If you are a graphic designer then you must know how to create golden ratio logo design in Adobe Illustrator. This post includes video tutorial to view step by step process.

If you are a beginner and learning graphic design then you must curious to know…

What is Golden Ratio?

The Golden ratio is the universal average or proportion which is also called Golden mean or Golden section equivalent to 1.618.

How this ratio comes from and why this ratio applies in graphics and art objects. Actually the objects in the universe like mountains, planet, human structure especially the face and many other things that naturally exist and created by Allah/God basically following this ratio.

Fabonacci defines a series to calculate golden ratio which is quite similar to below series:

0+1 = 1
1+1 = 2
2+1 = 3
3+2 = 5
5+3 = 8
8+5 = 13
13+8 = 21
21+13 = 34
34+21 = 55
55+34 = 89
… and so on

How the golden ratio comes from:

Now, if you divide 89/55 = 1.618

In the same way, if you divide 55/34 = 1.618

As you will go higher with this series then the ratio will be almost or approximately equal to 1.618.

So, on the basis of Fibonacci series, the golden ratio calculated.

Now on the basis of this ration, we can create a Golden rectangle or Golden Square.

For example: If you create a square like 100px x 100 px and divide the height to 1.618 then you will get a golden rectangle.

In below video, I created golden rectangles that you can follow to design Golden circles.

We can easily use these golden rectangles and golden spirals/ golden circles to design flyer, website, posters and logo designs.

In this post, I embed my Youtube video tutorial to show you how to create golden ratio logo design in a simple and easy manner. So if you are learning golden ration logo design techniques then it would be helpful for you to get started.

Watch Golden Ratio Logo Design Tutorial:

Time duration: 11:05
First Part: What is Golden Ratio
Duration: 0 – 1:50
2nd Part: How to Design Golden Rectangles
Duration: 1:51 – 3:45
3rd Part: How to Design Golden Circles
Duration: 5: 30 – till end
4th Part: Used Golden Circles to Design Golden Ratio Logo Design

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Final Words…

If you have any question, requirements related with Golden ration logo design then please share with us. It will be our pleasure to facilitate your in your design process.

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