It’s a great idea in today’s modernized and technology evolution time to set up a virtual office business anywhere at any time. It facilitate entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, business owners to conduct their work without depending on physical or local office premises. According to the current business set up, it’s become a highly demanding trend with the help of technology innovation and creativity to manage offsite business through remote locations or virtually. What will be require and how can we set our own virtual office. Let’s have a look on it..

Before going into the details, first delve into what exactly it is:

What is a Virtual office?
A virtual office is basically a collection of off-site communication and address services that facilitate users to curtail traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism on priority. Sometimes, Virtual office concept create confusion in between office business centers and executive suite which require conventional lease but the virtual office doesn’t demand such expense.
In the same way, virtual office business offers to conduct office tasks that are traditionally performed on-site (or in local office) are outsourced to individuals who work at home or at any other remote location that is separate from the company. The emerging concept of virtual staffing not only allow employers to reduce their overhead costs, but it also allows entrepreneurs the flexibility to define their own hours and fees. Like any start-up venture, a virtual office requires a business license, adherence to local zoning regulations, excellent communication skills and the ability to manage deadlines. 
Virtual offices business is the most growing and emerging concept of current time and It’s a best way to manage and trim expenses of businesses by endorsing this concept. The portability of today’s technology also allows for a more flexible work environment with professionalism.
How can we set up Virtual office setup and business?
First you need to Invest in business cell phones/smart phones/laptops/tablets with sustainable internet access, by using that you will be able to access your emails from anywhere and able to enable your online identity.

Suggestion – To facilitate this, you can hiring a virtual assistant to help you manage your virtual office. A virtual assistant is an administrative assistant who works for you from another location. Virtual assistants perform tasks such as answering emails, returning customer phone calls, scheduling meetings and appointments, social networking, writing articles, website management, and book keeping. Outsource as much as possible. Use other people’s time to get tasks done while you spend your time bringing in more than you pay your outsourced help.

Next, Identify the type of virtual office services you want to provide to your clients. Typical tasks include Virtual assistance such as transcribing, typing and mailing/faxing correspondence; answering, screening and directing phone calls; scheduling appointments; making reservations; accounting, bookkeeping and billing services; processing customer orders, inquiries and complaints; and providing technical support for users of company products, contents and software programs.

Make a research program to analyse your competition, target demographic and logistics. Although technology makes it possible to set up your virtual office business anywhere in the world, your proposed customers might need for occasional contact in person. If so, define the parameters of your service area. Consider employers such as legal, medical, home repair, education, nonprofit, accounting, publishing, sales and consulting businesses for potential clients. Stay abreast of business news for leads on companies or government offices that are downsizing or outsourcing administrative, accounting and technical assignments.

Acquire a business license and register the name of your new company with your state registrar’s office. Set up a separate business bank account. Advertise your virtual office services through a professionally designed website, brochures, business cards and classified ads. Ask for referrals from companies where you have previously worked. Join your local Chamber of Commerce to network with business professionals as well as introduce your services to new companies that are just getting off the ground.