Today, I am sharing an easy way to create grunge brush in adobe illustrator. It’s a vector graphics tutorial showing you all the steps to create paint brush effect in your creatives.

Grunge texture or grunge effect is the messy look in your design that gives a feeling that something in form of scattered particles or in small pieces lies in random positions. It’s a trendy and creative way to add these type of design in your illustration. You can also consider this as splatter brush effect like the paint brush that you can use in your graphics and use the technique to add in your graphics.

On the internet, you can find various places where you can find premade grunge brushes but here in this tutorial, I am showing you step by step to create your own grunge brush with creativity.

Grunge brushes in the illustration can be created in a variety of ways that depends upon grunge look and requirements. I use the simple and easy technique that you can easily adapt to create your own grunge brush with creativity.

The grunge brush created in this video tutorial is 100% vector created in adobe illustrator CS6. The color mode is CMYK with the high print compatible resolution that you can easily use for print and web creatives.

Watch Video Tutorial – Grunge Brush Illustrator

Watch time: 7:55
Tool Used: Adobe Illustrator CS6

Download Project File: Click Here

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Step by Step Points to Create Grunge Brush

You can follow video tutorial and also follow manual points to create your own grunge brush in illustrator.

  1. Create Ellipse in oval style using shape tool.
  2. Turn off the fill color and make the stroke color to black.
  3. By using Knife tool, you can badly chop the oval. Place lines in like you create small squares in the oval. For the better view, watch the video tutorial.
  4. Select the overall shape and make the stroke thinner just by adjusting stroke weight to 0.5 pt.
  5. Go to Window – Align.
  6. Use Align tool, Make the horizontal Distribute Center.
  7. Select each layer and go to, Effect – Distort & Transform – Roughen.
  8. Adjust settings: Size – relative 24%, Details: 25/inch – corner (Mark check on Preview so you can see the changes).
  9. Now select each and everything together and go to, Effect – Distort & Transform – Transform and make transform adjustment. You can see the details at 3:11 in the video tutorial.
  10. Transform Settings: Scale: Horizontal & Vertical = 0%, Move: Horizontal =-92px  Vertical = 72px, Angle: 42 degrees, Option: Random, Choose Middle Point and Copy: 1
  11. Press Ok to Transform settings
  12. Now select again and go to, Window – Brushes.
  13. Drag the shape to brushes window to create art brush.
  14. Now choose colorization method – Tints and Shades
  15. Press Ok
  16. Use Paint brush tool to draw Grunge brush. You brush is ready!
  17. Now you can expand the shape to add different colors to your brush.
  18. For an easy view, you can follow the video tutorial. Simple and easy tutorial to add grunge brush in illustrator.

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