Are you going to start your clothing business or interested to revamp the clothing brand name? Today, I am discussing “How to choose clothing brand names idea” for powerful business startup. Actually, getting a great Brand name for your business, product or service is always important to capture market attention. Conceptual and vision-oriented brand naming is the requirement of brand success. “Clothing” is the most demanding category in the business world. Many people belong to clothing business so the competition is tough to recognize your identity to build your brand. Brand management starts with cool and catchy brand name. An engaging brand name can take your business to next level in very little time.

As time moving the good names are out of reach. Now time to brainstorming the idea to create a catchy name based on business specifications.

Let’s delve to get some cool and catchy clothing Brand Names ideas.

Brand naming basically based on the concept that people want. If you are starting a clothing business then make sure which type of product that you are going to introduce.

Here are few questions that I always ask my clients:

  • What is your target market? (Global or Regional)
  • Demographics of your targeted product
  • Types of Product
  • Range of product
  • Brand for male, female, babies
  • Age of product like boys, men, women, girls, toddlers, kids, babies
  • Detailed information about company presence like the number of outlets, regional presence, global presence.
  • Who are your competitors?

Above information is required to get catchy, classy and professional business name that can brand your company within the industry.

Inspiration with  Top Clothing brand Names

If I research the market to find some “Top clothing brands” so I found these prestigious name ideas who are leading the market with their demanding products like; Nike, Levis, Gucci, Versace, Puma, Zara, Adidas. As you noticed all these names are single worded and 4, 5 to 6 characters long.

So if you are looking for conceptual clothing brand name within this category like 4 to 5 letters long as a single word so it’s tough to get in real time. One option is available to get premium brand names within the similar category to buy.

Let’s research more about top clothing brands: Now I found Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, True Religion, American Apparel. Now you can find that all these names based on double words and mostly names are branded with combinational keywords.  

Brand Naming of Maternity Clothing Line

Brief Case Study to find specialized clothing brand names

Before going into the details, review our way of creating brand names

Let’s take a case study of a designer client from Australia, Melbourne. She wants to start ‘maternity clothing line’ for Asian women living in Australia. Her target was to launch 5 outlets in different cities along with the presence of e-commerce portal for online sales. She wanted to get cool and catchy business name that can attract the pregnant women to wear her brand with style with inner satisfaction and confidence. She mentioned the product concept based on casual and flattering wear.

Working on this project, there were few creative brand names in mind that instantly comes up during project talk like:

  • Style Maternity,
  • Mommy Wear,
  • Be a Mom Style,
  • Moms Wear
  • Glowing Mama
  • Expect Wear
  • Moms wear

When someone hears about above brand name the first thing come in mind that will be related to Mom and their apparel. I want to make this concept extending for those lovely women who can join the product community right after being a mom as it takes a time to back in a figure.

Now the next phase is domain acquisition and trademark which actually decide the availability of brand name.

How to Find Brandable Brand Name Ideas

If you search on the internet, there are several website selling premium brand names like; BrandBucket, Namerific, brandroot and others.

You can track available brand names from these websites with available domain name just exploring search option with your targeted keyword and there will be an available brand list to cater your requirements.

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