Finding a creative and unique blog name ideas specifically with domain name suggestions has become difficult as the good names have been taken or become premium now.

So, in this scenario, if you get an opportunity to have a look in some blog name ideas related to your blogging category to get started is a bliss.

When I was starting my blog then I spent my big time to find good names so I realized how difficult it would be to get new names that are unique, creative, engaging and exciting to bring traffic on the blog.

Here, in this post, I shared blog name ideas along with domain name suggestions.

You can find your related category to find a specific name. As the names are available with the domain name so the best ideas are to reserve the name before somebody else take as these names are within $10 range that’s the standard price of any hosting or registrar company.

As per my experience, starting a blog is the pleasant journey as you are going to build a network with the like-minded audience. I love blogging and encourage people to blog as it will sharpen your skills with the broader vision.

Before going into Name Suggestions, I want to share a quick background of good blog names.

  • Name should be short
  • It should be easily readable and memorable
  • Name should not be a direct keyword
  • Name should be based on combinational keywords
  • Brandable names doesn’t show the wrong spellings
  • Naming ideas should represent the business vision

So let move and dig into some names that might be helpful to draft name for your blog.

1) 70+ Creative Makeup And Beauty Blog Name Ideas with Domain Name Suggestions

Makeup and beauty blog is the hottest blog requirements according to the statistics. It’s a demanding category to find blog names. As the category is demanding so the competition is also tough to get good name specifically with the available domain name.

You can see lots of stylish makeup and beauty bloggers on youtube who are independently running a blog to promote their makeup videos. So, if you are thinking to start makeup or beauty blog then that might be inspirational for you to get started.

Here, in this post, I am sharing blog name ideas with the domain name. My focus is to give you domain as sometimes we like some name and really want to start with that name but in the end, domain becomes unavailable that stop to start with that name.

To save your time and to give you more idea with keywords, I researched names that you can easily shortlist.I tried to research some names here.

Here are some makeup and beauty blog name ideas:

Have a look in the list of beauty blog names!

2) 90+ Amazing Food Blog Name Ideas with Available Domain Names

Yummy food blogging has a great audience as everybody loves food. So if you are going to start your food blog then it must say it’s a great start for you to get interact with your audience by showing delicious food pictures and sharing recipes.

Food blogging is diverse in nature so strong blogging concept can make a big difference to multiply your traffic. So, the name is the first keyword that you will take to start your blog foundation.

A unique, catchy and yummy name can engage your traffic in the more connected way.

Many food bloggers in the world have become famous by showing their food skills on their blog.

Here are some great name ideas that might be combinational are available with the domain name to start your blogging journey.

Let’s have a look at it:

Have a look in the list of food blog names with domain!

3) 40+ Exciting Travel Blog Name Ideas with Available Domain Names

Travel is all about starting your blissful journey of the move. People who love to travel also loves to blog about it. If you do vlogs then you also need a blog as a platform to promote your videos with target people.

I saw, many people only travel make money from the blog. And, it seems cool!!

If you are looking some creative and unique name then this list is for you as here I tried to find some combinational keywords that are available with the domain name.

Here are some travel blog name ideas for you:

Have a look in the list of travel blog name ideas with available domain!

4) 40+ Unique Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas with Domain Name

Lifestyle blogging might be influential for you if you are going to start a lifestyle blog. It shows diversity to deal with innovative and creative content. In terms of demand then I must it’s a hot topic and people want to see exotic, stylish, easy and unique lifestyle concepts to add more organization and interactivity in their life.

It was a big task to find some good names in lifestyle category as the scope of lifestyle blogging is quite high and to touch every angle need quality engagements.

Here are some lifestyle blog names with domains might help you to get your blog name:

Have a look in the list of lifestyle blog names!

5) 50+ Unique Fashion Blog Name Ideas with Available Domain Name

Fashion blog names are highly searchable, especially in the clothing category. Most of the big clothing brands belong to this. Starting a fashion blog can be profitable as you can turn your concept into a profitable business.

In fashion blog category, most of the names belong to people or brand founders name but here it tried to give you more choices to think in a different way. Fashion blog name should be engaging for the audience. Short and easy names can make a big difference on your blogging experience.

Here are few names in fashion blogging niche:

Have a look in the list of fashion blog names!

6) 65+Catchy Mom Blog Name Ideas with Domain Name

Mom blogging is bliss for mompreneurs. It’s a prestigious blogging category as most of the moms who previously belong to the corporate world or was in business can’t sit at home after being a mommy. It’s a big advantage for those mommies to resume their career with insightful blogging and share knowledge and experience.

Here, I found some unique and catchy mom blog name ideas:

Have a look in a list of mom blog names!

7) 20+ Cosmetics Brand Name Ideas – Unique & Creative

Are you going to start your cosmetic brand but still undecided to find clicking name of your product / brand? In my costmetic brand name ideas blog post, I shared few unique and creative brand name ideas that might be helpful for you to get your desire name. Brand names are listed with available domain name so have look as it might be interesting for you to check.

  1. Blush matte (
  2. Brew Cosmetics  (
  3. Bronz Luxe (
  4. Maxy Shine (
  5. Levove (
  6. Real Dusk (
  7. Lavadoos (

Read Blog Post to see the list of Names

Final Words…

It would be great if these names are helpful for you to select your blog name and if you register name from this blog list then please share with us. As it will be motivational and inspiring for me to find other names to help people. If you are looking custom brand names for your blog or website then you can talk with us to start work on your naming concept. In case, these names don’t click you then you may have a look in a post of my fellow blogger on domain name ideas. I loved and it might be super engaging for you as well to get your dream name in small time.

Here are few posts that might be helpful for you:

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