Tree Illustration Vector (Video): Here is a quick and easy adobe illustrator video tutorial for beginners looking at how to make leaf brush to create a tree within 5 minutes. Very simple and easy to follow steps and make a tree to add in your branding projects.

In this tutorial, first, we will create a leaf brush that will help to drag leaves around the tree. Simple quick and easy way to do using the brush. For this, we will create 2 types of brush one with stripe and other without stripe.

In the next phase, we will pack the tree with brush leaves. It’s a fun part of this design. If you are doing this first time you will surely enjoy this step. I personally loved it.

Leaf Tree Illustration - How to Make Leaf Brush - Illustrator Tutorials

Instant Download: Vector Tree Illustration (PNG) – Transparent File

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Vector Leaf Illustration Video (Step by Step)

Quick and easy way to work on vector tree illustration.

Let’s delve into it.

Format: AI 
Illustrator Version: CS6
Resolution: 300 PPI
Color Mode: CMYK

How to Make Leaf Brush and Vector Tree (Step by Step)

  1. Open new file in Adobe illustrator.
  2. Set the artboard.
  3. Now create a background layer using the rectangle from the shape tool.
  4. Used white-gray background color.
  5. Press Ctrl 2 to lock the layer.

Make a Leaf Illustration:

  1. Choose the ellipse tool from the shape section and drag a small oval on artboard.
  2. Keep it black in color without a stroke.
  3. Select the oval.
  4. Now go to Pen tool and choose Convert ‘Anchor point tool’ option.
  5. Click on both edges of the oval to make it pointed and sharp.
  6. Now it will show the structure of leaf.
  7. Take a copy of this and keep on the side.
  8. Now using pen tool, create a curved stripe and keep it at the middle of first leaf at the bottom edge.
  9. Select leaf and strip together and go to Window – Path Finder.
  10. Select Subtract option. It will show the striped leaf structure.
  11. Click on another leaf and make it longer and slim.
  12. Now both leaves are ready to go to brush library.

Let’s Make Leaf Brush:

  1. Now go to Window and choose Brush or Press F5 to open brush window.
  2. Drag the first leaf in brush library to create Art Brush.
  3. Check the settings from the video and click ok.
  4. Use the same setting and create another brush.
  5. Now remove leaf from artboard as it’s been added to brush library.

Let’s Make Tree Branches:

  1. To make tree branches, select leaf without strip from the brush library and using the paintbrush tool with minimum stroker size draw random branches as showing in the video.
  2. Now select all branches and go to Object – Expand Appearance.
  3. Group all the layers.
  4. Change the color to brown.

Let’s Draw the Leaves:

  1. Pick the Brush option from the tool section.
  2. Select striped leaf from brush library.
  3. Properly set the stroke size to make the perfect leaf.
  4. Now drag leaf on branches as showing in the video.
  5. Pack the tree with striped leaf
  6. Now repeat the same method and drag the nonstriped leaf on tree.
  7. Make smaller, bigger and longer tree to create a complete tree structure.

Let’s Color the Leaves:

  1. Now select each and everything together and go to Object – Expand Appearance.
  2. Change the color by choosing the default gradient.
  3. Open Gradient Window (press Ctrl F9)
  4. Now add color shades of light green, yellow and dark green.
  5. Select everything and use the blend option to make a smooth look of tree.
  6. Now the tree is ready to save and import.

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5 Key Points to Drag Perfect Leaves on Tree

It’s important to understand the hand formation while dragging your leaves on branches. Here I am sharing some key points based on my best practices.

  1. Try to drag leaves with different stroke sizes.
  2. Choose the best stroke size to place on the leaf.
  3. Hand formation is important.
  4. Drag in a straight line and with the curve to show different angling of leaf.
  5. By using different hand angles, you can make a leaf with a different look that will make a realistic tree structure.

So guys, it’s is easy to make vector tree illustration in adobe illustrator. You can make your own tree within 5 minutes. If you are a beginner or making tree first time then try again and again to be the best.

Happy Designing and Happy Watching!

Tree Illustration Vector - How to Make Leaf Brush - Illustrator Tutorials
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Tree Illustration Vector - How to Make Leaf Brush - Illustrator Tutorials
Step by step tree illustration vector video. How to make leaf brush in adobe illustrator then watch illustrator tutorial video to create tree in 5 mins..