If you are going to name your beauty business by getting inspired by world-famous brands then here are the cosmetic brand name ideas for you with the available domain name.

Choosing a powerful brand name of the business is going difficult as most of the good name has been taken or not available to register. So, it’s going to be a tough job if you are looking short, meaningful and easily memorable brand name of your business that you can easily trademark and register the domain name with the same name.

Today, I am sharing 20+ brand name ideas that can give you concept to create a name related to your product. I tried to short the name based on business niche and also research all the names that are available with the domain name.

As the world is growing makeup and beauty products are also making a 360-degree transformation by creating a powerful product. Many new designers and cosmetics experts are working day and night to manufacture a flawless beauty product that can make the customers more beautiful and ageless with glowing skin.

cosmetics brand name ideas

TOP 10 World Famous Cosmetic Brands

Cosmetics products are playing a big role in our society! and we are all obsessed with these beauty products.

With the mushroom growth of cosmetics product, it’s difficult to make a line to gauge the quality of the product but there are some world famous cosmetics and beauty brands that become a requirement of your life.

As the technology is growing, new techniques of color blending, make applications and skin rejuvenation is making a big impact on society. Today’s products by big brands are well researched, practically applicable and available for global people requirements.

Here is the list of top 10 world famous brands that are making difference with the quality product:

  1. L’Oreal
  2. MAC
  3. Bobby Brown
  4. Neutrogena
  5. Nivea
  6. Dove
  7. Lancome
  8. Olay
  9. Avon
  10. Estée Lauder

Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas with Available Domain Name

If you are a new brand designer of cosmetics product or interested to launch your own product line as a beauty expert or as a blogger. Then below is the few brand name ideas with an available domain name that can also help you to find your name.

I tried to find cosmetic brand name ideas that are available now but it can be registered after the publish date of this post. My basic objective to write this post is to give you an idea to find a name for your product, brand or blog. 

Most of the names based on combinational keywords and available without any premium package.

You can easily register any of the domain free if you are going to take an economical hosting plan of BlueHost.

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Some creative and unique brand name ideas with the available domain name:

Note: Below domains can be registered after the post of this post. So, if you are looking something then please check the availability.

  1. Blush matte (Blushmatte.com)
  2. Brew Cosmetics  (brewcosmetics.com)
  3. Bronz Luxe (bronzluxe.com)
  4. Maxy Shine (maxyshine.com)
  5. Levove (levove.com)
  6. Real Dusk (realdusk.com)
  7. Lavadoos (lavadoos.com)
  8. Blushmetics (blushmetics.com)
  9. Moistcre (moistcre.com)
  10. Lippoz  (lippoz.com)
  11. Glazetude (glazetude.com)
  12. Beez Cosmetics  (beezcosmetics.com)
  13. Bronz Factor  (bronzfactor.com)
  14. Boometics  (boometics.com)
  15. The Facetox (thefacetox.com)
  16. Mebba Beauty (mebbabeauty.com)
  17. Divox Cosmetics  (divoxcosmetics.com)
  18. Lime Looks (limelooks.com)
  19. Juni Cosmetics (junicosmetics.com)
  20. My Glam Touch (myglamtouch.com)
  21. Lime Glam (limeglam.com)
  22. Ava Glam (avaglam.com)

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