I must say, getting a clickable and catchy business name ideas become a nightmare as the great business names have already been taken or reserved.


It’s not IMPOSSIBLE if you research the market by getting creative and thoughtful.

Today, we are talking about 5 simple steps to find a catchy business name ideas for your company.

So if you are going to start your business and looking to get catch business name then this post is for you.

My target is to make it simple for you to find a name that can be engaging, clickable and adorable for your target audience to become your client or customer.

What’s the Impact of Business Name?

To understand the impact, let’s delve into the business name concept like what exactly the business name can make a difference in your brand success. Basically, a name is the first impression! That encourages people to make business with you. So whatever the name you choose it should relate to your brand in a powerful way. If you are able to find the great business name ideas so it could be a miracle for your business success. Twitter, Flickr, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Acer, Dell and many others have created a big influence on our lives. So be smart in getting your business name.

I always recommend my brand naming clients that before brainstorming the business name you need to do little effort to create brand values as it will help to create brand awareness about the business, product or service.

For example; you are going to start beauty and spa so the brand should be recognized by focusing on the core concept of the business. It should not relate to any other medium of beauty like you cannot mixed-up the concept with style, makeup or others. This is the main theme that creates a great business name that helps to grow businesses with targeted clients and customers. So once you have your basic specifications, descriptions, core values, agenda and mission with you then you are ready to research the name.

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1) Evaluate Your Brand Market

Yes, it’s important before curating your business name. If you talk with brand name consultant to get a name they will ask you about these questions like;

  • What’s the scope of your business
  • How do you want to create your market position
  • How’s your brand manage the market distinction

This seems like a heavy duty questions but it’s important to gauge your brand market that will create your persona among your competitors.

So, if you are trying to find your business name by yourself so it’s recommended to ask you first to make things concise to move for a business name.

To make it simple, just focus on; like you want to have a global presence or you want to go for regional business.

Now the next step is to move on to do research on target customers.

2) Evaluate Your Target Customers

As you already research your brand market so now you have to find about your target customers. Like;

  • Is it regional or global customers?
  • Their demographics
  • Men/women/or both
  • What would be the average age of your target audience

Above question will help you to get more precise and target with your name creation.

For instance; you are going to start a baby boutique with a global presence so above question will easily help you to target your market customers.

3) Make a List of Brand Competitors

Now as you already make your mind about your market and customers now time to do a research on brand or business competitors. Make a list of competitors on the basis of their business precedence by target their growing market. This step is necessary as it will help you to understand their brand positioning in the market.

For instance; you are going to launch a baby brand from New York as a global business so you need to find out the list of big brands or the small business brands who already doing the same business. Relate your business with the list and take inspiration with growing brands but be original and unique as you are going to establish your presence among your competitors in a dynamic and distinguished way.

So now you are ready to research your business name.

4) Start Working on Name Research to Get Catchy Business Name Ideas

Be remember, naming is an art! A professional word-artist ethically understands to play with words. But there are some rules that make the naming system easy. To do a name research, make a two column list.

  • Keyword based names (e.g; Stella baby boutique)
  • Brandable names (Giggles – tagline [baby wear])

There are so many sources that you can use to draw your inspirational business name. Research on the internet, take help with books or talk with people. Be creative and don’t limit yourself. Think beyond the limit and List out all the possible names.

Here are some tips to qualify good names:

  • Don’t write confusing words in your list
  • Simple and short names are in trend
  • Avoid long tail names
  • Don’t write complex name
  • Ignore difficult names
  • Make sure names are easy to call
  • Should be memorizing
  • Easy to spell
  • Name tone should match with business
  • Should be unique and distinguishable
  • Attractive and clickable as per the business theme
  • Name should be white label
  • Don’t mix name with other brands or business name
  • Name should be legal
  • Domain name should be available

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5) Choose Preferred Name

So guys now you have a list with you and it’s time to shortlist the favorites. Check their name status weather available for trademark or available to register the name as domain name.

Hopefully, these simple steps will help you pick the best business name as per the contemporary standards. Best of luck and do your best! One final word, just be sure that you choose a business name that you like!

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