Here are some effective online marketing techniques that can easily use to improve your business ROI (Return on Investment). The way you present your business is important to grow on online channels especially to boost online sales. Many companies mostly in small business sector striving to create an online identity that can possibly generate potential leads.

Today, I am giving you a very simple but effective online marketing techniques plan that will help to market your business and create engagement with the potential visitors that can eventually become your client/customers.

This will help you to market your business and create engagement with the potential visitors that can eventually become your client/customers.

I love to move in an easy way so be relax and just focus on starting part like how to start?

Online Marketing Techniques not only help you to get results in improving SEO but also helps to increase online sales.

The first step is to look at the similar businesses which are getting market attention. You can learn more about them by analyzing their concepts and the way they present their identity. Invest your time to research similar businesses that might be your competitor and learn how to move forward.

Actually, this is the simple and easy way to keep moving to next step. Be remember, learn to devise your own strategy to build the business. Don’t imitate someone as it will hurt your business presence. Always be genuine in your concept. Start with inspiration and move the thing in your own way.

Take Step to Build a Business – Just by Appling Online Marketing Techniques

Let’s delve into it and have a look in few most contemporary online marketing techniques:

Start with Engaging Business Website to Capture Potential Traffic

I believe on this “First impression is the last impression”. On the internet what you Show, you Get.

As I am working as digital marketing consultant so many people come to me and say, we have an online shop with sufficient traffic but the sale is low. Actually what factors are contributing to low sales if you have good traffic? My reply is simple, start work on product branding and showcasing. As a best practice, people click on engaging content that attracts or you are working to create market demand.

What requires to create an engaging business website?

It’s a 2 step formula:

  1. Focus on website design (it should be simple, comprehensive and easy to understand for the target audience.
  2. SEO based Website Content (web content should be keyword based, easily understandable by target audience).

What Ingredients Need to Place for Good Website Design?

A well-designed website should communicate to your audience in an easy way. Through good design, you can easily engage them with your business. When we talk about good website design then we need to focus on few things:

  • Web technology that you are using to design your business concept.
  • Design structure should be Responsive and SEO-friendly.
  • Branding of a website should be on priority.
  • The quality of graphics is important to convey the message.
  • Placement of content should be accurate and concise.
  • It should be mobile compatible.

90% website converge results due to good website technical structure, design, and SEO based content so keep this mind when starting your own blog/website

Here is the one quick tip for you: If you want to start e-commerce website then link your online store to your business website/blog. It will generate fast sales turnout as you can start with Etsy, Amazon, Ebay. You can also embed some third part selling tools in your website like Woocommerce, Shopify, Selz, Gumroad.

I recently added shop feature on my website. So have a look how easy it is to find custom creative design services from the front interface.

Online Shop

Why Open Store at Third Party Online Selling Platform?

Because the third part already generated the traffic and you can just open your store to show your product to targeted audience. It will improve your sales and eventually the business revenue

Here is the example of Etsy shop:

Etsy shop custom logo design

Use SEO Based Content to Rank Your Site on Search Engine

Best Online marketing technique to converge traffic on your site to work on Search engine optimized SEO content. It will help to index your pages on search engine with improved rank.

What is SEO and How to Create SEO Optimized Content?

SEO optimized content is the targeted keyword based content that people use to search on the internet. These keywords help you rank your site on the search engine on the basis of competition. SEO content is the king of the internet. Whatever you placed on the internet sells according to the demand of content. Content should be targeted to your product niche or landing pages concept.

Here is the Example: I need website design service so I write on the search engine:

“I need website design service”. the search results will be like this:

 marketing techniques with SEO

SEO is the primary part when you deal with the content of your website. SEO copywriting is important. Neil Patel is the digital marketing guru he always recommends to his reader to go for keyword based content to improve search ranking. So focus on your keywords and keep them connected with your content in different pages through strategic link building.

Optimized content delivers results to drive your traffic to targeted product, service or landing page. It’s a great marketing technique to improve your business sales by getting potential online leads through the search engine.

