Here you can watch step by step process to create fast food logo design in Adobe Illustrator. If you are learning illustrator or interested to create your own logo design for your business then this video tutorial will help you to design a professional logo.

Logo design can be design in a variety of ways here I designed the logo concept based on “Fast Nuggets”. It’s a small food restaurant based on fast food and a special product is Chicken Nugget. To illustrate this logo concept, I created nugget box, nuggets, placement in a box and added stylish text assemble to create a final look.

The design process of this logo design is simple and you can add more embellishment to this design if you want to customize the concept. This video tutorial is recommended for beginner and learning professional logo design.

You can download the template file and download to open in Adobe Illustrator for further customization. It’s a vector logo design, the color mode is CMYK and resolution is 300 PPI. You can use this logo design with your business name.

If you are new to graphic design and interested to use this logo then you can download the 30 days trial version of Adobe Illustrator and edit the file.

Download link is under video link. Check it out!!

Watch Fast Food Logo Design Video Tutorial

Tool Used: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Watch time: 11:23
Video covers following Topics:

  • Create Nugget Box  0 – 3:30
  • Design Golden Chicken Nuggets  3:31 – 6:15
  • Place Nuggets in Box  6:16 – 8:02
  • Design Text 8:03 – 10:30
  • Assemble Design 10-31 – 11:23

Download Project File: Click Here…

Font Used: ShowCard Gothic (default Illustrator font)

If not available in Illustrator font library then you can download the font from here

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