Stress management is an art that cannot be described in words without investigations about Psychological impacts which may vary from person to person. How to manage stress effectively based on individual’s environment. Basically, stress level is the terminology that defines the concentration of stress according to the consequences. To communicate with your stress the person need to be smart enough to seek out the root areas that prickle the stress. If the person is able to track out this area then it might be possible to fight with it more appropriately. Analytical thinking is more important to carry out these sorts of tasks. 

Stress can be good for health and mental focus as it comes under the category of Healthy stress which increases energy and focus on problem areas even sharpen self alertness to resolve problem and issues.

Everyone has different reaction to cope with it, easy to say that different level of pressure and anxiety that people may handle without bad results. In these situations only You are the person who can treat the level of tolerance if you are not able on beyond your control then must recommended to visit your doctor first.

Symptoms and General causes:

Threats and Vulnerabilities, Fear, Uncertainties and Cognitive dissonance

Stress Indicators:

Physical indicators, Mental indicators and Emotional indicators.

What people mostly used to do to mitigate Stress?
These strategies might reduce stress on temporary basis but as result it can cause more damage:

  • Over-eating vs. Under-eating
  • Smoking
  • Drinking 
  • Watching TV
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and extra activities 
  • Using drugs and relaxation pills 
  • Heavy sleeping 
  • Avoiding problems
  • Angry, outbursts, physical abuse 

How can you manage your Stress?

Mostly people don’t realize the importance of stress on initial level and when situation goes out of the box then they realize or become psychological patient. Although, the various healthier methods are available to cope with your stress consequences but all require CHANGE like change of thoughts, change of work, change of mood, change of situation or reaction. If you are dealing with these ones then you need to decide on your own to make change according to your interest and mood. If you will do it then it will create majestic change so rapidly. Try below points to get healthy feedback!!!

  • Go for a long walk it will relieve you from stress 
  • Site watching of nature 
  • Friends hang around 
  • Tea or coffee 
  • Take a bath 
  • Listen music that you like 
  • Or do that you want according to your interest it will heal you instantly.