How Much Does a Logo Design Cost in 2019 – 2020: If you are going to take a logo for your business then you must be interested to know about the genuine logo cost of professional logo design.

Before going into the details, I’d like to share my last post “What makes a good logo” for a business. I am telling this because of my emphasis on good logo design and their related cost.

Many people ask me this question of why the logo design cost varies in different places like some designer charges are so high, some companies packages are unaffordable while on the other hand, some designer and companies quotes are so low.

So, how to decide?

What would be the difference?

And how to make the decision to go for a logo design company.

Here, I will share all the possibilities and different factors that come under design and rates.

So be with me to choose the Best

First, we have to understand,

Why Logo Design Cost is Important?

As you know, professional logo design is one of the most important part of any business success that can multiply the ROI and improve brand credibility in no time.

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If you are starting a business with big investment and your brand logo is boring, confusing and non-professional then you can imagine how the people will take your brand. It will be a total waste of money as people engagements will not come up as per the expectation.

So, investment in logo design will improve your brand worth.

Designing a professional logo is an iterative job that connects values and standards in one design. It involves competitive research, prototyping, sketching, and several other design-related skills that can performed by professional logo designers.

10 Years back, when I started logo design as business it was not easy for me to convince people that logo design is a tricky job. Many people who came to me for design were not sure about their design and even doesn’t know about design requirements. They only want to get a “good looking logo” design.

Make Familiar with Technical Part of Logo Design

When we talk about professional logo designing, it involves technical designing like:

  • How the design will Form,
  • How it will Execute,
  • and how the design part will make the brand “Brandable”

Let me tell you, many people from small businesses come to me and ask to convert their logo into a vector because they don’t have vector files. During conversion, I can see so many loops in design that are not professionally designed so it’s important for every entrepreneur to understand how logo design is important.

Here is the brief Checklist to verify when you receive your logo design:

  • It should be Vector
  • Must be 300 PPI
  • Code Mode should be CMYK
  • You should have all the Logo File Formats
  • Ask about Color Codes
  • Must know about the Fonts

In this way, you will get the complete logo kit to work professionally for web and print medium. A professional logo designer or company will give you a logo kit.

Here, I am giving you some logo design options that you can according to your budget and requirements.

Option 1: How to Design LOGO in $0

Yes, this is the way that will require effort and hard work to design your logo without investing money but you will invest your time and effort to get it.

If you are operating a business in a limited resource then this option is good for you to consider.

I am giving your step by step process to start it:

  1. Brainstorm your concept
  2. Write down your design requirements
  3. Here is the logo design questionnaire to make a note
  4. Sketch the design on paper
  5. Scan the design
  6. Download Adobe Illustrator (Try 7 days trial version on Adobe site)
  7. Import the scan designs
  8. Otherwise, you can simply create a typography logo.
  9. Here is a tutorial: How to Create Your Own Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator
  10. Start creating your logo design
  11. Save it in all file formats.
  12. And, you can go to publish it now

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2) Take Premade Logo Design ($50 – $200)

If you are working on a limited budget and want to get logo design without hassle for your business then the best option is to get premade logo design with the customized features. It will cost you around $50 to $200 and you will get your logo with your business name and tagline.

If you are taking premade logo design then make sure the design should not be based on clipart and silhouette. There are many premade logo design sites that offer custom premade logos uniquely designed for businesses. In this way, your premade logo design will be unique with your details.

Etsy logo design shops are the cheapest that you can try.

You can also try a logo design template but you have to customize it yourself as per your need or ask with a designer to customize it for you.

Creative Market and Graphic River are the best sites to get logo template.

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3)  Take Logo from Freelance / Crowdsourced Sites ($25 – $1000)

Easy way to get budget logos from freelancing sites. For this you just need to post your design requirements to these sites and freelancers will give the bid according to your requirements. You can select the best option in the submitted bid to assign a project to a specific freelancer.

In this way, you can get your logo design as per your need.

Here are some freelancing sites that you can approach:

In the same way, you can get a logo from crowdsourcing sites.

  • 99 design: Here you can directly work with the designer or start a contest to get the best logo
  • Design Crowd: it’s a contest site. You can share your design requirements and start a contest to receive the design from designers. You can choose the best one for your business.

4) Work with Professional Logo Designer ($200 – $5000)

It’s the best idea to directly work with a professional designer to get your logo done. In this way, you can share all your design requirements in detail to get your logo and the designer will directly communicate with you about the technical details related to design. The designer will dedicate work on your project from sketch to final design so you will be with him/her in case of any query. In the future, if you need any customization in design or you want to revamp then you can also ask.

Benefits of working directly with the designer:

  • You will be connected to do open communication.
  • The designer can share technical details with you.
  • A dedicated designer will give you a competitive design.
  • The designer will keep you in a loop throughout the logo design process.
  • You can get multiple revisions to your design.
  • Drive your design until you get your desired design.

5) Work with Logo Design Company ($5000 – $10000)

Another option to work with a logo design company ranging from $5000 – $10000. Cost is just an estimation here as big companies are charging more than this. Why are they charging more? because of having a team of professional designers who dedicatedly work on your project and give you different mockups based on your design requirement. They will not only give the logo design but also give you a complete branding kit along with the logo.

This option is valid if you want a logo for a big enterprise company.


Logo Design Cost Idea To Pick the Best

So, in conclusion here is the logo design cost idea. You can pick the option as per your budget and feasibility. Most recommended for small businesses is to get a professional logo complying with technical details and standards.

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