It seems like a good idea to buy email list to grow business. But, if you are thinking same then please stop as buying an “email list” can bring damage to your business and it’s never recommended by email marketing experts or specialist.

Recently, one of my old business client told me that one of his friend has so many email addresses and want to sell that list to potential buyers. It was a great idea for him and he is looking keen to go with that list.

As a service provider, it is my responsibility to guide my clients and customers to avoid such things as it never is a good investment for them. It’s better to invest that money to bring organic email addresses through proper optin method.

So, I thought to write this blog post to aware people that how bad it could be if you use 3rd party email addresses to grow your business. To be very honest, email marketing is the best way to grow business but you can’t rely on someone’s data due to below-mentioned reasons.

Why You Should Not ‘Buy Email List’

Business matures when you deal with the like-minded audience or business, So, if some companies are claiming to grow your business through their emails by using their own list then it’s dream… I must say!

Email conversions and engagements come up when you deal it in an organic way like collecting emails from targeted sources or through email optins.

In a real-time, many companies are selling email list on heavy prices and people are diverted to buy them as they think it’s a lucrative opportunity to reach the target people.

buy email list

Potential Reason That will STOP You to Buy Email List

As a matter of fact, email marketing brings potential results to grow the business and everybody knew about it so people what the harm if we buy an email list. So, here I am telling you to just stop as it’s not going to make an impact on your revenue rather will effect on business reputation.

Let’s understand with an example; If a company is selling hundred thousand of email addresses that collected from a random source that’s not targeted to the business niche then how do you find your business in that. So, here I list out potential reasons that will stop investing in such list:

1) How Email has been Collected

First and foremost thing to consider is how the email has bee collected on that list.

Here are my concerns:

  • emails are natural
  • what is the belonging of recipients
  • what would be the quality of the emails
  • All emails are verified.
  • Emails are from trusted sources

Above are the authority questions that will improve your trust on that list. If companies are also providing relevant data of above questions then you can look into that otherwise don’t move forward with the list.

2) How Email Will Target Your Business

My main concern to highlight this question is to know about the relevance and reliability of email recipients related to your business. Like the list is targeting your target audience. For example; you are providing ‘rent a car service’ in ‘Newyork’ city and the list is carrying data of worldwide people who have nothing to do with renting a car in ‘Newyork’ so the list is useless if it’s carrying real email addresses.

3) Bounce Rate will be High

According to the people experience, these type of list marked as ‘high bounce rate’ which is also not good for efficient email marketing service. A good email marketing service always focuses on low bounce rate so the people can get more engagements, conversion and targeted leads.

4) How Would you Filter Your Audience from the List

This question related with question 2 “how emails will target your business”. To be very honest to filter these type of details email data need to substantial if it’s not then you are not able to track related people on that list.

5) 90% Email lists are Generic

Normally these email collected on the generic basis there is no niche included in that list. Might be there is some regional control in those lists but people interest and surrounding will not be included in the list. Bad thing is that many people are using the same list.

6) Black Listed Emails can Damage Business

There are many emails and IP’s are blacklisted so it’s not easily verifiable which email is blacklisted without using sophisticated software. Spam and junk email also create a big impact on mail delivery system.

7) List Sells out Multiple Times

One of the dark side of these ’email list’ as they sold to multiple people in a different time frame. So most of the emails come under the spamming category.

8) Email Delivered to Non-Actionable People

Normally, email delivered to quiet people who don’t make any engagement. The reason they are receiving so many emails because the email distributed to many people so it’s not possible to make real engagements

9) Email Service Provider can Suspend Account

Another side of these type of email list can do it will make your account suspicious in front of email service provider due to spam marking. If you are using Aweber, MailChimp or other email service platforms then they restrict to send these email or might be your account suspend due to the legal service agreement.

How to Create Organic Email List To Get Real Subscribers

As you already know that buying an email list will not benefit you in the long run so it’s a good idea to create an organic email list that will grow your business with 100% ‘REAL’ subscribers related with your niche.

To create an email list, you have to focus on following steps:

  1. Choose email service provider who will send emails on your behalfs like Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact.
  2. Next, you have to set up your account there and create a list along with subscriber form to integrate into your website.
  3. Now add the subscriber form to your website.

In this way, you will get real subscriber who wants to take interest in your business and as you have your own subscribers you can create lead generating and cost converting email campaigns to boost business.

Please note that this page contains affiliate links that pay sale commission on the purchase. I only link to products that I personally use and trust. Thank you for your support and understanding.