Below listed Google search tips and tricks allows users to refine their search according to their search requirements. Google search engine is the world widely used tool for internet users. Many users use Google search platform to find their queries. Here; i am interested to share some basic tips and tricks to refine your search on the basis of queries. Let’s check out below listing and improve our search results to get better solutions.

Search Tips n Tricks to make your search more organized and refined

        1. Google’s main search invisibly concates search terms with the Boolean construct “AND”.  For example; When you enter Information Systems – organically, it looks for Information  AND System.
        2. To make Google search for  Information or Systems , type Information OR Systems.
        3. To avoid OR/or you can write | symbol. For example;  Information | Systems
        4. All boolean connectors like AND and OR are case sensitive. They must be upper case.
        5. If you want to look for phrases then try to enclosed in quotes like “who is going to be next president”.
        6. Synonym search looks for words that mean similar things. Use the tilde symbol before your keyword, like this: ~Okra
        7. If you are not clear about your search then try to search in this way like; Founder of Pakistan * (this action will yield result of blank place that denoted with *)
        8. Common words, like I, and, then and if are ignored by Google. These are called “stop words”. (according to organic algorithm of Google search)
        9. Google has some very powerful, hidden search parameters, too. For example “intitle” only searches page titles. Try intitle:herbs
        10. If you’re looking for files rather than pages – give index of as the intitle:parameter. It helps you find web and FTP directories.
        11. Google Blogsearch ( has its own syntax. You can search for a blog title, for example, using inblogtitle:
        12. Using the “Location:” filter enables you to return news from a chosen country. Example; location:Pakistan
        13. If you use the operator “source:” in Google News, you can pick specific archives. For example: Microsoft operatingsystem source:dailyinfo
        14. Google News ( has its own Boolean parameters. For example “intext” pulls terms from the body of a story.
        15. Use the site: modifier when searching Google Images, at For example: Digital sound recorder
        16. Access Google Directory – a database of handpicked and rated sites – at
        17. Google recognises 13 main file types through advanced search, including all Microsoft Office Document types, Lotus, PostScript, Shockwave Flash and plain text files.
        18. Search for any filetype directly using the modifier filetype:
          [filetype extension]. For example: soccer filetype:pdf
        19. Exclude entire file types, using the same Boolean syntax we used to exclude key words earlier: rugby -filetype:doc
        20. In fact, you can combine any Boolean search operators, as long as your syntax is correct. An example: “sausage and mash” -onions filetype:doc
        21. Google has some very powerful, hidden search parameters, too. For example “intitle” only searches page titles. Try intitle:herbs
        22. The best way to begin searching harder with Google is by clicking the Advanced Search link.
        23. Want to know how many links there are to a site? Try link:sitename – for example
        24. For phonebook search:  phonebook:Governement Pakistan
        25. To search about definition: define:Pakistan
        26. Google can be a great calculator if you like using your keyboard and not a mouse pointer in the native calculator app of the operating system. Use like this:  10+12 10*2,  10/2, 10-2, 10^2
        27. In addition to unit conversions, mathematical conversions can also be done with the help of Google. Try  cos(90) sqrt(200)
        28. Google lets you search withing numerical ranges. Like number, year, prices. Try  ipad $600..$800
        29. The following search string can be very useful if you forgot the words in a lyric of a song you listened earlier. the wildcard symbol “*” will compare the possible results using the Google algorithm. PakistanZindabad *
        30. If you want to search for related website then write

You can search for results from a particular date range using this search string.

daterange:1234567– 1234569 “apple” 

    1. (julian date format)