If you are learning how to create a logo in illustrator step by step then this tutorial is for you. By watching this video you can learn logo design techniques to create professional logos or get the idea to create a custom business logo design. Logo design tutorials can be helpful for beginners to polish design skills.

In graphic design, logo design is the more diverse and creative field that you can also choose to build professional logo design for different businesses or companies. As a matter of fact, every startup needs brand identity and logo is the first one to represent the business. So, if you are learning logo design techniques or pursuing your career in logo design then you may have a look in this tutorial to know the basics.

How to Create a Logo in Illustrator Step by Step

In this tutorial, I created professional 3d looking Camera lens logo that can also be ideal for photographers, photography bloggers, new startups, Lightroom or related. The overall design is simple but creative at the same time. By watching this video tutorial you can learn how to create a logo in adobe illustrator step by step.

Tool used: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Watch Duration: 13:01
Level: Basic – Mid

Download Project File: Click Here!

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You can also share your comments and logo design request if you are looking forward to getting any specific logo design tutorials. I will try to make a tutorial on the basis of people demand. You can also share your design suggestions in the comment section.

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