The simple and easy way of creating a glowing neon effect in Illustrator. I used Coke bottle outlines and created glowing effect using simple tricks of layering, blur, and feature.

Neon Effect glow is the demanding most required method that most of the designers used in creative designs especially for digital glow or to highlight illuminated objects.

My design technique to provide is simple and easy to adapt. Most recommended if you are learning illustrator and looking forward to knowing the tweaks to create these sort of glow or neon effect.

Video Tutorial: How I Create Glowing Neon Effect In Illustrator CS6

Duration: 9:48

Download Project File: Click Here…

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Manual Points to Create Neon Effect

Here are the steps that I used to create this glowing neon effect:

  1. Create New document
  2. Create black background layer and Press Ctrl 2 to lock the layer
  3. You can use the Pen tool to create bottle outline.
  4. Now increase the size of layer stroke to 5 pt and color to Red and don’t forget to remove the fill color.
  5. Now Copy the layer and Paste in the same place and turn the stroke size to 1 pt and change the color to white. Make sure to keep it in middle.
  6. Now choose 1st layer with 5 pt and make another copy and keep it same place.
  7. Now select front layer and go to Effect- Blur – Gaussian Blur and adjust the blur intensity.
  8. To increase the size of a blur, you can change the stroke weight.
  9. Now the Neon Effect is in front of you. You can copy the same layers and Paste on the side and change the color to purple.
  10. Watch the video tutorial to view all steps from start to end.

Final Words:

I always welcome your suggestions and views to improve my tutorials. You can also share your views regarding this post and especially your version of the glowing neon effect. It will be my pleasure to post your submission to my Pinterest to share traffic with your website. Also, let me know if you have any other requirement then you can share with me and I will prepare tutorial accordingly.

Thanks for watching!

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