In this Illustrator tutorial, I created circle logo design with cut marks in multi-color layers. It’s an Illustrator tutorial for beginners who want to learn the basic techniques to design circle logo design with some tweaks.

I tried to describe each step in the easy and most comprehensive way. Super easy for beginners want to learn illustrator logo design techniques. Circle logo design can be designed in several ways based on the design concept. This sort of circle logo can be used in a business logo as a frame or can be used as an app icon.

For convenience, I created a video logo tutorial as it’s easy for beginners to understand basic technique in little time. By watching Youtube video, you can learn all the steps from start to end to design this circle logo design.

Here are the steps that you can also follow:

  1. Using shape tool, create an ellipse by holding shift key from the keyboard.
  2. Now go to Object and choose path – Offset path and define value to 10 px.
  3. So you have 2 circles in front of you.
  4. Now take Rectangle tool and create intersecting lines at the center of the circle in a horizontal and vertical way.
  5. Keep the thickness of lines according to cut marks. For this, you can adjust the height of lines to keep it thick or thin.
  6. Draw the same lines diagonally. (watch video to see the line process)
  7. Now use rubber band select and select each layer.
  8. Go to Window – Pathfinder
  9. Choose divide option
  10. Now deselect and remove the unwanted areas and lines.
  11. Clean the circle and change the color from color swatch.

To understand all steps, I recommend you to watch video as it’s super easy to understand the whole process.

Here, you can watch circle logo design video:

Watch Circle Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

Watch time: 4:50

Download Project File: logo design – Illustrator File
Basic idea to design this logo is to share techniques and use the most common functions of Adobe Illustrator. By designing this logo, you will be able to use the proper function of Pathfinder and shape tool.

You can let me know if you have any other requirement or query to design logos.

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