If you are freelance logo designer or running a logo design company then this logo design questionnaire will be insightful for you to establish dispute free relationship between you and client.

Every graphic designer wants to design something out of the box for their client and customer but it’s important to understand client/customer requirement to deliver the required result as per the requirements.

Logo designing is the creative process that takes time to conceptualize and design the concept so if you know all about your client’s requirements then it will be easy for you to do your job.

Many of the new designers complain, “We work hard to design a logo but when we submit work to a client then they reject even though the design is good and follow contemporary trend and standards.

So, how to satisfy the client requirements?

This is simple, before designing you have to “Read your clients mind” to know about all requirements that he/she has for their project.

Sometimes clients are well prepared and they know how to provide details to get their product but sometimes due to lack of communication problem occurs and leads to the dispute. To avoid this situation, you have to be careful before starting the project and talk with clients through emails or messaging to know about all details. 

Why is Logo Design Questionnaire Important?

Actually, Logo design questionnaire will help you to move step by step to gather all information that clients want to share with you. In this way, it will be easy for you to work in a hassle-free environment. It will save both of your time and proceed in the right direction.

Video Tutorial on Logo Design Questions for Freelance Graphic Designers

This video tutorial explains all the points of important logo design questions like what to ask with your client and why it needs to ask.

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12 Important Logo Design Questions for Clients

For your convenience, I am sharing few logo design questions that will help you to get desired information from your clients about their logo design project.

1) Exact Name that will appear on your logo

This is very important to ask as the way the name will appear on the logo will define the main theme of the logo so ask carefully to place the exact text or logo content.

2) Do you want tagline to appear in your logo design?

Tagline is optional – sometimes clients want it or sometimes not so it’s advisable to ask if they want to place the tagline in logo design or not.

3) Do you have specific images or icons that you wish or do not wish to be in your logo?

It’s an important question to create the main concept of logo design. Detailed Icon design takes time so it’s recommended to ask with a client before initiating the project. If a client is Ok and interested to place a logo image then you can ask about their interest and requirements like do’s and don’t to have in that image.

4) Ask About logo theme 

Logo theme is basically given an idea to design the concept. Logo theme could be:

  • feminine
  • masculine
  • semi-masculine

5) Ask About logo Type:

Logos can be designed in variety of ways but there are some preferred types that you can ask with client to select:

  • Typography based
  • Abstract
  • Vintage
  • Mascot
  • Emblem
  • Monogram

6) Do you have any color preferences or any existing colors you want in your logo?

Yes, it’s recommended to ask color preferences. It will give an idea to define the feel of the logo design. In a more substantial way, you can ask about solid or gradient colors.

7) What attributes of your business would you like your logo to reflect?

To design a custom business logo, it’s important to understand the client business model and attributes as it will help to define the targeted identity that can be more appealing for the customers to get engage with their brand and products.

8) What is the overall message you want to convey to your target audience?

It’s advisable to know about the target audience for the business to which you are designing as it will help to create a theme like; you are designing something for female beauty product of young girls then the theme should be feminine, playful and youthful to get more customer interaction to that product or brand.

9) Who are your main competitors? Please list their websites if possible.

To know about competitors is important! as it will help you to create distinguished logo identity for the business that can stand them in a unique way with a powerful brand identity.

10) Do you have any inspirational logo model in mind or something similar to your competitor?

This question will help you to read more about client requirement like if they are inspired by someone or wants to have something similar but in a unique way then this question will guide in details.

11) Your Preferred font:

As a best practice, many times clients want to have a specific font. Or sometimes inspired by with some famous fonts! so ideally, you can ask this question to know about font priority.

12) Please supply a brief description of the design you have in mind and any other information that would be useful.

Above question is to get additional notes from clients like if you missed something and client want to share then it will cover in this part of the question.

Download: Logo Design Questionnaire – PDF Format

Final Words

So, I tried to create most important logo design questions to ask clients and customers. It will ease your logo design process. This logo design questionnaire will give you 5 mins to understand client requirement to deliver the right concept as per the client needs.

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