Designing a logo is the most creative job that logo designer does by placing the required business concept on the place. Business initials in logo design are so common that most of the business owner wants to have. Initials logo design basically provide interactivity in design by placing first letters of the business name. It could be an abbreviation or might be the first two letters of the business name. Today, I am going to share some initials logo design techniques and ways that you can use to design your business logo. If you are a beginner and learning “how to design logos” then this post is for you as you can learn the basic concepts of initials logo design and keep the designing unique.

Points to Consider when Designing Initials Logo Design

When you design initials logo concept then make sure to consider below points:

  • Letters should be readable even if you are applying the concept.
  • Letter layers should be designed with proper layout and should not intermingle the concept.
  • Make sure to design with proper mathematics. Use guide and rules for this.
  • Letters layers should be proportionally designed in a proper order.
  • As a best practice, make a raw design before converting into the vector.
  • Layers combination should be clean and concise.
  • Take care of broken layers.
  • Convert the design into outline before creating the final file.

Here is the link of some good and conceptual initials Logo Design on Pinterest

Example to Watch “Initials Logo Design”

I recently designed the initials logo for a business group starting with the letter J and P. Basically the business concept based on the simple and minimalist theme so I tried to connect J&P by adding some variation in design. In below video, I captured one of the concept of logo design process to share with my audience.

Here are the steps that you can note down to design the similar concept:

  1. Using Text layer, write letters. I wrote JP using Lucida Console font
  2. Convert letters into outline
  3. Reduce the gap between letters using backspace or through the mouse.
  4. Now change the color of both letters
  5. Draw a simple stripe using the Pen tool. (You can see the stripe design in video)
  6. Rotate the stripe with 30-45 degree angle.
  7. Place the stripe in the middle of J and P
  8. Select all layers together.
  9. Go to Pathfinder and click the Divide option. ( You can find Pathfinder under Window in top menu).
  10. Now select the downside of J and P and move down with the ‘down’ arrow key.
  11. In the same way, add some lift at the upper part of JP by selecting the layers. (Watch video for better view)
  12. Now Join the middle part of the stripe by selecting the layer using Pathfinder
  13. And now you are almost done with the design of initials.
  14. Move to add business name and tagline.

Here is the video to watch all the steps: 

Watch time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

Download: Project File – Initial logo design

You can design your logo in a variety of ways as per the business concept. It’s all about adding creativity in design to show the business concepts in a unique way. You can also share with me if you would like to share your logo concepts and anything that can informational for me and my audience.

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