Adobe Illustrator is the great tool to design vector graphics in creative ways. I love to work on Adobe Illustrator for all my graphics work. In this tutorial, I want to share the basic techniques to design folder letters logo design to my readers. For this, I recently uploaded a video on Youtube to share best and easy technique to design folded letter N.

Letters can be designed in a variety of ways but my objective to share folded letters technique in a more simplified way. Basically, folded letters are all about creating folded illusion using shapes and integrating anchor points.So let’s start the logo design process and have a look in video tutorial to have a quick look at all steps.

Steps to follow for folded letters logo design

Here are the points that you need to focus when designing folded letters look.

  • Create a vertical rectangle using ‘shape tool’ or press M.
  • Press A to intact direct selection tool.
  • Click on bottom left anchor point and drag it to left to create a slider look.
  • In the same way, click on top right anchor point and drag horizontally to right to create proper slider look.
  • Now you have slider rectangle.
  • Next, press control C and Control F to copy the rectangle on same place.
  • Move the copied rectangle to the right side.
  • Using the same technique and create another copy of rectangle and place on the right side.
  • Now you have 3 consecutive slider rectangle.
  • Click the middle rectangle and transform to reflect horizontally.
  • Now align the middle rectangle to the top left of the 1st rectangle.
  • To make perfect look on letter N, aligned and drag to the right side for proper angling.
  • Now connect the 3rd rectangle to middle rectangle by aligning from bottom anchor points.
  • Bring the middle rectangle to front. By going transform and arrange to bring front.
  • Now add colors to create the folded look.
  • Add the same color to 1 and 3 rectangle
  • Add a different color to middle rectangle.
  • Now you are done! You have folded letter N logo design in front of you.

Here is the video to watch all the steps: 

Watch time: 3 minutes 17 seconds

Download: Project File – Letters logo design

This tutorial is recommended for beginners who want to learn basic technique to design. If you have some better idea to design folded illusion then you can share with me. I will add your post on my website and also pin it promote your work. You can also watch my youtube channel to get more ideas and basic techniques to design concepts.

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