Did you imagine the graphic design skills can pay you more? Yes, it could be above your expectation. In this video, I will show how to make money online as a graphic designer.

If you recently started working as a professional graphic designer.

Or, working with a daytime job…

Then you can still have profitable opportunity to start freelancing as a graphic designer.

To make more money online.

In a graphic design meetup, I met with few designers who are willing to work online in their spare time.

They also tried some website but unable to get good clients or customers.

Here in this video tutorial, I am sharing super easy and potentials ways to make money by using these site. Many people including me getting extra income by using these websites just be submitting graphic design work.

Before Start…

Remember 5 Rules of Success:

  • Be unique and professional
  • Strictly follow the company terms and conditions
  • Don’t imitate others
  • Focus on customer communication
  • Deliver on time

Above rules are simple but important to be a successful designer over the internet. If your work is flawless, you are professional then you can make money online as a graphic designer. Let me correct as a successful graphic designer.

Here is the video tutorial that will show you one by one the websites that provide great opportunities to their designers to earn more.

Video Tutorial: How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

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Link to websites that I shared in the video:

1) Creative Market

Explore creative market to open your shop to sell your design. You can place a variety of stuff in your shop to create customer engagement. Before creating your account on the website, it’s been recommended to create a professional portfolio to show them your work. It’s necessary for account approval. You can create your portfolio on Behance or Dribbble. CreativeMarket is the great marketplace to improve your passive income in no time.

2) 99designs

Best website for logo designers, brand specialists, web designers to showcase their work in order to find high-quality work by professional businesses. Explore the site to watch the work of existing designers it will help you to grow successfully.

3) Graphic River

It’s a graphic design website provided by Envato Market for designers and for customers looking for graphic design work. It’s the best website that provides you great opportunity to list your work as professional and earn money in your spare time. You can look at the website categories to design your work.

4) Etsy

It’s an online marketplace for millions of customers who are looking for product. Graphic design is one of the categories that allows you to design wall arts, logo design, flyers, banners and other stuff as per the people demand and requirements. You can open your shop here and place the product packed with SEO keywords.

5) Design Crowd

Another website that will allow you to find winning work with potential clients and customers. Here, you need to look at different projects and submit your work for that project. If a client like your work, It will be sale out otherwise you have to sit there with passions. Initially, it’s hard to recognize but with consistent work, you will be successful.

6) Brand Crowd

Here, you can submit logo concepts for different businesses. Look at the logo categories and design logo list here with keywords. People will look at your logo and as they like it for their business it will sell out. Be persistent and passionate on this website. Here, you can list the logo concepts that you have created for different clients but it didn’t sell out. BrandCrowd is the project of DesignCrowd.

7) ShutterStock

You can contribute your design as a seller to ShutterStock. You can sell a variety of designs as an artist on this website and convert your design work into money. Useful website for designers to list their work but before making an account you may have a look at their terms and conditions.

8) Offset

Yes, Offset is another project from ShutterStock that provides you an opportunity to become an artist to sell royalty free stock images and illustrations. Best idea to start work on Offset to look at the work of existing artist like how are they working and then relate your work to create a unique presence. If you are also working as a professional photographer then this website can help you to make money in no time.

Final Words:

If you are looking how to make money online a graphic designer, you will get so much on the internet but there are few options that can help to earn fast and make your portfolio as professional. Initially, I started in the same way and now connected with good clients and every day get new customers to sell my design work.

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