Here, you can watch a logo design tutorial to create a modern flat logo design in Adobe Illustrator CS6 or latest version Illustrator CC. You can use the basic logo design techniques to create professional logos by watching this tutorial.

It’s just a logo design idea! that I am sharing with you to create similar logos for new startups, businesses, and companies. New bloggers can also learn this way to create their blog logos.

It’s a simple, easy and fast drive logo tutorial recommended to learn illustrator or graphic design.

Logos design is the most diverse field that provides an opportunity to businesses to get their business identities in a form of conceptual and illustrative way to represent their business to mark a unique identity.

As a graphic designer, I love to create professional logo identities for businesses and also create professional graphic design tutorial based on Adobe illustrator to share the skills with new learners.

Flat Logo Design Video Tutorial – Watch Step by Step

In this Illustrator tutorial, I created simple and stylish flat logo design. You can easily create this logo just by following the steps in the video. This video tutorial will help you to work with “shape tool”, colors effect, and “direct selection tool” and last but not the least with “puker and bloat”.

Tool used: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Watch Duration: 06:22
Level: Basic – Mid

Download Project File: Click Here!

subscribe to youtube channelFinal Words:

Logo design is all about applying creativity to an innovative concept. Strong logo concepts create a powerful impact on business ROI. That’s the reason why every business startup invests money in business branding. Logo design is the first step to create any business identity. If you are also learning logo design and make it a business then strong logo design skills can help to create powerful concepts.

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