Adopt effective digital marketing strategy to improve your digital marketing ROI (Return on investment) in 2017. Digital marketing ROI is the main concern of emerging businesses. Business owners investing in digital marketing but they didn’t get targeted ROI due to lack of strategy planning at the start of marketing campaigns. Fundamentally, digital marketing ROI is the most challenged terms that effectively describe process of continuously improving marketing performance and profitability by applying deeper insights to maximize the effectiveness of strategic and tactical decisions. Those insights are generated from carefully designed measurements and financial assessments of ROI to ensure that the marketing contribution of profits exceeds the marketing investment while meeting appropriate short- and long-term objectives.

Building an online marketing campaign is the strategic part of your job. when you know your audience well, but what makes every online marketing manager’s job difficult is when the picture of Return on Investment (ROI) arises. ROI is more than just a measurement; it is a process that helps a marketer to improve its marketing performance and profitability by using the insights gained through the effectiveness of the strategies.

Focus on Digital Trends and Keep Monitoring Below Measures When Building Your Marketing Campaign

  • Target incremental sales conversions and customer focus to optimize the digital marketing spend: Digital marketing has the advantage of tracking actions and behaviors but not always to the point of a sales conversion and customer value.
  • Testing of targeting, offers, frequency, and messaging: that not only improve online marketing performance but can also be implemented in broader media channels.
  • Using modeling to understand how offline media drives online behaviors and conversion rates.
  • Assess the contribution of online marketing to offline sales: especially for digital content used in the “research” phase of the buying cycle prior to major offline purchases.
  • Using modeling to detect the interaction effects: cross-over impact, and synergies between marketing tactics.

Measure Your Targets in terms of Numbers

To improve your digital marketing ROI,  first of all, you need to measure the KPI’s related with targets and verify them from different sources. It is always advisable to make your marketing campaigns easily quantifiable. This way it is easier to understand the changing customer behavior and market changes very quickly. When it comes to digital marketing, it is easier to make the different processes from planning to deployment stages measurable. If you can quantify it, the numbers compared to your expected outcomes will make ROI measurement easy and hence, improve the profit potential. A good measurement plan is always to mix basic tracking with advanced analytics.

Focus on ‘Call to Action’

Today is the time to go for effective ‘Call to Action’ as the content is the king. If you are not focusing on your content then you must loose your targeted leads. SEO based landing pages with an effective call to action are the blood of online marketing. People focus what they see on screen and what’s relevant for them. Non-responsive, dull content will make you loose your sales.

Mature Your Leads through Effective Social Media Blogging

Social media is the essential part of your business not only to promote your business but to get most targeted leads on the permanent basis.

If you can strengthen your social media presence with a good strategy, you can expect a good number of leads.

Connect your social channel with your Blog.

The State of Inbound 2014-2015 Report by HubSpot shows that companies that blogs are 13 times more likely to generate a positive ROI. Even in B2B, there is a huge shift in the preference for articles (around 70%) over ads to learn more about a company.

Target Your Leads Through Effective SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a great way to generate leads via your business website. SEO is made up of both onsite SEO and offsite SEO that both ‘move the needle’ so to speak on the amount of search engine referral traffic you receive. When done correctly, it can be the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of online marketing investment especially to bring ROI.

Take care of below SEO tweaks before going to Digital Marketing Campaigns:

  • Permalink structure – Make sure you have a sound permalink structure throughout your entire website. If your website is built on WordPress, be sure to set the permalink setting to %postname%. You can do so by going into Settings > Permalinks and choosing ‘Post Name’ from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Be sure to include your targeted keywords in your post titles (without being spammy!). And the rest will take care of itself.
  • Headings – Use proper headings throughout your website. Make sure there’s only one H1 heading per page. Also you follow the heading hierarchy when breaking up your content into sub-topics. Again, use keywords in your headings when appropriate.
  • Mobile-friendly – Mobile friendly websites are the great way to target your leads as 90% people comes from mobile devices.
  • Monitoring – Check your Google Webmaster Tools.
    • for any queries, your website is already being displayed for but has a low click through rate.
    • Experiment with different meta descriptions and call to actions for these queries. And see if you can improve the CTR on some of them. If so, your traffic can improve in a relatively short period of time. With this quick tip, as more people will be clicking through to your website.
    • Higher CTR is also a ranking factor for Google. It may help your content move higher up in the rankings. It’s a win-win.

Conclusion (Strategy to Improve Digital Marketing ROI):

Above points are just the initial strategy targets to launch your digital marketing campaigns in order to improve ‘digital marketing ROI’.

If you need any assistance to looking forward to hiring online marketing service to promote your business across boundaries. Let us know to take your business at next level through effective digital marketing campaigns. It will help to deliver targeted leads with effective ROI. The World most famous organization working online has proved to double their ROI. Here are the few articles that I read recently:

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