List of Best Applications for Valentine day is on your way to make it more memorable by getting digital. Various applications and tools are commercially available in market to observe the day. Here; i am listing out few applications and tools that are perfectly available on your Android, iPhone, Facebook and at Web. Check out below list of more sophisticated applications that extend the idea to celebrate the day.
Top Android Applications of Valentine

Valentines Fireworks 2012 LWP
Valentines Fireworks 2012 LWP is a cool free fireworks wallpaper for your android phone. The apps allows you to update setting for size and frames per second.

Valentine’s Weight Loss
Do you feel like you ate an entire box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Now it’s time to burn off those calories! Place the Valentine’s Weight Loss Widget on your home screen, and watch the chocolates disappear as you exercise with CardioTrainer and burn calories. Look out for the surprise at the end. Please note, you need to have CardioTrainer, a free application that let’s you track your exercise, in order to use Valentine’s Weight Loss.

Valentine’s Slots
Valentine’s Slots is a free to download Android game with some interesting features. Enjoy the spirit of love and affection by playing Valentine’s Slots. It’s available with completely revamped UI, all new Daily Bonus Scratch Card and much more. Play Valentine’s Slots and  send gifts to your valentine via Slots Gift Shop.

    Love Quotes sad and sweet love
    If you are one of those lovers who find short of words to express yourself, then you will like “Love Quotes Sad and Sweet Love” android application. More than 1000 love quotes. Options to send via SMS, send to email, add to favourites or post on Twitter are available for your favourite quotes.

    Valentine Scanner

    [Check Partner’s Chemistry]Valentine scanner is an interesting application for your android phone to check the chemistry between yourself and your partner. You and your partner place a finger tip on the sensing pads and Valentine Scanner will determine the chemistry. There are many possible outcomes. Perfect for your Valentines Day.

    Valentine’s Day Ideas
    The application based on finding some new and innovative ideas to make the day perfect.  Freely available and is supported by ads. With this app, you can get ideas for – Valentine’s Day Ideas, Valentine’s Day Cards Idea, Valentine’s Day Poems, Valentine’s Day Gifts and Love for all ages.

    Best Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day
    Cool valentine’s day special android application to send beautiful greeting cards with own text and image effects. The apps has a large collection of beautiful greeting cards to send from your android phone. Share greeting card with friends by email, MMS (if supported), facebook, twitter. SMS can only send the text, not the image. 15 great image effects to add to your cards.

    Valentine Photo Heart Locket
    Photo Heart Locket puts your own photos in a highly customizable live wallpaper. Display pictures of friends and family in a cute heart shaped frame right on your desktop. Photo Heart Locket live wallpaper lets you put your photos into a highly customizable and animated wallpaper. Full paid version also available with extended features.

    Top Facebook Applications for Valentine
    Valentine’s Heart
    This application is exclusively for sending hearts and it has amazing collection with them, starting from a rose heart, Bling Bling heart, Royal heart, USA heart and many more.

    Valentine Day’s Love Calculator
    By this application you can calculate how much your friends love you. All you need to do is go to this application ,
    click on allow publishing and then select the name of your friend and click on calculate. So enjoy this Valentine’s Day with these applications and show your friends that you love them.

    Love Explosion
    This application is created to promote a new scent called The Love of Pink, you can send various types of love “explosions” including Tattoos, kisses, and fireworks etc., actions or items related to love.

    Beautiful Gifts for Friends and Lovers
    You can make valentines day a special one for your spouse by sending attractive and beautiful gifts and surprise them.

    Special Valentine
    Especially for Valentine’s Day, send love. Beautiful images with any statements that need to wish him a happy day for lovers, romantic and Soyer made pleasures was that certain someone you love.

    Give Hearts
    Over 50 millions users played “Give Hearts“. It’s really cute and fun applications, send hearts to your friends [G.F] and if they really love you chance of getting a heart in return :p Send hearts to your friend now! They will be so happy to get it from YOU! Join NOW!

