same thing from different places. You have to stand yourself in the first order of search then you must provide not only the quality content but also the engaging content that can touch your audience mind.

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What NOT to DO as an SEO Copywriter?

  1. Don’t be harsh in your writing. Try to be a facilitator or influencer.
  2. Never try to overflow the content with targeted keywords.
  3. Write simple and to the point content.
  4. Don’t forget to proof-read your content.
  5. Never compromise the quality over quantity.

2) Maintain the Proper Blog Post Frequency

Following a proper posting schedule is important for bloggers to keep live to target your audience. Be remember, search engine, your targeted people always there to find you and search bots love those blogs who frequently writes and always prefer those blogs to rank.

If you are a part-time blogger then you need to manage your time to write consistent posts for the week. Here

3) Link Building is Real Asset

Link building is one of the most important and vital technique to improve search ranking and bringing organic traffic to your blog or website using quality links.

There are 2 types of links:

1)  Inbound Links

Inbound links are also called backlinks that link your website from outside domain. Like; any other website will link your website and people will come to your page through that link. Now the quality of the link is very important to consider even though you don’t have much into hands but if some quality and trusted websites link your website then you can earn some quality backlinks.

Google keeps a sharp eye on inbound links. If you are getting links from the highly ranked website then your SEO will be improved in the long run. Low-quality links can harm your website authority so keep a focus on it.

2)  Outbound links

Outbound links are the most important links that are in your control and you can use these links to connect to other websites. Normally outbound links are of two types. One with no follow and other with do follow. Nofollow (rel=”nofollow”) links don’t rank the site on Google in simple words it tells Google to don’t follow the link. On the other hand, the do follow is the normal link that directly takes to other website and Google follows these links.

4) Write About Demanding Content

You can boost organic traffic if you are writing SEO-friendly demanding, popular and trending content by researching the competition. It’s important to wisely select your blog topic based on your niche to attract the targeted traffic.

For this, you can take help from Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner tool to know your audience interest.

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Blogging become easy and successful if you know the art to write about those topics that people want to read. If you are going to start blogging or already started but not getting enough traffic then look around people interest and then write about them. This technique will significantly help you to boost organic traffic to your site.

5) Learn the Techniques of Content Marketing

Learning the effective content marketing techniques will be worthful for you to get a steep curve to grow organic traffic. As you go deeper into this topic you will learn about more solid and concrete techniques. Nothing can bring the targeted traffic to your blog until or unless you are targeting the right content.

Content marketing become easy if you know the stats as it helps you to find out the areas where you have to work hard to grow the traffic. There are so many tools to find the best keywords, so many other tools that you can use to judge your blog SEO and ranking also you can monitor the traffic on your post.

Here are some FREE SEO TOOLS that can help you to monitor the blog.

A renowned digital marketing practitioner and one of my inspiration, Neil Patel who passionately wrote about content marketing techniques to improve the traffic.  It will be insightful if you look around these techniques to implement in your work.

For effective content marketing, different platforms can be helpful to get traffic. Normally bloggers think about social media but embedding a video, podcast and helpful resource via email can easily multiply the traffic.

One of my blogger friend gets thousands of views on his Youtube videos just by using Reddit that eventually increase his blog traffic as well.

According to real-time requirements and due to high competition, you have to engage different content marketing platforms to market your content especially if you are a new blogger and struggling to get traffic.

6) Monitor Your Website Speed

You can’t ignore the website speed as the slow and bumpy website are not liked by search bots. Many people say, our website successfully indexed on Google but the post rank is still low. This happens if you are not using reliable hosting, servers are slow, the website is non-responsive or poorly coded.

You can find your website speed on GTMetrix just be writing website URL.

You can also track the problems and ways to optimize it if you have a slow website. Normally a fast responsive website loads faster. To make your website fast, you have to keep a check on following points:

  • Page size should be less than 3MB
  • Optimize images before upload or use the image compress plugin.
  • Make sure the load time should be under 7 seconds.
  • Try to minify HTML and CSS
  • Enable Gzip compression
  • It’s good if you are using CDN (Content Delivery Network).

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7) Don’t Forget To Submit Your Website on Search Engine

This is important for the new bloggers to submit their website with the proper sitemap and Robot.txt file to search engines like Google and Yahoo/Bing. This step will help you to add your website/blog pages and posts to search engine list and the search bots like Googlebot will crawl your pages and index on the basis of page rank.

If you are unfamiliar with this process then here you can find the link to submit website on Google

And use this link to submit website on Yahoo/Bing.

After submission, you can monitor details like how many pages and images indexed, broken links, internal links and about web traffic and analytics.

8) Don’t Forget to Append Optin Form

Optin form is the real-time requirement, it will help to grow instant traffic on your page through your subscribers. For this, you just need to integrate a well-branded optin form on your website by offering something special to your visitors to get engage with them in future.

Adding an optin (subscriber) form is one of the best technique to improve conversion rate by getting subscribers.

There are so many ways to append optin form that you can use based on the type of your website. As many bloggers are using WordPress so here is the simple method to append MailChimp subscriber form to your blog.

You can also use OptinMonster and other 3rd party plugins for this.

9) Add Pin Button to Blog Images

Another thing that can create a spike in your blog traffic is to install ‘Pin button’ to your blog images. This technique will help to grow organic traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most recommended platform for bloggers to market their work.

So if you install the Pin plugin to your WordPress website then it will help your visitors to pin your images to market your post using their Pinterest board. As many pins you get, there are more chances to get viral with the post and eventually you will get traffic.

10) Frequently Update Old Blog Post

Keep updating your blog post to keep LIVE on a search engine. If you are updating old blog posts with new and contemporary content then your post will live as new. I love reading Amy Lynn Andrews blog posts and learn this technique from her who always update her old blog post with new content and that’s the reason why she is growing with traffic.