Here, you can find simple and easy tips to use Pinterest search for content seo. It’s a great way to find relevant keywords for the content that will help to improve website traffic through pins.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful tool that marketers recommend to use to get discovered from Pinterest search. In fact, not only support to find your content or pins from Pinterest search but also help to get visible on google search due to pinning mechanism. It’s a photo-based social media platform that basically supports infographics. The platform has been used by more than 70 million people and the worth is more than $11 billion. It’s a photo-based social network that uniquely supports infographics. Currently, it becomes the hottest trend and people are using Pinterest to market their business as it shows potential to viral the content that can eventually improve sales and revenue.

Today, we are giving you some effective tips that can vital for you to boost your business by getting discover from the Pinterest search engine.

Below tips basically based on best practices so you can use it accordingly to improve your content pinning.

1) Write Keyword Based Compelling Profile

Pinterest Profile is important as it directly relates your presence on the Pinterest search engine. Your business should include the business name along with the combination of the keywords.


I create content for digital marketing, creatives, and bloggers, so my Pinterest name says, “Digital Marketing | Creative Design | Blogging Tips”.

So you can see that my name content based on keywords so it will help me to get visible on search if someone related target the similar keyword in search engine. Also helping people to know about me when they come to visit my account in a first glance.

I also recommend my clients and customers to use keywords in profile name so people knew about you and you become visible in Pinterest search.

Along with this, it’s necessary to use compelling business descriptions by using targeted keywords.

2) Confirm Your Website

It’s important to verify or confirm your website to become a trusted member of Pinterest community. It will improve your account authority in Pinterest search to get visible to your target audience. Verified Pinterest accounts have more authority in Pinterest search. You can simply follow the Pinterest link to get instructions to confirm your website.

3) Create Keyword based Boards

In Pinterest, you have to be careful about the SEO means ‘search engine optimization’ as Pinterest search algorithm behave in the same way as the Google search.

Pinterest boards basically represent categories to professionally organize the content in the group. For instance; you have a home interior blog so your board name should relate the category name of your blog. Don’t forget to use keyword-based board names as it will help to grow your followers and to get visible from search.

Create boards that relate to your audience and their interest. People will not pin or follow unnecessary content so be focused on your content quality when creating board pins.

As a best practice, at least use 20-30 boards and every board should have more than 100 pins. 

Make sure the pins should not be redundant.

Be remember, quality content, focus keywords and attractive pictures can easily grow your pinterest followers.

Also, Add Keywords in Pinterest Board descriptions

I saw many people work hard on board to pin quality product but they ignore board descriptions.

Keep eye on it! as it’s necessary to boost your pinning effort to add keyword based descriptions in every board that you create.

Pack Your Board Cover With Engaging Picture

Yes, it’s important to add a quality picture in every board cover to engage your followers and target audience. An art of placing branded cover pictures also create value and makes your distinguished among others. It takes time to design individual cover with matched branding but it worth it in long run.

4) Focus on Pinning Other Pins

If you are thinking to avoid pinning other’s pin then I must say you are losing the opportunity to get noticed in Pinterest world. It has been noted that up to 80% of the pins you see on Pinterest are repins. If you want others to be engaged with you, you should set the tone for them. The more active and engaged you are, the more active and engaged your followers will be. Plus by pinning your own content you are increasing the odds of getting your content re-pinned, which accounts for about 80% of activity on Pinterest.

5) Avoid HashTags

I personally feel the Pinterest pinning mechanism is strong enough to deal with keywords. You should not use the hash tags as you do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s a myth and many marketers believe that by inserting # in their description will pop up the pin in the search result.

Best recommendation is to not use a hashtag in board and account descriptions. Hashtag might take people away from your pin. How? because when people click on hash-tags, Pinterest search shows a variety of result as it doesn’t target the main keyword in search result so people can switch from your page to others. So conclusively, the wise practice is to avoid hashtag in Pinterest.

6) Add Pin Button in Your website

It’s recommended to organically improve your content pinning by adding pin button in blog post pictures. People love to pin from outside as it creates influence on pinning. In Pinterest, as much you pin unique content your pins will be visible and you get more following.

7) Use Vertical Images on Website

The best attribute of Pinterest as it allows to use vertical images mostly supports to Infographic based images. I personally love this concept. You can create picture collage here by using Pic Monkey. Log onto PicMonkey and pick Collage.  You will then pick the photos you will use in your collage, by uploading them.

If you use professional graphics software then you can easily do this by your own.

Watch Video – How to Design Beautiful Pinterest Friendly Pins 

8) Focus on Like-Minded Content to Get Visible in Pinterest Search

‘Content is the king’ I must say! Always focus on related, keyword based and quality content to show your audience. Irrelevant and non-focused content will be non-rewarded.

9) Collaborate Through Rich Pins

It’s recommended to use rich pins that’s a specialized type of Pinterest pin enable you to get explore on Pinterest search. Rich pins include some additional information along with the pins that resemble with the idea of rich snippets.


Currently, there are five types of rich pins:

  1. Place Pin: help Pinners save stories that matter to them.
  2. Recipe: get cooks excited with all the right info: ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes.
  3. Movie: Great for film buffs, these Rich Pins show more details about the movies you pin
  4. Product: They include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product.
  5. App: show an install button so people can download your app without leaving Pinterest.

Melyssa Griffin wrote simple and easy steps to enable rich pins that you can easily follow to enable rich pins for your website. Here, you can follow the post to enable rich pins. Click here…

10) Take Help with Pinterest Advertising to Grow Business

Now you can easily advertise on Pinterest by joining Pinterest advertising and promote your pins, it’s a paid advertising program for businesses. You can take more details about Pinterest advertising by clicking here.

By using Pinterest promote option you can target your audience to get more traffic on your website also it will help to improve Pinterest followers.

Although the Pinterest pins create more engagement and improve your traffic but promoted pin option helps to build targeted traffic with more conversion.

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