    What gift would u get from your valentine this year?

    Pick a Valentine
    A chance to find a Valentine date in the safest way. Pick 3 Valentines from your friends and if any of them pick you, then both of you get to know that you chose each other!

    Valentine Wishes – From me To you

    Flowers For Friend
    A lovely way to propose to your spouse by sending awesome Bouquet from 250 collections Bouquets.

    Poster Gifts – Valentine’s Flowers and Hearts
    Add beautiful and fun images to your profile or send fabulous free gifts to your friends. Select from thousands of posters of famous paintings, films, music, sports, travel, flowers, hearts, and more. Send birthday, Valentine and other cards too.

    Top iPhone Applications for Valentine

    Forgetting to book a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day is liable to end in divorce. To, therefore, preserve both your marriage and your hearing, keep OpenTable close at hand, preferably on speed dial. Search through, and reserve a seat at, over 15,000 restaurants worldwide. Do it. Now!

    Cookie Doodle

    In a similar vein to the Top 5 cooking app More Toast!, Cookie Doodle playfully indulges your confection obsession without the threat of mess. Take one rolling pin, five pounds of dough, 162 cutters, and a selection of sprinkles, and bake in the iOven. Eat your heart out, Nigella.

    TextPics – Creative SMS Art for iPhone Texting
    Everyone knows that a picture paints a thousands words, so when conversational space is limited to 160 characters, an illustration isn’t half helpful. Spice up your SMS life this Valentine’s Day with TextPics’s fully customisable emotes. Qi warning: this software may not be suitable for work.

    iSteam – Hot and Steamy Entertainment
    Perfect for swapping saucy messages with your partner in a creative, new way or for impressing that fine, young hottie in the corner of the club, Great Apps’s virtual steamy window is sure to raise the temperature in the (bed)room. Phwoooooooooooooooarrrr.

    Top Web Applications for Valentine
    Another web app for making great romantic e-cards is Dgreetings. The quality of the cards is pretty good too. So you want to send a decent and romantic card to your loved person, you might want to choose Dgreetings for it.


    Egreetings is the best web application to develop valentine e-card. With a clean and beautiful interface, this one might be the first choice of everyone for an e-Valentine card. The large collection of wondeful flash based cards will also keep you interested to use Egreetings.

    Humor is always a major thing, whether a valentine card or a Christmas. If the one you are giving a valentine card to also has a good sense oh humor, so you will not find a better web app than FunPunch to make an e-Valentine card. You can insert a picture in the cards generated by FunPunch to make it more interesting.

    You might not like 123Greetings by the looks of the site, but believe us, the 123Greeting’s card collection is really big with over 20,000 cards. So you may want to have a look at their cards before you dismiss it. And the Valentine e-cards at 123Greetings are really superb.


    Ecards’s cute little interface and its collection of lovely e-cards(valentine e-cards especially), together make it a wonderful web app for choosing your free e-cards from there. As you can see in the above screenshot, the interface is lovely and the display cards are interesting enough too. So just press the link below to go to Ecards’s Valentine e-card section.
    Blue Mountains
    Though the name does not appears as a E-card web app, but still it is still good enough for you to consider using it to make an e-card. There is not much to say about it, you will have to experience it by yourself.

    Yahoo! Kids
    So kids are unforgotten too, as the third best search engine, Yahoo! has turned up with a good collection of Valentine e-cards for kids too. These cute little e-cards will provide kids with a good collection of valentine e-cards.

    The Best Ecards is another web app which will provide you with a handful of humor based valentine cards. The special thing about it is that you can also get animated valentine cards with moving hearts or stuff.

    Want to send HD quality e-cards? Well there is an app for that, as you can use HDGreetings to send HD quality valentine cards to the one you desire to send. HDGreetings uses a new technology “Light Factory Media Platform” to produce really cool effects. So you might want to use it for making a valentine e-card at this Valentine Day.