Website design and branding is the main thing that will create a big impact on online business success. So, if you are looking to design your own website then you must note down these highly demanding website design tips before starting.

website design tipsAccording to the contemporary standards and trends, minimalistic approach is the best way to keep your website live. It will intact your audience for the long run.

Have you ever imagine, the website you like most in terms of their branding, content and user-friendly behavior you visit most. Yes, 80% people do this… 

So if you are going to design your own website by you or through website designer or developer then you must talk about these things before starting the project. As it’s a high time to highlight all these things when you are building a foundation.

I am designing a website for a very long time and my web design best practices encourage me to write this post to share with you the most highlighted points that should not be ignored at any cost.

Let’s delve into website design tips to design your website…

Priority Based Website Design Tips to Design Your Website

These tips are important to consider when you start your website design as it will help you to get rid of problems that can arise in long run. I tried to list them on a priority basis that might help you to move in a step.

1)   Wisely Choose Website Platform

Before start designing you have to choose your website platform as it’s an important step to keep your website content in a place. It will be a foundation of your website so try to make it stronger that can easily bear huge traffic without prompting error and other issues.

Before choosing the platform, you have to know about your website content like if you want to sell product and interested to make a website like a ‘marketplace’ thenMagento is the best one otherwise you can go for the platform based on content management system like “WordPress.

2)  Don’t Compromise on Web Hosting

Another step is to go for trusted and reliable hosting service provider that will keep you live without any outage and intermittency. It’s very important and I will recommend you to don’t compromise on hosting as it’s the main foundation of your website where your all the website files will reside. Make sure to check about hosting servers, backup services, and other related details.

There are so many hosting services providers ina market who are claiming and selling their services at low prices but once you grab in that you will feel unlucky due to problem and issues. So to avoid those issue, you have to choose a best hosting company for your website.

If you are starting a business website, or interested to start your own blog then BlueHost web hosting plans would be helpful for you.

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3)  Invest in Website Theme

Another and most important part of website design is the website theme. You have to use professional website theme that designed and developed according to web standards. It needs to be responsive, user-friendly and well coded to avoid issues. There is some 3rd party theme design companies in the market selling web themes so you can read their reviews and choose your theme as per your requirements.

Website theme has a great impact on your website. If it’s poorly designed then your all effort will be unrewarded as you can’t move with that. So better to make the decision to invest in theme as well if you are not a developer.

4) Create Your Brand Identity

Developing a website means you are making your business identity as professional or as a company so it need to reflect as a brand. Focus to include all the ingredients that require marking an online identity as a brand.

Professional logo design and theme branding matched with logo design will define you as professional. Along with this, your content is more important like how do you manage your content to enhance your brand value.

5) Choose Powerful Colors

Colors basically give a psychological impact on your brand so choose your color wise based on your brand type. Inappropriate colors can damage brand values.

6) Organize Your Content

Content management and organization is another step in your website design. You have to be careful in this part. As well know, on Internet everything is connected to content and content is the king. So your content needs to properly optimized according to crawler requirements. Along with this, content needs to be well defined and organized in menus, navigations, in sidebars, and within the post. Organized content will help the user to find the content easily in a well-defined way.

7) Avoid Flash Content

Flash content like sliders and animation basically takes so much space and return no value to get organic traffic so try to avoid that and go for images in place of animated content. You can check this article from a fellow blogger who wonderfully described why do you need to avoid Flash on your website.

8) Focus on User-Friendly Content

User-friendly content is the main thing on your website. It will boost your website organically on search engines. SEO driven content will find your target audience to get connect with you. For this, you have to place organic content in your website to get organic traffic from search.

Final Words:

There are so many other things that need to include in website design tips but I tried to list out 8 important and priority based website design tips that will help you to grow by avoiding problem and issues.

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