If you are thinking to start your website in near future then it’s recommended to look best web hosting services around you. So many hosting providers are available in the market but only a few companies have remarkable services credentials. It’s essential for you to review their feedback and testimonials before becoming the customer.

Today, I am discussing the criteria to wisely choose the best web hosting services provider that will never suck if you follow the below lines.

Here, I am giving you guideline that will aware you to look what should be included in a good host service package.


Tips to Check Best Web Hosting Services

If you are a beginner and first time starting your blog or website then these tips will be important for you to move forward. Be remember, hosting is the main foundation of your website where your website files will live so it needs to follow the standard and recommended criteria of performance, security, and 24×7 live support.

Let’s delve into it!

1) Check Hosting Server Uptime Stats

First and foremost advice is to check hosting server uptime statistics – It’s recommended to choose 24×7 operating web hosting server. Hosting downtime is terrible for your growing business. It needs to be live with 100% performance.

But the question is, how would you check the server uptime if you are not a customer?

Yes, it a genuine question but you can check out hosting company reviews just by google the hosting company. You also have an option to check the status of web host using server monitor tools. Some companies allow free monitoring tool on trial basis.

Be remember, site performance is important so you can’t ignore if your website gets down even for a minute as you can lose your visitors and Google also preferred to rank high-performance websites so this is important.

If you are in a list of customers experiencing bad server performance then you still have the option to migrate. Don’t waste your time and move to quality and reliable service provider to grow your business.

2) Compare Signup and Renewal Cost

Many hosting services offer cheap prices to signup but renewal cost becomes high so be cautious to select your service. Don’t follow the cheap, follow quality of service in an economical range. Several deals and coupons are available to get free or low-cost services so make your decision wisely. I am not going into the details of pricing as it varies and depending on customer requirements but I suggest

I am not going into the details of pricing as it varies and depending on customer requirements but I suggest you go for economical and never put your hands in cheap service as it will not help you to grow your business with a diverse option.

Check out complete specifications before purchasing the service package also review signup and renewal cost to get rid with hidden cost

Also, check refund policy and money back guarantee option if you select standard hosting packages.

3) User-Friendly Cpanel With Better Services

Hosting control panel or Cpanel is the website management tool that should be functional, centralize and easy to use with a single click. Your Cpanel or Plesk should be user-friendly and easily allow to make updates and modifications.

Best web hosting service provider facilitate their customers with an easy going interface of the control panel to make changes as per the needs without dealing with technical support. It saves time and keeps safe to waste time to find related stuff. Some companies make it easy by showing video tutorials.

4) Website Backup & Restore Services

Backup services from hosting site are bliss in the case of any disaster. Good web hosting services provide complete backup services to deal with any problem. You can easily restore your website just by talking with technical support.

So it’s recommended to check out backup services from host site when choosing your hosting provider. It will keep you safe from potential hazard and issues. Also look into backup durations to keep updated with last changes. If you are not sure about it then talk with about it with technical support before purchase.

5) 24×7 Technical Support

A good web host provides Live chat options to get technical support. It’s recommended to check this option as you can call or get technical assistance in case of any issue. They not only help you out but also fix the issue related to hosting site.

6) Neglect Disk Space and Data Transfer Capacity

If you are new to become a hosting customer then you can neglect this feature as it’s too technical for beginners and this option more to grab customer interaction. Normally, shared hosting service package offer unlimited storage and data transfers but I prefer to look into bandwidth as you will upload pictures on your website that takes big space. Most people recommend to upload pictures on 3rd party tool but it’s only recommended for heavy duty files and pictures and videos otherwise it will affect the SEO of your website. I prefer to add wisely add content to the website without hurting the SEO. Currently, the shared hosting package includes unmetered bandwidth. So you can go with this.


7) Multiple Add-Ons

With cheap domain names proliferating in the market, owning several domains can be easy. According to a recent survey conducted by Web Hosting Talk, 80% of respondents own more than 5 domains and 20% own over 50.

In order to accommodate additional domains, you will require additional hosting space. Thus, you need to look for a provider that allows multiple domains. However, you need to check the domain capacity before buying a hosting plan.

8) Domain Email Options

Domain based email – [email protected] is important for any new business or website to present your business identity in a professional manner. So if you are going to start a website then you need to look in this feature more accurately. Like; how many email addresses can you register? Some hosting providers provide 100 email addresses in hosting service basic package. like; Godaddy but doesn’t allow to take the manual backup of email without moving the account to workspace. While other companies like Justhost offer 5 email addresses in basic package with the complete authority to take manual backup.

Check this option and make a decision as per your need. Otherwise, you have an option to create a domain based email address using Gmail. Melyssa Griffin wrote an article about it. Let’s have a look into it!

9) Scalability Option

Scalability is important to review as it provides an ability to rapidly scale your website as your target audience grows and the resilience to manage sudden bursts of high traffic or load. When we talk about scaling then we have to understand that whether the hosting provider will scale the website or not. Most people say to start after getting traffic we think about site migration. Migrating website to new architecture can be slow and dangerous and may result in downtime. Different types of hosting can have an impact on many things, including the ease and risk associated with scaling, which is why it’s important to understand the differences between the different types of hosting. Here, I prefer WordPress hosting as it easy, fast, secure and scalable.

10) Customer Reviews and Market Reputation

Yes, customer reviews and hosting performance test can easily find out by google keywords. Every web host provider has some pros and cons but the customer always tells truth and best practice of using specific hosting package or service. For this, you can have a look on it. Last month, I wrote an article about best hosting service so you may have a look on it might be it can help you to find the best as per your budget and requirements.

You can also review below hosting providers as they provide quality services in economical packages.

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