• To write a strategic communication plan is all about pouring techniques of learning and market information. To start a comprehensive strategic plan, you need to be sure about the level of plan like to write about corporate sector, small business, freelancing, or other related mode of business. Begin with the background story of  “Why” and analyse associated past communication strategies and highlight all the issues and emerging trends to drive communications.

    Be focus on Goals and Objective
    In the next phase, you will focus on communication goals, objectives and scope. Be specific to define, what you want to deliver and in return what should be attain. Better to break it in long term and short terms SOP’s as it will facilitate to manage target in more easy way. Clarify your targets and set concise goals that should be gain during communication campaigns like brand management, business identity, customer engagements and ways of marketing to improve sales revenue.

    Concentrate on Target Audience
    During writing, be careful to focus your ideal target audience. Use focus groups, surveys, canvassing and in-person interviews to identity issues and challenges facing your targets. Gather demographic , social and business information to target their demand, interest and purchasing capacity in reference to you brand, product or service. Steer a strategy on tactical communication activities and Identify TV, radio, print and online publications for media placement and publicity. Coordinate contests, store openings, product launches, customer seminars, promotional events and celebrity endorsements to build relationships with partner businesses and generate interest around your products.

    Explore Digital marketing Platforms
    Create digital marketing platforms and social media activities to train employees and associated stakeholders about your communication initiatives. Develop a systematic assessment on existing resources for planning and for executing strategic communication plan. Identity your finances and make a budget plan to allocate allocate funds. Distribute tasks across departments, team members and external vendors. Pick out key stakeholders and decide what support you will need to make your strategic communication plan successful.

    Above concept disseminating generic content of communication plan to make it more vertical and delving, you need to focus on nature of organization and their way of communication to get better result in terms of productivity, performance and revenues by keep professional values on place.