Freelance graphic designing is the open opportunity for graphic designers to start freelance graphic design jobs online to start work from home.

So, are you creative?

and have the expertise to design…

Then you have hundreds of opportunities to earn from your couch.

How amazing is this to start work from home or get online work to make more money online. It’s all about how do you manage your professional portfolio to get noticed by clients and customers looking for graphic design professionals.

In my last post “How to make money online as a graphic designer“, I shared the most recommended and authentic ways that you can use to make money online just by using your skills and expertise.

In this post, I want to share some solid ways to get “Freelance Graphic Design Jobs” that will make you sit to start work from home.

It’s a good opportunity for stay at home mom as well who has expertise in graphic design and also for those who are learning graphic design and soon going to start it professionally.


My objective to write this post is to give an awareness to those designers who are putting their effort in a 9-5 job and getting fixed money at the end of the month. Guys don’t stick yourself as now you have so many options to explore the worldwide projects not only to make money but also to make your own boss.

Video Tutorial: How to Get Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

For your convenience, I compiled this video tutorial that will help you to find genuine freelance jobs from authentic and reliable freelance sites. To start over, you just need to create your account and make a profile to bid.

Watch time: 10:39

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5 Best Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

There are many sites over the internet that you can find to start freelance work. Today, I am sharing 5 best sites where you can start work to get genuine work just by creating an eye-catching profile. These sites are reliable, authentic and recommended by hundreds of sellers and buyers.

1) Upwork

Upwork was formerly known as Elance is the world of opportunities for you to start over. It’s a great site that connects clients and contractor together. So you can explore your graphic design jobs from here matched with your credentials. In above video, I showed you the way to use Upwork to filter “graphic design jobs” related to your niche. Like; if you are logo designer then you can find jobs/projects/assignments related to logo design or branding.

2) Guru

It’s another freelance site packed with so many graphic design projects that you can explore as per your expertise. You can find freelance work from Guru in economical range.

3) Freelancer

It’s a great site! by the name of “Freelancer” providing diverse opportunities to make a connection with client and contractor. You can explore above video to find ways to get graphic design projects. Otherwise just explore the site, make your account, create your profile and professional portfolio to start your bidding.

4) Fiverr

Fiverr is good if you want to start your career by finding projects but the cost of work is low as compare to other sites. Many designers are working and multiply the money just by showing quality work, commitment and professional attitude towards clients. With dedication, you can turn your part time to full time as well.

5) People Per Hour

PPH is basically providing access to connect clients and customers to start work in your flexible time. You can explore this site to find your projects and I swear it would be a great experience for you to get recognized by good clients.

Final Thoughts:

Every freelancer site has their own terms and conditions. If you are seriously finding freelance graphic design jobs then choose your site and get familiar with the site concept. Like how successful people are working there to find jobs.

Many beginners who started work on these freelancing site quit because they didn’t find good jobs and thought it’s a waste of time.

No, it’s really not!

I will term this a ‘myth’. As I personally found the really good projects from there sites so I recommend you to work on your profile, portfolio, bidding and communication to start a successful career using these sites.

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