Here are the free SEO tools to improve your SEO

Marketing Technique to Get Opt-in Subscriber

(Opt-in) Email list subscriber form is basically used to get email addresses of the visitor by giving them some incentive email. It’s a great tool for interaction with your readers and eventually the subscribers. As you share trustworthy and loyal content or service with your subscriber so they become your customer or client.

To create a good impact on your readers create a good opt-in position. It’s my best practice that I applied on several client websites. Focus on placing opt-in with some attractive offer that can attract the reader to subscribe. ‘Demand’ is important so keep looking what your reader wants to see on your website and you can offer them an ebook, online help, discount services or any other thing that can mature your business concept.

build email list

 Submit Your Business Website Link to Directories

Submit Your Business to local and global directories is always important to create trust on a search engine. Be cautious when you start your directory submission as there are various directories available as free but can harm your website credibility. Best practice is the research data on the search engine about their traffic, registered websites and related details. I recommend going with directory listing with PR 9 – PR5 as it can improve the search engine trust especially the Google.

Submit your business in local directory

Here are few trustworthy directories where you can easily list your business without hesitation:

Google Places | Yahoo! | Bing | Yelp | Foursquare | YellowPages

Get Viral with Engaging Videos

Most Trendy Technique to Grow Business across boundaries is to create viral videos for your business, product, services or for personal branding.

You can create videos and earn money on Youtube. Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook are also great tools for video marketing.

In videos, make sure the content and concept should be strong. Whatever the message you convey should engage your audience to take action. For example, LuxyHairs on Youtube is the most demanding channel for hair extension. Mimi sells hair extension by educating people through the live demo to use hair extensions in a diverse way.

top viral videos

Get Leads with PPC (Google Adwords Program)

Google AdWords is the great tool to advertise your product on Google search engine. It’s a place that visible on the right-hand side, the upper area of organic search and bottom of the organic search page. When people search for a specific keyword and the product ads comes on a search engine. If someone clicks on those ads then you pay the cost to Google otherwise no cost and your business will be visible in front of millions of people. It’s a cost-effective tool that you can use to add your ads on Google that will improve your online sales.

Hire Traffic Based Bloggers / Freelancers to Promote your Business

High traffic bloggers always encourage startups, promoting brands or other business to make partnership on the basis of incentive or commission. It will help to promote your business with instant traffic. You can ask the blogger to write the review about your product or service or you can post your own articles on their blog/website. Collaboration is always important to convey your message to masses. You can be partnering or collaborate with different people who post the same concept or work for people to market their business. Newsletter, podcast, webinars, blog post, collaborative marketing campaigns might help you to market your business.

Most Effective Online Marketing Techniques to Create Engagement through Social Media

Online marketing techniques related with social media can create instant results if you target the right audience. Social Media is the most recommend social tool to grab people attention. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin can take your business to next level if you target them with the right strategy.

Be creative when devising your social strategy. A Strong social strategy can viral your social presence. Take a look at contemporary trends and make your strategy to build your social presence. Go for content syndication as it will help to automate the process of auto posting on linked accounts.

  • Create effective keyword based content strategy to post your status and tweets.
  • Pinterest and GooglePlus are the great tools that can place your post links on Google Search engine. Keep focusing on these tools to get consistent traffic
  • On social media, people wants to ‘see’ rather read so make an infographic, visuals or something creative that can attract your audience.
  • Social media branding is the essential part. Your business page should communicate about your presence in a professional manner. Place company logo, conceptual header or cover to make it more identical with your website.
  • Complete the About pages to share about you/business.
  • Add social media follow buttons on your website to keep your readers connected and in same way place social sharing button to share your post, picture or content.
  • Make the conversation interactive. Reply to every query.

Add Sales Reviews to Enhance Trust and Credibility

Sales reviews, feedback, and testimonials always matter to take your product at next level. Before buying people always take interest in these words. It helps to gain customer satisfaction and to encourage your visitors to get the product.

Online marketing techniques vary with time, technology transformation and people demand. Here is the simple checklist to by Peep Laja – “How to boost website sales”, the complete checklist